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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meeting Report and Newsheet





In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies: Ruth (whose husband is working away) Alex (in Cuba), Sue (unwell), Lauren (unwell).

Present: Morag, Jane, Tony, Dick, Trish, Liliane, Angela, Caroline, Peter, Barry, and Dave. There was a special welcome back to Les and Kay and a warm welcome extended to three new members, Joanne from Hadleigh, Connie from Felixstowe and Nicola from Ipswich.


It was welcome back to Kay who returns to the group after about two years whilst Les has been absent in recent meetings on health grounds. Great to see them at Scribblers again!

It is always nice to welcome new members and attendance was boosted by Joanne coming along for the first time. She is a member of the Hadleigh Writers, whilst Connie is new to writing. Based in Felixstowe she has done some writing in the past and now would like to expand on her writing skills. Nicola has been a newspaper journalist in the past but is now a sub-editor on a magazine but would really like to get into creative writing and possibly write a book one day.

Dave reports that in answer to an a request in the Evening Star he wrote to Legend Publishing on memories of Ipswich Town F.C. that are to be published in a book entitled ‘Ipswich ’Til I Die’. Like a nightmare he recalled two Boxing Day matches in 1962 and 1963 when Town lost 5-0 at Tottenham and 10-1 at Fulham! He has been asked to expand the memories for inclusion

There is still no news of Morag’s book “Green Wellies and Wax Jackets” that has adapted for filming. The original producer/organiser died and his replacement has yet to follow the project through.

Don’t forget this Sunday at 2.00pm, Judy is giving a talk at Woodbridge Library on her fascinating adventures that are recalled in her book ‘Like Ships That Pass In The Night’.

A Message from Chris (Now back in Cairns)

“Hi Dave, it was good to see you and the gang. Yes, sad! Lots of emotions sloshing about and making appearances at unexpected times. You may have caught up with the article in the Evening Star or the East Anglian by Richard Cornwell, the Felixstowe editor.
“As for the book, my appraiser culled the 30+ stories I sent her to 18 and said the ones left had merit, but that no publisher would go near them, so she thought I should self publish. That was in Jan 2008. I started thinking about this around July (an East Anglian being careful!) In the 3 months from August I assembled a team to help me produce a professional product — Graphic artist, Website creator, Narrator, Sound engineer, Wordsmith (loosely, someone to stop me making a complete idiot of myself), Editor and Printer.
“For such a small tome, the cost is not exorbitant. Also they don’t know they are a team as I deal with them individually. I have set no dead-line, which lowers the stress levels when there are the inevitable glitches e.g. my narrator has a jewellery business and can’t spent time at his busiest time of the year i.e. Christmas, and the sound engineer is booked solid for November, so my plans for a Christmas market have just walked out of the door. Worried? No!
“I’m very aware that self publishing a small book of entertaining stories can, in most cases, be doomed to failure. I know there will be no advertising or promotion from publishers, only what I do myself. But I have some marketing skills, which I believe will make this project a success. E.g. I have called it ‘It’s all Relative: Stories to shorten your travel time. Book One.’ Of course there is no Book two but the website will have a tick box for further information about the release of book two, thus creating another market when the numbers are sufficient to produce one.
“I have to say that this whole experience has been a stress less learning curve, and very enjoyable. Not knowing what I should be doing and in what order, has produced a fascinating three months or so, and I have in excess of 50 pages of the progress I have made, in the hope that I can facilitate the next one quicker, cheaper and easier.
“It’s going to be imperative that I self-promote the book as well, so my fear of public speaking will have to be exorcised, which will come with practice, no doubt. As we say in our family, ‘Yet another bloody learning curve, will it never end?’ The answer is ‘No’ and it helps to keep the ‘Oldtimers’ away too.
“Thanks from our family for your kind thoughts, and if Mother can hang on to the ‘twig’ until September 2009 when she will hit her 100th I will be over then. If she doesn’t then I will over to help my sister cope with all those things that have to be done.
“Keep scribbling!
“Our best from Chris and Rebecca”

We’ll all be looking out for ‘It’s all Relative: Stories to shorten your travel time. Book One.’ Best of luck with it.


Further details will be revealed as soon as possible.


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The Platform:

The 1,500 Open themed assignments:

Morag: The Coach Trip (chapter 5)
Barry: Springfield 30.06 (chapter 44) End of the Road Las Vegas

The 500 word assignments on “Concrete or Nightmares or both”.

Nicola: Nightmares
Peter: Cavorting Mayors
Caroline: Contemplation
Joanne: Trapped
Angela: The Power of Words
Liliane: Christmas Recipe for Disaster
Trish: Unchristened
Kay: Small Acts
Dick: Tell No Secrets
Les: Into the Smoke
Tony: Where Hood Revisited
Jane: Jane Eyre (The Epilogue)
Dave: Concrete Nightmare

Next time:

The next meeting will be held on 2nd December with the subject for the 500 word assignment either ”Pain” or “ Joy)” or both!” The choice is yours!

The 1,500 Open themed words will be provided by Caroline and Kay.

Chairperson next time: Dick.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!

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I have been inundated with requests to broaden the Kaixin Competitions
to include poetry and photography.

So there are now three regular competitions – writing, photography and
poetry, plus the annual competition.

The main purpose of these competitions is to foster a better
understanding of China. In particular, to see China through many
different 'eyes'.

As this is the first competition for the photography and poetry, it
will be free to enter and a first prize of $100 will be awarded for
each. They close on December 31st.

Go to www.kaixin.com.au for details.

The winning entry for the writing competition has been included,
below, to give an idea of the excellent standard.

Xiaosui & Graeme


go to:-


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