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Friday, December 05, 2008

Report of Meeting and Newsheet





In the Chair: Dick.

Apologies: Ruth (whose husband is working away) Alex (not available), Angela P (unwell), Rosie (revision for exams)

Present: Lauren, Les, Tony, Jane, Jack, Liliane, Kay, Caroline F, Joanne, Nicola, Connie, Sue, Barry, Peter, Dave, Dick, , Angela L and two new members ,Sandy and Caroline P.


It was a strange evening with six of our more regular members missing yet there were still nineteen in attendance! Our biggest gathering for almost three years. It was good to see that Sue had overcome her illness and Lauren returning after missing two meetings. It was lovely to be able to welcome to more new faces to the fold, another Caroline, P’ and Sandy.

Sandy from the Hadleigh area has been writing for many years and has stored her writing away.

Caroline P writes some fiction and poetry along with copy for websites. She enjoys writing about East Anglia and the Suffolk coast and has been commissioned to write descriptive copy for tourism publications. She also has an unpublished novel.

A recent message from Angela P revealed that she has been short-listed and is mentioned in last months issue of Writers News. Angela says, “I'm chuffed. That's now the 4th time I've been short-listed. I was runner-up twice with them - once for a poem and the other for a short story. It's always good for the confidence to know that not everybody thinks what we write is rubbish!!” Well done Angela.

Incidentally I understand that Angela, family and friends are taking a sponsored Christmas morning dip in the briny here in Felixstowe in aid of the St Elizabeth Hospice, in Ipswich. You will find more details at the end of this email. It is a terrific cause so it will be nice to support both Angela and the Hospice if you can.

And it is also well done Angela L. She tells us that “I had a letter from Maurice, who runs the Coast to Coast competition, mentioning the Felixstowe Scribblers as a group to possibly join, if I hadn't already, but I had! I have to wait until January to hear what I've won, having been one of last month's finalists. I came joint 4th under the short story section, but am told (and am delighted now) that it makes no difference if you came 1st, 4th or 6th, all the finalists are still in a pot to be judged in January 2009.

There is a suggestion that this report be renamed “Angela News”….. !


Details of the event have now been circulated to members via the last meeting reminder. The date for the meal is Saturday 24th January at the Castle Lodge Hotel, Felixstowe where you should arrive at 6.30pm for 7.00pm. The cost of the meal is £15.00 with a £5.00 deposit required per person – members will be subsidised by £5.00 from club funds whilst the remainder of the payment will be due prior to the day. The choice of main meal is required with your deposit whilst starter and dessert selection will be made on the night.

The afternoon editing sessions with our guest speaker, Maureen Blundell, are fully booked but there are spaces available for the Sunday morning (25th Jan) group session from 10.00am to 12 noon looking at narrative structure, character and plot development. The cost is £10.00 also payable in advance.

If you haven’t already done so then please book your place with Ruth at



Email contact with Felixstowe Scribblers can only be made at scribblers@btinternet.com

All scribblers ntl accounts and addresses have been cancelled and no longer function..

The Platform:

The 1,500 Open themed assignments:

Caroline F: Legacy: A chapter set in Italy.
Kay: Tales From the Shallow Sea. Opening part of a novel.

The 500 word assignments on “Pain or Joy or both”.

Lauren: Concrete Nightmare
Les: Such Sweet Sorry
Tony: Whereshood Revisited (another chapter)
Jane: The Pain of Abandonment
Jack: Prologue
Liliane: Almost Christmas Baby
Joanne: Don’t Let it Take Over, and, The Colour of Your Soul
Nicola: Payne
Connie: See Saw
Sue: Never Go Back
Peter: Zena’s Exercise Change
Barry: The Verdict
Dave: Joy and Pain – poems entitled Tribute to a Texan Legend and The Empty Place
Dick: Second Time Around
Sandy: Time To Go
Angela L: The Visitors
Caroline P: Witchpicked ( an excerpt from her novel)

Thanks to everyone for some really fantastic writing this evening with so much fresh and invigorating words from a broad spectrum of prose and verse. What a talented group the Felixstowe Scribblers are!

Thanks too, for Dick taking the chair, Liliane collecting the key and Lauren bringing along some cakes again.

A really lovely meeting.

Next time:

The next meeting, obviously our last before Christmas and the New Year will be held on 16th December. There will be no homework for this meeting. Instead please bring along four words each written on a small separate slip of paper. These will go into a hat followed by everyone drawing out four words then taking 10 minutes to write something including those words. Remember this is Xmas so it should be fun!

This part of the meeting will be fun but the second half will be our own little Xmas party so please bring along just a few savories, mince pies, or cakes and, of course, if you wish, some drink.

Chairperson next time: Either Morag or Peter.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!


Support those who support us! Have a look at Scott’s website at http://www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk


For Creative Writers Groups
Email caroline@cwgroups.org.uk or visit the website at www.cwgroups.org.uk


Dear all of you, Forgive this blatant begging letter but the Petch family are going to support St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich and are taking part in the annual Christmas Day Dip this year. It's all Emily's fault but - heck - it's a fantastic cause. The Hospice is an independent local charity and all services are provided free of charge. In total it costs £5.2 million each year to run the Hospice, of which 77% is raised by supporters.We have friends who have been looked after with love in the Hospice and it is a very special place. So, will you help us freeze our ..... and .... off and sponsor us? For as little or as much as you can afford at this costly time of year. If you feel like sponsoring us, then please go to the web-site that Emily has set up for the event: www.justgiving.com/christmasdaydip08 Many thanks!(What a way to spend our first Christmas in Felixstowe!!!). Angela, Maurice and we think Jonathan plus Liam, a friend, and Emily too (Rosie is going to hold the towels and mince pies for us).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAngela.


Andrew Burton, Head of Marketing, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich reveals details of Springboard ’09, a linked series of drama writing workshops leading to rehearsed readings of your work during our Pulse Fringe Festival ’09. Places are limited so early booking is recommended by ‘phoning our Box Office on 01473 295900 or calling into the Box Office in person.

The information is displayed on our weblog below



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