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Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Next Meeting


A reminder that our next meeting takes place this coming Tuesday 19th May at the Cafe Libra, Felixstowe Library, starting at 7.30pm. Peter has promised to collect the key to the building so we should all be back in our usual environment!

This is an important meeting as the anonymous competition for the Bill Budner Trophy for attending writers only takes place once more. Very briefly the guidelines are:

v Short stories or poetry up to a maximum of 1,000 words on any topic.
v Work must be typed (on single sides of paper).
v Entries must be completed before arrival at the meeting.
v Work must be anonymous - so no names or identification marks on the paper.
v All work will be placed, face down, on a table, and each writer, at a given time, will collect one entry and have a short time to familiarise themselves with it.
v The stories will then be read out to the group with everyone present marking them and selecting their top three entries.
v At the end of the evening all the marks will be entered anonymously into a box and then counted by designated members of the group.
v The winner will be announced and The Bill Budner Trophy presented to them by the previous holder.
v The trophy will be engraved by Scott at Mr Cobbler in Felixstowe.
v The trophy will be held for four months(or as decided) until the next competition
v The holder undertakes to return the trophy to Felixstowe Scribblers and advise any change of address.

So if you haven't written it yet - now's a good time to start!

Results of the other Bill Budner Short Story competition that was open to everyone, may be delayed due to sickness. Maureen Budner is unwell and we all send our best wishes to her.

We are hoping that Dee Cobbold will be along to join us for the first part of the meeting to discuss with Ruth and / or Tony the practicalities of the Scribblers writing a murder mystery to be performed by Rushmere Players.

We have confirmation that a parcel of free books will be sent to the Scribblers by United Press in the next few days then it will be first come first served!

Until Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling!


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