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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meeting Report and news


APOLOGIES: Tony, Barry, Les, Ally and Stephen.

ATTENDING: Rani, Liliane, Ruth, Angela P, Jane, Jack, Rosie, Sandy, Cathy, Amanda, Debbie, Shaun, Peter, Dave, Simon, Trish, Angela L, Dick (chair)

WELCOME to Cathy, Sandy’s sister-in-law.


It was nice to see a really good turn out for this evening’s special torchlight meeting.

Dick informs us that the deadline has passed for poems in the Orwell Connection.

Good news from the writers of the Murder Mystery – the script has now been finalised and we await confirmation of the date that Rushmere Players will do their first read-through and also the date of the play at Colneis School.

Good news too that the anthology has been delivered but will not be released until the book launch on 28th November at the Castle Lodge Hotel. However, Peter our Treasurer, would appreciate advance orders with payments please. Cheques should be made payable to Felixstowe Scribblers or handed to him at the next meeting. The anthology is over twice the size of our first attempt with 125 pages and contributions from 36 Scribblers past and present including one story from Rachel Sloane. Costing £5 it, represents excellent value for money in the present climate and will certainly make a valuable Christmas present. The hard work for this excellent work is down to Barry, Jane and Les so many thanks and congratulations to them all. Profits will be donated to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice.

Received a letter from John a lovely gentleman who stays whenever he can at the Castle Lodge Hotel. John, who is in his nineties, has attended Scribblers on a couple of occasions, each time participating in the events of the evening. John has written a lot poetry although his family never acknowledged nor appreciated his talent. Invited along to a Scribblers meeting back in 2007, he jumped at the
chance, remarkable really as he is in his nineties and can be regarded as our eldest member. In his letter John wished to thank us for the warm welcome he has always received and for encouraging him with his creative writing. He ends his letter, “My sincere thanks and best wishes to you all in life and in your literary efforts, Sincerely, John.”

Very soon we will arrange a committee meeting to discuss the Scribblers including a suggestion from our friend Ken Matthews in Cyprus – more details later.



The 1,500 word open themed assignments:

Rani The Judgement Feast
Dave Mary’s Cottage

The 750 word ‘spooky’ assignment

Simon What the Real Monsters Do at Halloween
Trish Shitty Death
Angela L The Lake
Amanda The Long Drive Home
Sandy Walking Home
Rosie Alice is Dead
Jane They’re Coming
Jack Africa
Angela P Strange Happenings
Ruth Excerpt from ‘Sacrificial Man’
Liliane A Lingering Presence
Dick The Sad Lady of Landguard Fort
Peter Voice From ..... ?
Shaun A Catholic Holiday
Debbie The Chair

A rather atmospheric meeting with some real masterpieces including two stories that both ended with rapturous applause – well done to Simon for his hilarious Monsters story and also to Rosie for her poetic work on Alice. And of course everyone else also deserved accolades for their excellent work. Well done!

THANKS to Liliane for collecting the key and also providing biscuits, thanks too to Debbie and Angela L who also provided cakes and biscuits.


Takes place in TWO weeks time on Tuesday 3rd November at 7.30 pm in the Room at the Top, Felixstowe Library.

The 1,500 word work will be read by Dick and Sandy

The 500 word homework assignment can be on either “FOREIGN COUNTRY” or “FANTASY”, or both!

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!


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