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Friday, November 04, 2005

Online Jotters: Post Note 6.

online jotters
Posted : 4th November 2005

News : Membership has now risen to 24 active members. Welcome everyone. By being a member of Online Jotters you now have three chances to display your writing online – the Writer’s Tennis, the open section Worthy of Mention and now our first ever competition.

Is there someone you think might be interested to join Online Jotters? - to join we require their full name, a contact e-mail address and their location.


Online Jotters announces


Up to 2000 words

No prizes – the best three feature online

Closing date 30th November 2005

PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS AS ATTACHMENTS TO E MAILS –to Yours Truly with permission to print, pen-name, word count and e mail address.


Prefer writing poetry? then enter


No prizes

Imagine your verses there online

Closing date 30th November 2005

Send your email entries to Yours Truly – limit THREE poems for consideration per member

Competitions open to all members so involve others– get them to join too.

Yours truly writes: It might be Fireworks Night tomorrow but for my daughter Cara and her friend Cathy tonight’s the night – they are holding JOIN THE PINKPARTY 2005 in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer in the Gold Suite at Birmingham City Football ground. I wish them well. Check out their site https://www.bmycharity.com/V2/pinkparty for more details.

Worthy of mention and with their permission: ?

It’s your space - share your work. Remember that this is you chance to have your work displayed online. Anything you consider worthy and wish to see published online then contact me at yourstruly@onlinejotters.yahoo.co.uk. And I will see that it is included .

Think on : Writer’s Tennis - strictly a 50-word limit.

Part One

I want to be me. Free to do as I want. I hate the humdrum of every day life, sharing a house with those others. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made. What’s wrong with me choosing to study, spending time in my room, working on my computer?

Yours Truly

Part Two

I’m doing them no harm. Let them sink lagers and puff on joints. If that’s what does it for them, then fine. I’d rather use my brain than fuse it. This computer is the door of opportunity for me. When I log on I never know where I’ll end up.

Mike W.

Part Three

Or who I'll meet on the way. There are so many voices on the internet, their faces made up only by the words they type. That's how I met the most important person in my life right now. A person that would give me the opportunity I so badly needed.
Louis V.
Part Four

The opportunity had been a long time coming but now it had arrived, it was decision time. All the hope and hard work I had put in was about to pay dividends. In front of me, on screen. A new beginning at my fingertips. It really was ‘now or never’

Dave F.

Part Five

Sure, I had a good job, one I really liked; how many people can say that? Indispensable? Yes ... NO, of course not, my ego isn't THAT big, is it? But still, his proposal was so very tempting.

Deb F.

Part Six

But like many proposals and cherry pie ideas, there was always the small print to consider. What was hidden and what was extra? Maybe it seemed too good and then it could be that I as being overly cautious. Only time and truth would reveal if it would work out

Mark W.

Part Seven

Indecision struck yet again. Should I do this? Oh Lord, yes! I must and it had to be now. I needed to check the details, ensure the offer was genuine and without hidden agenda's. Then I could commit myself to a life-changing career.

"Stuart Fox," he answered.

Dave F
Please include in your email your permission should it be chosen for the next part.

Competitions: Interested in Creative Writing via the Internet? For a moderate charge Lancaster University offer you the chance to study your craft for five months for 4-5 hours each week. At the end of the course you submit a portfolio of your work. The course carries 20 credit points.

Contact Laura Clarkson, Department of Continuing Education, Ash House, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YT telephone 01524 592633 E mail l.Clarkson@lancaster.ac.uk


OnceOrangeBadge@poetry.fsworld.co.uk Dean Martyn Heath of The Once Orange Badge produces the Orange Leaf Newsletter three times a year promoting poetry for poets everywhere whose lives have been touched by disability or illness

Until the next time :

Didn’t fancy the First Open Short Story and poetry competition for the end of the year Online Anthology – perhaps you might like to work on something shorter?

I was shocked a few years ago when I received an online letter from a friend saying he had had enough and intended to end his life with drinks and drugs. That letter alone was enough to spur me into action – by phone I made arrangements for him to be taken into hospital, fortunately in time. The experience made him revalue his priorities and gradually he was able to move on with his life.

Generally we all love receiving letters from friends and family but if you had the choice whom would you write a letter to and why? What would be its content? It can be on any subject and for any reason – perhaps declaring your love for someone or commiserating because a person’s relationship has failed? a moan about something that annoys you or a development you are concerned about?, maybe a fan letter to a celebrity or one hoping to blackmail someone – the choice is entirely yours.

Letters should be no more than 500 words in length.

You should also include permission for the letter to be printed online.

For the non-fiction writers amongst you I’d like to request members to send in 500 word articles for the online magazine (due for release by Christmas) – on anything of your choosing that’s on the writing theme.

Give rein to your imagination.

Let your talent shine

Show your work online

Yours truly

Post Note No 7 online 18th November


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