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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Collaberative Weblogs: 'Damn Interesting' and '3quarksdaily'.

Well what is to be said About DamnInteresting.com....yet another highly superior collaberative weblog. A digest of realy interesting and quirky facts and articles - a real the best of the web.

They write 'about' themselves ....

'Welcome to our directory of damn interesting things. We few writers have been at it since September of '05, working to provide daily articles about all manner of subjects. DamnInteresting.com was originally founded by Alan Bellows, and he is also the resident web designer.'

Damn Interesting

Also can I take a second oportunity to point to 3quarksdaily. Yes it too is just another blog, sure, but a good one. 3quarksdaily is a filter blog much like our very own, but with only 15 users (and an editor). As they say on their about page "On this website, my guest authors and editors and I hope to present interesting items from around the web on a daily basis, in the areas of science, design, literature, current affairs, art, and anything else we deem inherently fascinating." They do an admirable job.

Damn Interesting


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