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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Incorporating the

In the Chair: Barry.

No apologies for absence were received.

In attendance Jane, Dick, Rosie, Tony, Morag, Liliane, Scott, Les, Lauren and Steven, Ruth. Peter, Dave, Stephen and Barry. Megan and mother Penny.

There was a warm welcome to our guests for the early part of the evening, 9 year old Megan and her mother. Megan has written her first book entitled “Letitia Meets The Tooth Fairy”. She wrote the book following on from some school work and produced it, complete with its graphics and puzzles on her own. An enterprising young lady she has been selling copies for £1 in aid of her own computer fund. The story itself is very good, and flows quite well. Written for children in her own age group it is pleasantly surprising how well she uses the vocabulary.

Three of the Scribblers read the book and gave her a little bit of feedback which will hopefully help in her future work.

Megan emailed to say “Thank you for the hints and comments about my book. I can't wait to see you again I really enjoyed meeting all of you last night and listening to the stories even though I didn't understand what they meant.” She also mentioned: “I would like to read Mr Watershed's children’s story when he does one.”

For those unsure who Mr Watershed is, it is our one and only Les who decided his work should not be read out until after the Watershed! I am certain he will forward a copy of his children’s story to Megan in due course.


I am sorry to report that there will be a delay in announcing the winners of the Bill Budner competitions. This is because of an illness in our sponsor, Maureen's family, coupled partly by the volume of entries received.

I am sure that the results will be announced as soon as possible but hope you will accept the apologies for, and understand the reasons causing this delay. Please keep watching the weblog for fresh information

Our best wishes are with Maureen and her family.


Kay and Morag did an interesting interview on Felixstowe radio at the weekend with Anne Pearse and Denise Doggett, about their radio ‘soap’ which is going to be broadcast soon, on both Felixstowe radio and Ipswich radio. Anne read some of her historical novel set in Felixstowe which may have been influenced after a homework assignment two or three years ago at Scribblers!

The programme will be repeated Sunday at 7pm and Monday at 3pm – and possibly the late night slot at 1am!!! See www.felixstoweradio.co.uk for details.

Our Australian friend Belinda has won the recent Happy Memories competition with Online Scribblers. Well done Belinda. Since moving back home she has won two of our competitions!

Dave won an in-house competition to become a guest editor for the staff magazines - details will follow in the course of time.

The platform:

The Open 1,500 word work:

Jane: A Special Recipe
Les: Imitating Katherine Walker

The Themed 500 word assignments:

Dick: It could Have Been Like This.
Rosie: Modern Man’s Metal.
Scott: Dark Time
Lauren: A Random Story
Steven: Alan Greenacre’s Camelot
Morag: The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
Liliane: Swords in the Cards
Tony: Chapter (Swords)
Peter: April Sword
Ruth: Poxy Pox
Barry: The Diary
Dave: The Dig

Another very interesting meeting!

Details follow for the SPRING WRITERS’ CAFÉ and also the BBC writersroom newsletter

Next meeting Tuesday 15th April

Homework subject is 500 words on “Migration” This has been selected because of the new IpArt short story competition - with cash prizes. The subject word is Migration and the maximum word limit is 500. That will fit in nicely with our own homework and could lead to a glut of entries from the Scribblers!

Volunteers for the two 1,500 word work are Morag and Lauren.

Thanks to Barry for providing the minutes and to Lauren and Steven for providing the cakes again.

Until next time,
Keep Scribbling!

Read your own work, in public in a café atmosphere
Join like-minded people and share two hours of creativity
and inspiration
Listen to, and participate in an eclectic and fascinating evening of local literature

Reading places at this free event will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. But it is essential to book so email now to ensure you are part of this exciting evening – please remember to say whether you wish to read.

There will be about 15 readers and the following are guidelines for those reading:
The reading can be poetry, prose, or a dramatic monologue
The reader will briefly introduce themselves before they read
You have 5 minutes to read your piece
There will be two 10 minute breaks during the evening
The readings must not be offensive!

Bookings by email: asnewman7@hotmail.com


Welcome to the BBC writersroom newsletter.

New Look
The BBC writersroom website has a new look and feel - check it out for yourself.

Lenny Henry and Danny Robins
Lenny and Danny talk about writing their Radio 4 Comedy series Rudy's Rare Records.
Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh
On Monday 14 April, the writers and creators of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes will talk in London about their writing. Tickets are free, but there are only a few left...

Ashes to Ashes script
And you can read the script for the first episode of Ashes to Ashes - as well as the first episode of Life on Mars - at our Script Archive.

Submitting your script to BBC writersroom
Want to write for the BBC? Find out what to send us on our script submissions page.

Abi talks about writing for Casualty and EastEnders, including the elusive scene 20a. Join the conversation.


North East Voices
Deadline: 03 April 08
Training and development for people in the North East

Coming Up
Deadline: 4 April 08
Have your half-hour film made and broadcast on Channel 4

Screen Adaptation
Deadline: 11 April 08
Opportunity for those living, working, or studying in the West Midlands

BBC College of Comedy
Deadline: 14 April 08
Six successful applicants will be attached to BBC comedy programmes, and create their own original work

Deadline: 15 April 08
Have your comedy performed in a West End theatre

Bruntwood Playwriting Competition
Deadline: 13 June 08
Win up to £15,000 for your play

Deadline: Weekly until 30 April 08
New BBC Radio Sketch Comedy show is looking for submissions


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