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Friday, April 18, 2008

Newsheet and Report of Meeting

Incorporating the

In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies for absence were received from Di and Trish.

In attendance Dick, Rosie, Ruth, Morag, Liliane, Alex, Peter, Les, Lauren and Steven, Barry, Tony, Jane and Dave.

An update on the competition is that the judging should be completed any day now and hopefully the results will be available by the weekend. An announcement will be made first and foremost on the weblog and members circulated. Best of luck to all entrants in both age groups.


Di was at the Ipswich Record Office continuing her palaeography course and sends her wishes to all Scribblers. Looking extremely well, she has just returned from a three week holiday visiting her parents in South Africa.

Trish also sent her wishes to the Scribblers. Unfortunately family problems have really made her attendance impossible over the last few weeks, but hopefully she will be back in the fold at the first meeting of May before going on a well deserved holiday.

The Felixstowe Scribblers had an impromptu collection for our Jack’s Just Giving fundraiser for EACH. The cheque, amounting to £25 will be delivered to Caz in the next few days.

Spare a thought for Jane whose Hertfordshire house sale fell through on the very day contracts were due to be exchanged. Here’s hoping her luck changes soon, and also wishing her a happy birthday on Thursday.

Talking of birthdays, then Tony celebrated his in style by providing cream cakes for everyone. First time everyone burst into s happy birthday chorus. Thanks for the cakes and hope your birthday goes well.
Alex missed our last meeting as he was in Germany whilst sickness prevented him from attending the recent IpArt Spring Writers Café at Starbucks In Ipswich. Dave attended and read ‘Greta’s Journey’, one of sixteen writers ti read their work. It was a fascinating and diverse atmospheric evening that had a full house once again.

The Ipswich Arts Festival runs from June 28th until July 13th and will include three different writers’ workshops during the fortnight. Details of the events will be released early in May. Check out the website for more details including the 2008 Short Story Competition that has cash and book tokens available in three categories, Adult, Young People (ages 12-16) and Children (ages 7-11). The subject is for a 500 word story on ’Migration’ whilst the children’s competition calls for 250 words on ’Journeys’. http://www.ip-art.com/news_details.php?id=26

A new £4,000 poetry and short story competition has been launched by the Writers Bureau and details are available at http://www.writersbureau.com/competition/

The platform:

The Open 1,500 word work:

Lauren: Random Story Part 2
Morag: The Coach Trip (continued)

These were two extremely good readings, Morag continuing with another section from her novel whilst Lauren provides a tremendous grasp of dialogue

The Themed 500 word assignments on ‘Migration‘:

Liliane: Just Another City
Jane: Moving On
Alex: In Front of the Wave
Peter: Sea and Country
Les: Henrietta’s Holiday
Barry: The Caribou
Dave: Migration
Dick: Plains Thunder
Rosie: Road Trip
Tony: Nil Book Central
Ruth: Bloodstain

Nearly all these stories were based on the homework theme and, subject to following the entrance instructions, would all provide fine entries to the IpArt writing competition. So get posting them in - competition closes on Friday May 16th. You will need to submit two copies of the story printed on white A4 paper with contact details (name, address, phone number and email address on a separate sheet of paper - young people and children must also include the school name, year group and author‘s age).

Send your entries to:
James Young, The Corn Exchange, King Street, Ipswich IP1 1DH

Another enthralling evening of creativity!

Next meeting Tuesday 6th May - that is in three weeks time.

Homework subject is 500 words on “Fair or Fare” whilst the two volunteers for the open themed 1,500 word work are Liliane and Dick.

Taking the chair next time : Dick.

Thanks again to Tony and also Lauren and Steven for providing the cakes again.

Until next time,
Keep Scribbling!


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