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Thursday, July 17, 2008





In the Chair: Barry.

Apologies for absence were received from Ruth, Trish, Les, Alex and Kay.

In attendance Rosie, Lauren, Morag, Jane, Liliane, Tony, Peter, Barry, Dick, and Dave.


Welcome back to Rosie after all her revision and exams. With holidays looming Rosie will be missing again for a couple of meetings but then she hopes to back into the swing of writing once again.

A smaller group than normal, with Ruth committed to a Mystery Evening in Cambridge, Les at a funeral and Trish ‘granny’ sitting. Despite this the writing exercise evening was quite successful with some very interesting work being produced.

As previously reported, Jane had her experiences of a holiday published under the ‘crap holiday’ section in the Observer which was tremendous. Jane read this out at the beach party.

We have had two enquiries about people coming along to the Scribblers for the first time. One, the winner of the recent IpArt Short Story writing competition, Angela, was due to attend tonight and read her story. Now living in Felixstowe she hopes to attend our next meeting in three weeks time and sends her wishes to the group.

The other is Maureen who has been a member of the Online Scribblers which has ceased to operate for the time being. Maureen also hopes to attend our next meeting.

We look forward to meeting them and giving them a warm Scribblers welcome.


Thanks must go to Ruth and Andrew for providing the venue and beach hut for the third of our beach parties. The weather may have been a little cooler than last year but the entertainment was fabulous with members of the Rushmere Players coming along to do some readings. Tony must be thanked for his efforts on their behalf and also, of course, for the scripts and his own acting expertise. Thanks too for everyone coming along and for the food and drink. A lovely evening that began around 7.30 and finished near 10.30pm.

Here’s to next year!

Jack Wilkinson Memorial Walk in aid of Cancer Research.

Dick informs us that the walk in memory of Jack will take place on Sunday 14th September with the choice of either a 5 mile or 9 mile sponsored walk. Details and sponsorship forms will be available from Dick at the next meetings.

Dear Jack and his Mum Caz were members of the Felixstowe Scribblers for many years and when Jack died of cancer, the friend he met at Addenbrooks Hospital, Liam Fairhurst, himself a cancer sufferer, raised over £120,000 in memory of Jack with sponsored events and television appearances. The fund, for EACH, was to set up a holiday home where families could retreat to for a deserved rest.

Since then Liam has started another campaign for a second holiday caravan and received a massive donation of £40,000 since which the fund has already reached £68K Earlier this month he received the ‘National Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year’ and you can read about this on the Ely Standard website at

Liam receiving his award

Now we learn that Liam has another tumour, so please Scribblers, put this brave, incredible young man in your thoughts and prayers. Thankyou.


Ruth won the last of the current Online Scribblers competitions. A great pity that Vincent has had to withdraw and with Debbie and Dave both heavily committed to other things they cannot take on administrating the site.

The problem has been that only a few people regularly posted, such a shame when the site was intended as a safe place to post work for comment and feedback. The ongoing story hangs in the balance and competitions have also closed.

Vincent, in his final communication to the Online Scribblers said:

“The time has arrived when, with deep regret, I have to resign as Organiser of Online Scribblers. A change in working practises will mean that I will be unable to devote any time to Online Scribblers in the foreseeable future.

What started as a platform for writers, generally those with a Felixstowe connection, to air and share their work in the relative safety of our members' forums, has been fairly well supported until recent times. There has been a recent decline in postings which is very disappointing but we have tried to soldier on.

So what happens next?

After heartfelt discussions with our Administrator, Debbie and moderator, Dave at Felixstowe Scribblers, a decision has been made to close the site with immediate effect. It will remain closed until someone comes forward to take over.

The domain name is paid up until March 2009 and can easily be transferred, along with the site, to a new owner. If no-one comes forward by March next year, then site and everything in the forums will be permanently deleted and the domain name cancelled.

I really must thank all you writers who have joined in the forums and confess that I especially enjoyed the competitions, the ongoing stories but stress that every forum served a purpose.

I am sorry that I have to resign but thank you all for your support. I hope that someone will step forward and offer to take over Online Scribblers very soon. If you are interested, or know someone who is, then please let Dave know. You can reach him by email via scribblers.1@ntlworld.com

Vincent West
Saturday 5th July 2008.”

There may be a lifeline after all. Barry has shown an interest and Rosie and friend would, age permitting, consider being moderators. If there are developments on this front then both Felixstowe Scribblers and all existing members of Online Scribblers will be circulated and informed.

IpArt Short Story Competition

As mentioned, the winner of the competition is a potential member of Felixstowe Scribblers. Angela, who was unable to attend Starbucks, had a friend read out her winning entry. Both Ruth and Dick were included in the final shortlist of twelve entries. That in itself is a great achievement bearing in mind there were hundreds of entries. For the lucky few, well done, and for the rest of us, here’s to next year!

It is believed that the next Writers’ Cafe may be at a new venue and details will be released as soon as possible.


Writing Exercise.

Basic rules: All participants entered 4 words in a hat. Everyone drew four words out then included them in their 20 minutes of creativity.

Here are the words everyone included in their work :

Rosie: Doomsday, Quick, Star, Catastrophe
Lauren: Pestilence, Gourd, Squid, Chariot
Morag: Hedgehog, Swimsuit, Unknown, Tsunami
Jane: Guard, Squint, Chocolate, Balloon
Liliane: Footpath, Alligator, Poncho, Acquaintance
Tony: Quiet, Motorbike, Vault, Undertaker
Peter: Certificate, Aphrodisiac, Balloon, Model
Barry: Delirious, Mucous, Sleeping, House
Dave: Squinch, Pigeon, Contract, Trebuchet
Dick: Sydney, Celebrate, Golden, Epic

Rather than describe how the creative writing evolved, let us just say that twenty minutes seemed a very long time to some and quite inadequate to others! Without question everyone made a splendid effort and, if for those who think it was easy, just try including four of those words in one story! Just what is a trebuchet for heaven’s sake?

Our Next Meeting

It is THREE weeks until our next meeting which will be held at the Café Libra in Felixstowe Library, on Tuesday 5th August, at 7.30pm.

Homework Assignment.

Jane and Peter have volunteered for the two 1,500 word open themed slots whilst after a great deal of debate concerning the subject matter for the 500 word pieces, pulled a word from a magazine on a shelf and came up with “Employment”. So that’s it! Up to 500 words on ‘Employment’ please and you have three weeks to do it!

Chairperson will be: Dave.

Thanks to Lauren yet again providing the cakes and to Peter for opening up.

Until next time,

Keep Scribbling!


The ads:

a celebration of the river Alde and Ore
with the Ebb & Flow Project
devised by Suffolk Coastal ARTS, working with the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Unit.
Saturday 19th July 10.00 - 4.00, Snape Maltings
Entry and all Activities are FREE
See attached flyer for details, including:-
o Sculpture Trail by Jonathan Keep
o Singing the River Choir Piece
o Art workshops with Helen Rousseau, Jackie Linnie and the Makers
o Storybooth and local oral histories
o Soundscape by Mike Challis
o Archaeological finds and identification
o Live music and food outlets open all day
o Exhibitions of work
Organised by Suffolk Coastal ARTS, working with the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Unit
One of Merseyside’s premier writers groups, invite you to enter our
1st prize £100 2nd £50 3rd £25
Plus publication on our web site

About Vincent McTigue
Vinny, (as we, his writer friends, called him) died in 2006 at the age of 82. In his youth he fought in the Burmese Jungles, in hellish conditions. We’d lay bets he kept his comrade’s spirits up, even then. The Inklings all loved kind, gentle Vinnie. He made us laugh with his comic verses, which we looked forward to each week. A true life-enhancer, Vinnie kept smiling through his many years of illness. We believe he would like this competition, our tribute to him, as it fosters continuing laughter.
Our world today, is vitally short of people such as Vincent McTigue

Details and entry form can be found at http://www.aninkling.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

email: mrsmonday@hotmail.com or jg220@tiscali.co.uk

Children of Pulilan Foundation
In order to raise funds for our charity, we will be having a Christmas prize draw, tickets for which we anticipate will be on sale from 1st November. The draw itself will take place at Ransomes Sports and Social Club, Sidegate Avenue, Ipswich on 11 December at 7.30 PM.

We are contacting selected business to ask whether they will be prepared to donate prizes for the draw, and are wondering whether you would be able to assist us. Any contributions, however small, would be appreciated.

Children of Pulilan Foundation is a UK registered charity whose aim is to help underprivileged children aged 5 to 13 in Pulilan, a small rural town in the Philippines.

For further information on our charity, you may like to visit our website, www.thechildrenofpulilanfoundation.co.uk
S Coombs


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