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Thursday, February 05, 2009




ATTENDING Alex (chair), Barry, Peter, Angela, Liliane, Trish, Kay, Les, Dick, Nicola, Dave, Tony, Sue, Caroline, Caroline (Caro), Jane, Jack and Stephen.

APOLOGIES Ruth rehearsing: Morag unwell, Rosie school work, Lauren home work, Debbie and Connie.

WELCOME to Carron – really another Caroline. Caro contacted Scribblers as she has recently started writing again after a number of years. Having joined the Writers’ Bureau she is enjoying the course but feels it would be good to receive more face to face feedback.


The Social at Castle Lodge Hotel was a tremendous success with a total of twenty seven new and ‘old’ sitting down for meals. The organisation by Ruth and her parents, the hotel proprietors, was excellent and the meals served quickly and were really delicious. Of course it took Ruth’s daughter Amber to show who the best waitress was on the night, bless her!

As a thank you for all the effort, Angela delivered a small bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Scribblers. Well deserved!

It would not be right to overlook Maureen Blundell whose presence at the meal and her one to one and group workshops made what was intended as a social evening into a very interesting weekend. So Maureen, who writes under the pen name of Roz Colyer and had her trilogy of books on sale helped to make this a weekend to remember. View her Liberato website at http://www.liberato.co.uk/

Nice to see Di at the dinner. She hopes to make the effort to get back to Scribblers from time to time and is still determined to get her novel finished and go for publication.

Someone else with a book on the go is Judy whose ‘Like Ships That Pass in the Night’ is a riveting read. Writing on her experiences in Burma, in fact Judy returned only last Saturday from her latest trip, confesses that she now has enough material to complete her book. Judy promises to come and see the Scribblers in the near future.

Although we have never met her, Rochelle sends her best wishes to us from Ireland. She has been linked with the Scribblers for quite a long time now and, as you will know has her book ‘Witch’ on the market. She has another book in preparation and has a publisher so we’ll be looking out for ‘Beyond The Third Eye’ in the future.

Have just learned that Connie was involved in a traffic accident on the way to Scribblers. We hope that neither Connie nor anyone else was injured and obviously we all send our best wishes to her.

Caz and husband Karl will soon be off to Buckingham Palace accompanying friend and cancer campaigner Eric Vanlint who has been awarded the MBE. Eric produced ‘Jack’s Book of Poetry’ in memory of poor Jack who died in 2006. Caz also tells me that some men from Liley’s Bar in Ipswich are doing a Rally2Rome on 125cc bikes in August in memory of Jack. They will be raising money for EACH.

Former regular Lisa is attending the Wolsey Writer’s Masterclasses and bumped into Alex who also attends these valuable days. Living out of town and with a growing family she is unable to attend Scribblers anymore but passes on her best wishes to everyone. It is an excellent programme which costs £20 per day. Well worth the investment!

Rosie is off to Cambridge University on Thursday and is really looking forward to seeing if University life is for her. It is a two day event when she will follow a law student for two days and see what lectures are like. Rosie says ‘All rather exciting I think!’ We wish her well.

Poor Lauren is suffering from too much homework AGAIN. So perhaps had better stop setting her homework.....?

Morag, who was unable to attend because of illness, has emailed Maureen regarding the open to all Bill Budner Competition. We expect to hear in the near future and begin to organise the competition.

Ruth is to appear in the Rushmere Players production "Roots", by Arnold Wesker, from 6th-7th March at Rushmere School, It is directed by Alan Dix and the synopsis is:

“This is the second in Arnold Wesker’s famous trilogy of plays that chart the impassable chasms between generations and social levels. In “Roots” we see the return of Beatie Bryant for a holiday in her fenland farm home. During her sojourn in London she has become involved with Ronnie Kahn, a young Jewish intellectual whose ideas she has tried desperately to absorb. Even more desperately, she tries to impose those ideas on her stolid Norfolk family, with conspicuous lack of success. To greet Ronnie, the family gathers for a huge Saturday afternoon tea. The afternoon doesn’t go exactly as planned...”

There’s still time to book for the Springfield Follies Pantomime at Kesgrave Community Centre this Friday and Saturday. Written jointly by Giles Meehan it stars David Cranwell, Jacky Meehan and Pete Guilder, all whom starred in ‘The Lost Sock’.

Our friend Chris in Cairns reports that his book is now ready and hope that we will be able to see a copy very soon. He reports that Queensland is suffering monsoon conditions at present with temperatures soaring around 30°C and if that isn’t bad enough several towns are flooded with the danger of hundreds of crocodiles swimming into residential areas. The warning is – don’t go paddling... See 9 News at

The 1,500 word open themed work:

Trish: Squatters Rights
Les: A Gastronomic Odyssey

The 500 word ‘Trophy’ assignment on “Climate Change”

Kay: Death of Oxleas Wood. – a poem.
Caroline: Concrete Nightmares – based on a previous homework.
Alex: Sub Prime
Liliane: The Dying Land
Caro: Things That Go Bump in the Night
Jane: Great Aunt Dolly Goes Green – a poem
Sue: Disappearing Isle – a poem
Angela: A Bit of a Rant
Peter: Family Climate
Tony: Who Do We Think We Are? – a poem
Jack: The Green Assassin
Nicola: Twenty Forty Nine
Barry: The Climate is Changing
Dave: Climate Change
Dick: Warning
Stephen: Barney and Zark

Our Next Meeting

17th FEBRUARY at 7.30pm in the Cafe Libra at Felixstowe Library.

Barry will be in the Chair,

The homework assignment is 500 words on “Smile”

The 1,500 word open themed work will be undertaken by Tony and Dave.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Thanks to everyone for attending on such a cold night and especially to Alex for the meeting notes.

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