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Friday, March 20, 2009





APOLOGIES: Trish (unwell), Morag, Caro, Connie and Alex (all unavailable)

ATTENDING Dick (Chair) Dave, Lauren, Barry, Peter, Sue, Diane, Tony, Liliane, Angela, Jane and Jack.


The Coast to Coast competitions for 2008 have been completed and organiser Maurice thanked everyone who took part. Approximately £800 was given in prize money so here’s looking to this years competitions.

Magpie books now welcome 70 word reviews of books that readers have enjoyed. The reviews will be placed alongside the books on display and make an interesting aid to choice. There is a small incentive that £1 book tokens will be given for each accepted review.

Still unable to get to our meetings, Christine Hughes, sends her best wishes to members old and new and looks forward to receiving a tape of some of Dave’s short stories that he has promised to record for her. This is something that Peter also did some time ago.

Now that’s an interesting thought for a project... recording our short stories. Any offers?


Competition leaflets have been sent to some local libraries, the Ipswich Record Office whilst on line members have been informed via emails. Leaflets are being passed to the local papers as a Press Release along with Felixstowe TV. Full details were in the last report.


Barry reported that he has now met and discussed the anthology with the printers, the cost including cover and photographs will be 5 pence per page so the cost will depend on the number of pages we finally decide upon. It is anticipated that around 25 writers will be involved although this can differ dependant upon interest and support.


It is hoped that a committee meeting will be arranged in the next two weeks to discuss these items so, if you have any items you wish discussed please email or phone a committee member, Barry, Dick, Peter, Alex, Ruth or Dave.


Members were asked to provide three words or phrases on a piece of paper, one in each of the three different categories:

Type of Person or career
An event
An emotion or feeling.

With these added to the envelopes provided, all members drew one item from each and the resultant work provided and extremely interesting evening with one member having to leave the room in laughter...

Rather than create a title for the exercise, it was decided to use the words or phrases drawn as the title. You will see the amusing subjects below that created a brain busting twenty minutes session of writing.

Dave: Nervous – Stone Age Cave Woman – Reaching Mountain Top
Lauren: A Grave Yard – Dread – An Alien from the Planet Vask
Barry: Archaeologist – Confusion – The Launch of a Groundbreaking Domestic Product
Peter: Undertaker – Alienated – Weight Watchers Meeting
Sue: Seamstress – Ecstatic – Night Spent in a Haunted House
Di: Mental Care Assistant – Computer Crash – Sheer Ecstasy
Tony: Embarrassed – Italian Estate Agent – At Duxford Air Show
Liliane: Know-it-all Person – Volcanic Eruption – Weariness
Angela: A Male Ballet Dancer – School Sports Day – Sadness
Jane: Teacher – Football Match – Paranoia
Jack: Historian – Crying With Laughter – Stuck in a Lift
Dick: Window Cleaner – First Aid Competition – Miserable

Great fun!

Our Next Meeting

Takes place in three weeks time on 7th April at 7.30pm in the Café Libra, Felixstowe Library.

Ruth (subject to confirmation) will be in the Chair.

The two 1,500 word homework assignments will be undertaken by Liliane and Jane.

The subject for the remaining writers will be 500 words on ‘Safe’ ironically the same subject that the new 2009 Ip-Art Short Story competition takes

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Support those who support us! Have a look at Scott’s website at http://www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk
Don’t forget that Scott has special ‘Felixstowe Scribblers’ mugs on sale at £5 each. Not only does it have the Scribblers logo on the front, but your name can also be added on the rear.


For Creative Writers Groups
Email caroline@cwgroups.org.uk or visit the website at www.cwgroups.org.uk

The Ads
For Liberato
Email liberato@talktalk.net or visit the website at www.liberato.co.uk

Ip-Art Short Story competition announced

2009 Ip-art Short Story Competition launched! This years short story competition is on the theme of 'Safe' and entries are open in three categories
1) Adult
2) Young people (ages 12-16)
3) Children (ages 7-11)

Plenty of Prizes to be won so don't delay! The deadline is 2nd May 2009 so get your thinking caps on now!

Details available from their website at http://www.ip-art.com/
The Ipswich Arts Festival takes place from June 27th until July 12th.


I am writing to introduce myself and my company, CPI Antony Rowe.

Antony Rowe is acknowledged as the UK's (and probably Europe's) premier manufacturer of on-demand books and short run printing and we were the first to offer true on-demand printing. We are now also launching ‘Antony Rowe Publishing’ (ARL).

With ARL we can take care of the typesetting, design, ISBN numbers and produce marketing tools for promotion. We also can guarantee to get your book in stock with Gardners. This means your book will be available at WH Smith, Waterstones, Amazon and 15,000 other book stores worldwide.

We can also produce books for self publishers. We have a wide variety of paper stocks, types of cover and binding. We can also produce any trim size you wish and fulfil direct to your customers.

If you would like more information on either Antony Rowe Publishing or how we can help self publishers please do contact me on nevans@cpi-group.co.uk or 01323 434700.

Also if you wish you and members of your circle can come and visit our facility in Eastbourne. You can view the production process, ask questions and see how we can help you turn your ideas into a selling book

Please contact me to arrange a time and date for your tour or if you have any further questions.

Neil Evans, Sales Executive, CPI Antony Rowe. www.cpi-group.co.uk

See me at the London Bookfair on 22nd April at stand U570. Please call if you wish to book an appointment.



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