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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Report of Meeting, Newsheet and news of the BILL BUDNER SHORT STORY COMPETITION


APOLOGIES: Ruth (Rehearsing) Morag (not available) Sue (not available) Jane and Jack (School meeting) Trish (Granny sitting)

ATTENDING Dave (Chair) Dick, Caro, Lauren, Rosie, Alex, Les, Rani, Liliane, Angela, Caroline F, Tony, Connie, Barry, Stephen, Peter.


A warm welcome to London based Rani, Liliane’s daughter, who came along for one of her infrequent visits.

Les, who had to leave the meeting early when feeling unwell, was collected by wife Joan and was feeling a little better the following morning. Get well soon Les and hope to see you next time.

An error was pointed out in the report of our last meeting. Connie’s work was entitled Chick Lit. Apologies!

Dick had a poem “The Highland Run” showing up in three different categories in the Coast to Coast competition. It took first place in one section and was paced in tow other sections. Heard of three-in-one oil, but three in one poetry? Someone had to invent it!

Best wishes and blessings have been forwarded from our overseas friends... from Rochelle in Ireland and Belinda in Queensland. Rochelle, author of “Witch” has produced a thoroughly comprehensive publication on the subject which has been a very informative read. Belinda has just gained her diploma as a Remedial Master Therapist which means that she can now go out and earn a few Aussie dollars at her art. Included in her writers group anthology she looks forward to adding a lines into our new one.

A kind offer was received from Tony Barley who has a complete set of Writers News magazines from 1995 up to the end of 2007 free to anyone wanting them. Most of the attending writers already subscribe and there were no offers. However, if you didn’t attend the meeting but are interested in his kind offer please email scribblers@btinternet.com and you will be put in touch with Tony.

Caroline’s Creative Writing Groups has finally moved premises to Brantham where she will soon be launching some new courses and promises to keep the Scribblers informed.

The next IPSWICH WRITERS CAFẾ to be held at Starbucks in Ipswich on Monday 16th March is so popular that it is already fully booked and, unless you know better, there will be no representation from the Scribblers.

Rushmere Players production of “Roots” which stars our own Ruth takes place at Rushmere School on Friday and Saturday 6th and 7th March. Owing to delay in the report, the production has already taken place and Ruth, once again, has shown her real potential on stage. The leading role, with almost continual dialogue, one is in awe of her abilityto learn such a demanding script and to portray her character so professionally. One has to ask the question, when is the next production?

Another production soon BECOMING ORWELL, a new play by Susan Hawkes. Walberswick 1930's, Eric Blair is fighting his demons and dreaming of becoming a writer Walberswick 2008 A boy on the run believes he has a destiny to fulfil Orwell's visions - but will Big Brother find him first.

Set in the most haunted village in England, this is an atmospheric play about life, love and CCTV.


Barry, on behalf of Jane and Les who form our Anthology sub committee, explained that plans are now coming to fruition. He is meeting the printers in the next few days to gauge costs. The idea is that we cover the outlay with any profit being very welcome. It will loosely be styled on our first, and thus far, only anthology but will, hopefully include photographs of each of the contributors along with a couple of lines. Here is the report from the horses mouth, or at least from Barry’s computer:

“The preparations for the Anthology leap ahead at a snails pace but it would be appreciated if each and every one of you interested in contributing to above mentioned publication would prepare for perusal 1000 words or thereabouts comprising one piece, poems or even snippets (as requested by Rosie) of your best loved works.

“It is envisioned that it will not be a collection of regimented stories, but rather varied pieces that will amuse and give the readers an idea of what the writer's preferences are.

“It would be appreciated if you would also provide me with an up to date five or six word synopsis of your life and loves at present (not to be included in your allotted word count of course) and if possible a snapshot that can be included if costs permit in your synopsis panel.

“The cost of each book we hope will not exceed £5.00 and when the time comes there will be proposals put to meetings concerning the numbers required from members and hopefully by extension friends and families.

There is an army of three (Jane,Les and myself) working on this project and with luck we shall be able to enrol sufficient advertisers for the Anthology to ease the pain of publication but if there are any of you with ideas for extra advertisers then they will be accepted with alacrity.

“We hope to have all entries ready for printing by the end of August. For those of you with no e mail this message will be a trifle harder to receive so I shall turn off the computer and light the campfire.So get scribbling people and remember ‘Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.’"

Invitations will also be sent to former members and Scribblers friends to help bolster the submissions whilst we have an idea for a local celebrity to provide a forward for the publication.

So now we know! Perhaps our new motto should be ‘Get Scribbling’!

Our free to enter competition:

Bill Budner Short Story Competition 2009

Theme – ‘The Last Day of the Holiday.’

Entries are now invited for the Bill Budner Short Story competition, sponsored by Bill’s widow, Maureen and organised by the Felixstowe Scribblers.

The competition is for a fictional short story on the theme ‘The Last Day of the Holiday’.

You must create an original title for your story which should have a no more than 2,000 words.

Entry is open to all, with separate awards for children (16 and under at the closing date).

Prizes will be awarded for the three best stories in each category, as follows:

1st prize £25, 2nd prize £15, 3rd prize £10

• Each entry must be the original and unpublished work of the entrant.
• All entries should be clearly typed in double spacing on single sides of A4 paper.
• The author’s name, address, daytime phone number and (if possible) e-mail address should accompany the story on a separate sheet of paper. These details should not appear on the entry itself.
• Please include age if 16 or under.
Acknowledgement of entries will only be made if accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelope or postcard. Entries will not be returned.

Competition entries should be handed in or posted to the staff at Felixstowe Library, Crescent Road , Felixstowe, IP11 7BY, clearly marked for the

‘Bill Budner Short Story Competition’, by the
closing date of Saturday 25th April 2009

The winners will be chosen by a judging team headed by Bill’s widow, Maureen. The judge’s decision will be final.

The winners will be notified by Monday 11th May 2009.

The 1,500 word open themed work:

Because of a late commitment to attend a school meeting Jane was unable to attend and her slot was shared by Alex with an extended work and Dave.

Alex: Boat Train
Dave: A Fleeting Moment

The 500 word ‘Trophy’ assignment on “Behind the Scenes” or “Comic”

Lauren: Peace Penguin
Rosie: Cloak and Swagger
Caro: Mr Bellamy
Dick: Get a Grip
Rani: Untitled
Liliane: Ann-Marie’s Story
Angela: Tangles
Caroline: Behind Closed Doors
Tony: Hunion’s Travels (continued)
Connie: A Stitch in Time
Stephen: The Ambassador
Peter: Unseen Life

Our Next Meeting

17th March at 7.30pm in the Café Libra, Felixstowe Library.

Dick will be in the Chair.

The meeting will be one of our popular creative writing exercises but slightly adjusted from previous ones.

This time you will need to provide three specific words. These will be:

A type of person or career (examples Librarian, punk, intellectual, hairdresser etc)

An event (eg. Royal Garden Party, church service, going shopping etc)

An emotion/feeling (eg. Sad, fed up, elated, bored etc)

Three envelopes will be provided, one for each type of word. Then it will be drawing one from each envelope before the writing exercise of approximately 15 minutes begins.

Challenging but fun!

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Support those who support us! Have a look at Scott’s website at http://www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk
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For Creative Writers Groups
Email caroline@cwgroups.org.uk or visit the website at www.cwgroups.org.uk

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How to Write A Novel Summer School

Dates: Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July 2009
Time: 10am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4.30pm on Friday (an hour break for lunch)
Venue: University College Falmouth, Woodlane Campus, Library Building.
Price: £275

Have you always wanted to write a novel but don’t know where to start? Have you written one and all you have to show for your efforts is a pile of rejection slips? This is your opportunity to discover abilities you didn’t know you possessed while learning the techniques and skills every novelist needs, whether you are aiming for publication or simply wish to derive more pleasure and satisfaction from your writing. The course is a mixture of lectures, discussion, workshops, exercises, with additional tasks to complete at home overnight. Participants will have the opportunity on the final day to discuss work in progress individually with the tutor.

Day 1
Morning – Understanding your Market
Understand your market and your reader. Assessing your writing strengths. Writing for different genres. Avoiding Trend traps. How to find ideas. Research.
Brainstorming session: Genres, visualisation and the reader contract.
Afternoon – Settings
The importance of settings. Workshop activity – settings. How character and plot derive from setting.

Day 2
Morning - Know your characters.
How to create vivid believable characters readers will remember. Exploring motive: What do they want, why do they want it?
Workshop: writing and paired activity: Interviewing your characters.
First, second and third level characters.
Workshop: experiment with different methods of revealing character. Discussion session on short extracts from published works which demonstrate these techniques.

Day 3
Morning – Dialogue
The concept of register. Finding a voice for your chief characters and how to make sure this differs from your own. Interior monologue.
The function of dialogue in a narrative. The requirements of different genres.
Workshop: Examining published extracts and writing a snatch of dialogue to indicate character.

Day 4
Morning - Beginnings and Endings.
Grabbing your reader’s attention and keeping it. The five w’s. When to start and end a chapter.
Workshop – Examining published chapter openings and applying the techniques.
Afternoon – Plotting
Point plotting. Pacing your story, raising the stakes, plot twists. Writing your story in one sentence.
Brainstorming : Methods of charting highs and lows.

Day 5
Morning – Pace and Style
The relationship between pace and style. Balancing dialogue and narrative. Adjectives and adverbs. Techniques for changing the pace of a narrative and why you might wish to do this.

Afternoon – Revising and submitting your work. Query letters- what to include and what to leave out. Ten ways to get rejected. Writing a synopsis. Outlines and jacket blurbs. Agents and Advisory Services. Acceptance and after.

Your tutor is Rosemary Rowe a pseudonym used by Rosemary Aitken, a highly qualified academic, who has written many best selling textbooks on English Language and Communication. Rosemary is the author of over twenty published novels including the ten historical crime novels in the Libertus series, starting with the highly praised ‘Germanicus Mosaic’. She has also written two prize-winning plays. Rosemary is an examiner for Trinity College London, specialising in English Language, Speech and Drama. Her novels have been translated into several languages and appear in large print and audio editions. Rosemary has had many years experience in tutoring adults. She ran the Quiller postal writing course for 15 years, has been a regular tutor on fiction workshops for various bodies, has run short story and non-fiction workshops, and is the author of 'Writing a Novel: A practical Guide', a hand-book published by the Crowood Press has been acclaimed as “offering exceptional insights and inspiration”. Many of Rosemary’s students are now successfully published authors.

For more information and a booking form please call Business Relations on 01326 370444 or email business@falmouth.ac.uk.



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