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Wednesday, May 20, 2009



APOLOGIES: Caroline F (London), Ruth (rehearsing), Alex (not available), Trish (unwell).

ATTENDING: Ros, Dick, Angela L, Sandy, Tony, Jane, Morag, Angela P, Les, Peter, Debbie, Barry, Dave (chair). Guests, Dee Cobbold and Alan Dix.

WELCOME to Ros who joined us for the first time. Ros attended a Creative Writing Course at Suffolk College approximately five years ago then, when it finished, there was a mutual feeling to continue meeting up in the cause of writing. After a while these meetings fell by the wayside so Ros was left in a writer’s wilderness. Recently her interest was re-ignited and she found the Scribblers via the Internet.


We hear that our lady contact at UNESCO in Paris, Denise Cogan will be retiring next week so many congratulations for a long and happy retirement as she departs very hectic work life and moves towards a peaceful and relaxing future.

Rosie has been in touch to say how thrilled she is coming second in the Cambridge writing competition following her stay at the famous University earlier this year. This is a very busy time for Rosie as she revises for and sits her exams. Best of luck Rosie – you can do it!

Lauren B has had the first of her operations and though painful, she is disappointed not to be allowed to return to school just yet. Again we wish her well!


So far Barry has received ten items for inclusion in the Anthology and reminds everyone that the anthology committee would like to receive YOUR story soon!


The results were received from Maureen today. The prize winners were:

1st Morag Clarke: "A sense of change"
2nd Angela Petch: "Never again"
3rd Ruth Dugdall: "The last day of summer"

There was a low entry for the competition and, for the Scribblers, very disappointing that not one young person entered the junior section. The standard of the entries received were high so thanks to everyone who participated in memory of Bill.


This was the seventh staging of the now very popular competition for attending writers at Felixstowe. Until now there has been a different winner each time, the previous holders of the Trophy being Tony Shearman, Rosie Woolley, Morag Clarke, Dick Bradshaw, Ruth Dugdall and Barry Darnell. The burning question was whether anyone would succeed in holding the trophy for a second time or would the run of fresh winners continue?

The entries are recorded with first the reader, then the title followed by the author who was revealed at the end of the competition.

Dick: Falling Expectations: Jane
Angela L: Rose’s Hands: Les
Sandy: Deadly Cargo: Dick
Tony: Coach Trip: Ros
Jane: Farewell Teresa: Tony
Ros: Stormy Weather: Angela L
Angela L: Quiet but Confident: Debbie
Les: Salty Confusion: Peter
Peter: DIY: Barry
Debbie: Three’s a Crowd: Angela P
Barry: A Stranger in the Marriage: Dave
Dave: Herbal Remedy: Sandy

Morag, who did not enter this time, collected the voting slips for everyone’s top three and declared the result in reverse order:

3rd place Farewell Teresa by Tony,
2nd place Three’s a Crowd by Angela P,
1st place A Stranger in the Marriage by Dave.

Seventh time lucky winner Dave Feakes (left) receiving the Bill Budner Trophy from previous winner Barry Darnell.

An excellent evening’s entertainment once again and again thanks to everyone for providing so many lovely stories.


At his point Dee Cobbold, a member of the parent – teacher association from Colneis Junior School and Alan Dix from Rushmere Players joined the meeting.

Dee explained this as a fund raising exercise on behalf of the school with the idea of producing a murder mystery play to preferably be performed at the school where costs would be kept to a minimum. There is the space, a stage and lighting equipment available. The PTA would provide advertising whilst there would be royalties payable to the writers.

The next stage would involve a drama group and the well established Rushmere Players came to mind. Finally a script would need to be produced and, thanks to Ruth, a member of both Rushmere Players and Felixstowe Scribblers who better than our own group?

With the televised series ‘The Lost Sock’ behind us, this is a new challenge for current members although their first attempt at playwriting was ‘Kissagram’ some eight or nine years ago.

A very basic plan of action was agreed with Dee to seek a date in January 2010, probably on a Friday or Saturday evening to stage the event at Colneis School.

Alan, who brought along two scripts of a similar nature, suggested the overall length for acting would need to be around 1 hour long, split into two acts, the first and main act approximately 45 minutes long followed by a break for audience inter-action with the characters, then the final act of ten to fifteen minutes to discover the villain. It is possible there may be food provided prior to the start of the show.

Should this be produced on more than one occasion, then it might be appropriate to have more than one ending in mind.

As far as the acting side is concerned they would need six to eight weeks to learn scripts and rehearse so the aim is to provide the script by October.

This means the Scribblers have until the end of September to write it all, have regular script reading with Rushmere Players. Those considering writing are Tony, Dick (who will host the writing sessions on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening), Barry, Jane, Angela P and Dave.


Tuesday 2nd June, 7.30 pm in the Café Libra, Felixstowe Library. Chair will be Barry who will also collect the key.


The 1,500 open themed work will be undertaken by Morag with Connie providing the second piece.

The 500 word homework topic is “MEMORY”

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Peter for collecting the key for the meeting.

Keep Scribbling!

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