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Friday, June 05, 2009





APOLOGIES: Caroline F, Caroline P, Angela L, Jane and Alex.

ATTENDING: Barry (chair), Dave, Dick, Kay, Morag, Angela P, Eileen, Roz, Trish, Liliane, Tony, Les, Connie, Sue, Debbie and Peter.

WELCOME to Eileen who was invited along by Angela P after meeting her at the recent Drama Festival in Felixstowe.


It was nice to see Liliane back in the fold fresh from her annual Australian holiday with her family.

Good news week for Angela P who has been shortlisted this year for the Ip-Art Short Story competition – which she won last year! Fingers crossed for her success this year too.

Another snippet of good news comes from the Drama Festival where plays performed by companies from all over the UK saw Ruth justly claim the best actress award for her starring role in Roots which was presented by the Rushmere Players. The drama festival gained a double page spread in the Evening Star tonight (Thursday), with the report being perhaps a little unkind to Ruth.

The Murder Mystery Playwriting group will meet for the first time next Tuesday – late alteration to the venue with everyone meeting at Barry’s this time. Connie has taken over from Angela who has too many commitments to be able to devote enough time to the process. Trish has also volunteered. We await details and confirmation from Dee Cobbold about the date of the play and some little snippets on the school masters and characters from Colneis.

We await confirmation too, of the date for our beach party, tentatively set for 14th July.

Received an email from our Vienna based friend Margareta who is currently very busy with her students and also translations but she is hoping to attend a meeting during the summer when she is in England again.

A parcel of about six or seven free books were received from United Press. These were distributed at the meeting and will be returned for others to read in due course.


This is just a gentle reminder from the Anthology group that there are only eight weeks left to get in your thousand word entries. Don't forget they can be made up of one, one thousand word short story or separate pieces or as we have had already a collection of poems.

Also the few lines precis on what you are up to at present perhaps including developments or achievements both personal and professional that will be of interest to all.

Please don't forget, the end of July is the deadline.


The open themed 1500 word assignments:

Morag: Coach Trip: (chapter six of her novel).
Connie: The Time Sphere.

The 500 word assignment on ‘Memory’

Sue: Trixie
Debbie: Memory (poem)
Les: Eventual Recall
Tony: The story continues – embellishing chapter two
Liliane: The Memory of Rain
Trish: What is memory?
Roz: Mary, What are you doing?
Peter: Stones of Pride
Angela P: Footprints
Kay: Transcending (poem)
Dick: I Remember: Tireless Wireless (two poems)
Dave: Memory Battle
Barry: The Album


Tuesday 16th June, 7.30 pm in the Room at the Top, Felixstowe Library. In the chair will be Dick. Liliane will collect the key. Please note that we will now meet upstairs at the Library. This is because of all the new tables and chairs in Cafe Libra has created difficulties setting up and replacing the furniture before and after meetings.


The 1,500 open themed work will be undertaken by Roz with Tony providing the second piece.

The 500 word homework topic is “Half past two”. Now that is an unusual but very challenging topic. What is the significance of the time? Is it early morning or afternoon? What happens at that time of day? The old brain cells are ticking over....

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Barry for collecting the key and chairing the meeting.

Keep Scribbling!

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Caroline Foster is running a Creative Writing Groups short story workshop on Saturday 6th June from 10am to 4pm. Priced at £52 it includes free lunch and is being held at 12 Court Farm, Stutton Road, Brantham CO11 1PW. There are some places left so there is still time to book.

There will also be a commercial writing workshop on Tuesday 9th June same time, same place at £59 includes free lunch!

For further details or to book your place contact Caroline at Creative Writing Groups on 01473 858429 or email caroline@cwgroups.org.uk

The Ads

As we embrace modern technology and look increasingly to the internet for sales you may be interested in this article which appeared in the New York Times.

Here at Cormorant Publishing we are not quite ready to launch ebooks but in the not too distant future that will be a market we will consider - once your book has been in the bookshops for 12 months. By that time we anticipate you will have exhausted the "printed version" market and hope to generate extra revenue for you by publishing your book as an "ebook".
Now here is the article
John Riddle

Google appears to be throwing down the gauntlet in the e-book market.

In discussions with publishers at the annual BookExpo convention in New York over the weekend, Google signalled its intent to introduce a program by that would enable publishers to sell digital versions of their newest books direct to consumers through Google.

The move would pit Google against Amazon.com, which is seeking to control the ebooks books market with the versions it sells for its Kindle reading device.

Google’s move is likely to be welcomed by publishers who have expressed concerns about the possibility that Amazon will dominate the market for ebooks books with its aggressive pricing strategy. Amazon offers Kindle editions of most new best-sellers for $9.99, a price far lower than the typical $26 at which publishers sell new hardcovers. In early discussions, Google has said it would allow publishers to set a suggested list price, but that Google would ultimately set consumer prices. NY Times


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