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Monday, November 07, 2005

An interesting email from Lynne Chiswick of the Clare Writers Group.

Lynne Chiswick of the Clare Writers Group writes....

"I read your group’s anthology with great interest. You certainly have a very talented group of people in your writing circle and cover an interesting range of styles.

I very much enjoyed your story, “Journey of a Lifetime”. It was very atmospheric and suspenseful. I also enjoyed Gordon Maton’s fairytale with its interesting twist. Richard Bradshaw’s poem was very touching as was the poem by Caz Wilkinson. I did find the whole anthology a very good read.

I took it along to our group and it is currently being read by members. They are keen to have a try. We could do with a few more members though to make it as interesting as yours. I’m not sure it will be next year but hopefully soon. When we do get one out, I will send you a copy.



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