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Friday, June 12, 2009


It is time again to send out a reminder for our forthcoming meeting on Tuesday next, 16th June at 7.30pm in Felixstowe Library. We will now be meeting in The Room At The Top in the Library which will make it so much easier and negates the need to move furniture around the building.

Late comers need to remember that it will take a few moments longer to answer the doorbell than before, so please be patient!

The 1,500 word open themed homework assignment will be undertaken by Roz and Tony whilst the rest of us will need to produce up to 500 words on "Half Past Two." It is an unusual theme but leaves the door open for you to decide what happens at that time of day or night.

There is good news in the camp! Ruth, who is celebrating her birthday again - she had one last year too! - has just found a publisher for her new book. So well done Ruth!

Our Projects:

Barry is keen for more submissions to arrive for our anthology. It is a chance for everyone, that is current members as well as those members who haven't been able to attend regularly, to see themselves in print. So remember, up to 1,000 words be it a story or a poem or two with an additional few words about yourself and, if possible, a photograph too. Please contact barry.darnell@ntlworld.com in the first instance, or Dave at scribblers@btinternet.com.

Three of the six members of the Our Murder Mystery Play met up to draw up possible characters and plots for the event and the ideas have been forwarded to all members of this group to consider and offer their thoughts and further suggestions if they wish. Again, time is the ultimate factor so as we need to keep to our agreed deadlines we expect to be extremely busy in the immediate future and hope to start writing the script in the next two weeks.

The Scribbers have had a late invitation to participate in the 'Surf and Turf' event which will take place on 4th July at Landguard Fort.

"The project is made up of three main areas all coming together to create a final performance at Landguard Fort on Saturday 4th July. The performance will be open to the general public, tickets (Adults £3; Under 16's Free) available in advance (Tourist Information Centre) and on the door. The three areas are:

London Sinfonietta will work closely with local schools (Colneis Junior School Choir, Deben and Orwell High Schools Orchestra's). Workshops will be held in the build up to the event. Lead by Fraser Trainer and Poet Dean Parkin, the group will create a new piece of music using the words

created by Dean and his work with Colneis Junior School and a local Community Group (It is hoped this is where some members of Felixstowe Scribblers can get involved). Dean is very flexible and happy to meet the group when you usually meet in order to create some material. He already has workshops planned with the school and it might be that if a few members would like to gert involved and are available then this could be a link. Alternatively Dean can deliver the work created by the group if the group are interested but would prefer not to perform the work.

Finally there are TWO character postboxes currently in Felixstowe. One of which is a giant prawn, currently housed in the Library. The idea of the postbox is to collect people's memories of Felixstowe and share them through an exhibition to be held at Landguard Fort alongside the performance.

It would be great if members of Felixstowe Scribblers could get involved and contribute ideas / words for poetry to be used. If you require any further info or are interested in getting involved please do not hesitate to contact me."

The project has it's own website hosted by London Sinfonietta - http://www.surfandturf.org.uk/ so have a look and if you are interested in participating then please let me know over the weekend and I will inform the organiser, Daniel King.

Until Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling!


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