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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Latest news from Caz and Jack

Caz writes ....

We eventually got home yesterday after another eight nights in hospital. Seven in Addenbrookes and a final night at Ipswich to finish IV anti-biotics, as on Monday another infection was found in Jack's scar from his operation. We were suppose to move over on Wednesday but Jack was sick and needed a procedure before we left and so we ended up needing to stay for longer. Jack has back pain but finds tablets and syrup impossible as he gags so won't take anything. We are both exhausted but I worry that Jack has to live with pain because there is nothing worse, for an adult let alone a child but I can't force him to take tablets.

We collected the newest member of the Wilkinson family ten week old Kai yesterday, a surprise for Jack as he thought we were only visiting. So apart from one nice surprise on the carpet last night all is well. He needs a bath later though, having been with his sister and adopted Mum a Lurcher called Twiggy, so that will be fun.

On Tuesday we go back to Addenbrookes for a scan so we probably won't make the meeting in the evening and then apart from Clinic in Ipswich on Thursday, we have until the 21st of November before the Radiotherapy starts for five weeks. Which we are both very grateful for and Karl too of course. We will get home at the weekends during Radiotherapy, also Christmas for a few days but will mainly stay in the Charity House, on site as it may become too much with all the travelling to and fro every day.

Please say hello to everyone for us and say we miss the meetings very much. I may send my poem on the theme of Betrayal because some may remember it from before, many weren't with us then.

I promised Karl I would rest today, so please ask forgiveness of others for not replying individually but I'm half asleep. A barking young pup woke us all at 6.30 this morning. Bless his heart he is a sweetheart and a wonderful distraction from all the medical stuff.

Bye for now Dave

Lots of love

Caz and Jack (our very brave little lad)


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