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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Update on Jack: Back Home.

Caz writes (on November 2nd)....

Hi There

Thanks for your texts did try to text back but no joy.

We are finally home this afternoon after three weeks in hospital and glad
to be. We are tired which was expected but we shall enjoy our own shower and
sleeping in our own beds tonight yippeee.

Will be in touch some more once we have had a bit of a rest. Many thanks (the person who did) for coming to see us in Great Ormond Street that was very much appreciated as we felt rather cut off up there so far away from home.

Glad you had a good journey and that you are safe and sound.

Lots of love

God Bless and take good care of one another life is so precious.

Caz, Karl and Jack (our lad who never stops ceasing to amaze me with his

Note .... posting this is a little late as it was originally sent on Nov 2nd.


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