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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scribblers Websites 3: Gordon Maton Copywriting and Proofreading Service.

Ken has mailed me with the following ....

'This is to let you know Gordon has his own website, ..... a
service site. http://www.gmcopywriting.co.uk/ . It seems only fair to mention it as Gordon has done all the proof reading for my website.'

From the site ....

'Proofreading service : I'm a nitpicker and proud of it!

Whether you are sending off your 80,000 word blockbuster to a publisher or writing a two page business report, mistakes can creep in and make your work look shoddy.'

.... and ....

'Copywriting service : Let us put in a good word for your business

The right publicity can work wonders for your business. That's why we work extra hard to produce copywriting which will give you an edge over your competitors.'

.... like all the scribblers I've an extra special soft spot for Gordon's writing; he has the most unusual quality in that I cant read his stuff without hearing his voice.

A reminder of Gordon's weblog Gigglebits which is at http://gigglebits.blogspot.com/; now I wonder if I can hire Gordon to Copywrite my homework?


Anonymous Proofreading and editing service said...

Oh' this "Gordon Maton Copywriting and Proofreading Service." seems interesting. Wish I can also try their services some other time.


Sunday, July 03, 2011 5:59:00 am  

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