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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Alternative Health 1: Kate's business ad appears in Felixstowe Flyer.

Healing HandsAfter mentioning Peppy Barlow's interest in the Theraputic uses of rediscovering Past Live's earlier in the week it seems that we have a developing 'Alternative Health' mini sieries beginning.

However Im more than aware that the term Alternative health is in itelf a dismissal and maybe patronising.

Taking a hollistic and integrated approach to ones wellbeing - and realing the limitation and pitfalls of conventional medicine should possibly not be dismissed so easily under the cursory adjective of 'Alternative'.

Kate's practice has an advertisment in this weeks 'Flyer'. Maybe it is best to let the article speak for itself.

From the Flyer Article .... 'Healing - myth, magic or miracle? None of the above! Healing is a safe and effective way of boosting your energy so that your body can get back in balance,' .... 'As a healer, I don't promise a miracle cure or give medical or veterinary advice. I do offer a traditional, natural and non-invasive treatment,' .... we have reproduced the complete Felixstowe Flyer Article on Kate's Practice(WARNING Large File). Healing Practice LogoYou can read the article in a more webfriendly form over at Kate's Practice's new website 'The Healing Practice' http://www.healing.genesiscrystals.co.uk/. Also of note on The Healing Practice's Website is this article about Distance Healing and Crystal Healing and this article on Healing Workshops.

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