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Monday, November 14, 2005

The Penguin Podcast: extracts, news and information from Penguin authors and books.

Penguin logoI came across this and it really has some great material - one of those things that instead of inspiring it more makes me want to give up as there is just no chance I could ever write stuff as good as this and might as well not bother trying.

To cut the technical stuff most people can hear the broadcast by clicking here MP3.

From The Penguin Podcast website ....

'Penguin Podcast No1
Welcome to the first ever Penguin podcast, with extracts, news and information from the best authors and books around.

In this issue we'll bring you Jamie Oliver chewing over the history of English cuisine, the authors of Freakonomics on how to choose (or how not to choose!) your baby's name, an extract of Zadie Smith's new bestseller On Beauty and music from Penguin Remixed.'

Some of you will be asking what is a 'podcast' I would refer you to the Wikipedia defenition and explanation of 'podcast' which will tell you everything you will ever need to know but to put it in a few words its a radio programme that is on the internet.


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