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Thursday, March 24, 2005

A reminder that our next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th April at 7.30pm.....Felixstowe TV Soap Opera Update.....
and homework..."WHY I WRITE"

Dave writes....

Hi Scribblers,

Just a quick update to say that the first two episodes have been passed to Chris at Felixstowe TV together with the series overview. Glad to say he liked what he saw! There will be further developments over the next few weeks so - watch this space! Don't forget to keep an eye on their webpage at http://www.felixstowetv.co.uk/

A reminder that our next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th April at 7.30pm with a subject for the homework assignment. "WHY I WRITE", Set by Alex.

Now there is a a competition ad for real life stories attached together with a fiction based picture book for children up to the age of six. Hope these may whet your appetite.

Happy Easter

The Ads, March 24th 2005.

Kathryn Dunn writes....

I'm writing to tell you about the newly launched 12th true-life non-fiction
writing competition from toowrite.com which awards £1,000 to the author of
the winning entry.

Unlike most short story competitions, which call for fictional articles, we
want real-life stories. Entries should be no longer than 1,500 words, be
written in the first person and be previously unpublished. Neither can we
accept stories, which have previously been entered for any of our earlier

Each competition we run attracts hundreds of entries from all over the

Every entry is featured on our website called www.toowrite.com and some of
the best are featured in one of the top regional newspapers in Britain.

There is no entry fee and the closing date is June 22, 2005 at noon (BST).

Full details of the competition can be found on the website


Kathryn Dunn
toowrite editor
email: kdunn@nep.co.uk
tel: 0116 227 3135
fax: 0116 227 3147

toowrite.com is organised and run by Northcliffe Electronic Publishing.
Click here for the corporate website: www.nep.co.uk


Little Tiger Press writes....



Enter the Little Tiger Press Search for a Story New Author Prize 2005. We are looking for a fiction-based picture book story of no less than 200 and no more than 750 words. It should be in English, aimed at children of up to 6 years and be entirely original and your own work. The winning author will receive a cash prize of £2000 and the offer of a publication contract.

Please visit our website, www.littletigerpress.com, for full details and competition terms and conditions.

Little Tiger Press

1 The Coda Centre

189 Munster Road



Tel: 020 7385 6333

Fax: 020 7385 7333


Monday, March 21, 2005

How to get published. Ann Pearse's notes from the Chelmsford Book Fayre.

Ann writes....

On Sunday 20th March, Morag, Sue and I went to Chelmsford to an event entitled "How to get published." A panel comprising an author, a publisher and a literary agent each spoke for 15 minutes and then answered questions from the audience.
Sarah Harrison, Sarah Kinsella and Sarah Menguc all spoke knowledgeably and interestingly.

I have summarised the main points which may be of use to members of the Scribblers.

· It is very difficult to get published. There are no easy routes and publishing is very commercially orientated. Hodder and Stoughton only published 6 new authors last year.

· Publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

· An agent can direct manuscripts to the right publishers and editors look to agents for submissions.

· A small percentage of the population read so you have to come up with something different, that will grab the attention of agents and publishers. You are as good as your idea.

· You need to look for a gap in the market. There may already be many books similar to your own.

· Tastes in fiction change. You need to be aware of current trends. Ask yourself what is selling now and try to anticipate future trends.

· To write fiction you need to read fiction.

· You should write constantly .

· Decide upon your target audience.

· It can be a selling point if you can identify whose work your writing resembles.

· Publishers are not looking for a one hit wonder. You need to have ideas for a second book.

· A novel must have a strong plot with surprises.

· Characters should be strong and compelling and easy to identify with.

· Short scenes with mini cliff hangers and lots of dialogue seem to work well at the moment.

· Work should be well researched and well presented - double spaced and on one side of A4

· Agents and publishers will want a substantial number of consecutive chapters.

· You must be able to take criticism .

· You must be able to meet deadlines.

· You must be able to deliver regularly.

· You must be able to publicise and sell yourself.

Daunting or what! Maybe they run these events in order to reduce the number of manuscripts that reach their desk!

Ann Pearse


Community Groups and Organisations get a new, free service from FelixstoweTV

Chris from Felixstowe TV writes.....

As the world's only community TV station online, we think that we should also be ahead of the pack when it comes to providing services for local people, to help our community thrive. So we're delighted to now launch:

Felixstowe Community Information (www.felixstowecommunity.info)

which can provide any community group with free webspace, and if required also provide full site design free of charge - it's another way to help our business sponsors demonstrate their support for the local community, too, because the funding comes from their input.

You can help, too! Spread the word about FTV - tell your friends and family, and don't forget to tell people overseas, as well - they can keep in touch with local news and events online anytime. Don't forget that FTV also usually publishes the news on the day that it breaks - we often publish stories 3 or 4 day before the local paper.

If you want to contribute to FTV's ongoing growth and success, we're always looking for friends in the community to join in making our programmes, join in discussions on the Forums, or to send us in your local news. We're always keen to hear about what's happening where you are, so make sure we're in your communications loop!



Thursday, March 17, 2005


FADOS DRAMA PRESENTS A FEAST OF FISH, PLAYS AND CHIPS. 31ST March to 2nd April at St Mary's Church Hall Walton. 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 which includes a fish and chip supper. For further information phone the Box Office on 01394 279613.

Alex writes....

This event features our own Tony on stage and there are others I know who have contributed to the event so Im sure it will be absolutely excellent ..... £8 for three Plays and a fish and chip supper .... you cant go wrong really can you .... a great way to kick off Easter ....

You can also visit the rather impressive FADOS website at http://www.fados.co.uk/.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Report of Meeting Held 15th March

Apologies for absence were
received from Christine who has plumbing troubles. Diane is now
starting the hardest part of her history degree course, whilst Scott who
celebrated his third anniversary with Aimee. Sharon is
recuperating from the 'flu and Keith was unable to attend. It is a
painful time for Belinda who still has back troubles after her fall in
the snow but hopes to be back next time.


In attendance were Caz,
Judy, Richard, Allen, Alex, Liliane, Peter, Dick, Ken, Les, Morag, Ann, Sue,
Tony, Gordon


Members and Other News:

Belinda's birthday
party at the Grosvenor was a nice gathering of a dozen of her friends. Again
the food was good, especially with the 2-1 offers! The company excellent.
Belinda has sent messages of thanks to everyone who attended which was sweet.
Let's just hope her back improves quickly now.


Our old friend Edward who lives over Sutton Hoo way, has
taken his house off the market for the time being. Since losing his wife Meg,
Edward had intended moving back to Derbyshire to be nearer his family but now
that has been put on hold. Edward was one of the first members to share the
Scribblers resurgence a year or three back,


A reminder of the tragic loss of our old friend
Nobby who died in a car accident last September. A verdict of accidental
death was recorded at his inquest and reported in the Evening Star.


As recently reported, Ruth and baby
Eden, the new addition to her family, are doing fine. She is hoping that
her book will be published very soon as she has now gone through the final proof
stage. Recalling the excerpts she read out at our meetings in the past, it will
be a tremendous read.


Caz has received a copy of
the glossy and expensive magazine Cancer Trust Wessex
size=2> in which her article, Charity Begins at Home (or does it?) was
published. It was a two page spread and included many colour photographs. Some
members may recall Caz reading it out as it was originally her Scribblers


The Mini Soap for Felixstowe
href="http://felixstowetv.co.uk/">size=2>http://felixstowetv.co.uk ] is
progressing well. The first script was completed and read out by a merry band of
volunteers at the start of the meeting. A draft of the outline for the whole ten
episode series is appended at the end of the report. If you have any ideas for
inclusion, doubt over the content etc., please let me know as soon as possible.
The more feedback or additional ideas the better.


A brief section on the homework read out at the
meeting, Alex relayed "The Perfect Summer's Day" and Judy read a
true story, "Boys will be Boys".

Sue chose a passage
"Picnic" from her book "The Tree House" and Caz recalled memories of the
"Magical Rockies".

Liliane shared "On the
Beach" and Allen read "Picnic" Richard provided his "Celebration"

Dick read out
Belinda's "My First Picnic" and Peter "Bovine Picnic". Ann
recalled her picnics "In All Weathers" and Les also recalled a time past
with "Joan's Dad".

Dave read "This Was No
Picnic" whilst Tony relayed his "In-Laws" and Morag read
Jan's "It Ain't No Picnic"

That leaves Gordon's "Family Outing" which
was probably one of the funniest tales for some time. Written on what appeared
to be pink toilet tissue, the story concerned a family of dung


The next Scribblers meeting will be
in 3 weeks time on April 5th at 7.30pm

The homework, suggested by Alex , is
"Why I Write"


Don't forget to keep an eye on the website at
size=2>http://nar8or.blogspot.com and pass
any comments or suggestions direct to Alex,
href="mailto:alexpricea@hotmail.com">size=2>alexpricea@hotmail.com please on
any aspect of the site.


Until next time when we hope everyone will be
feeling a lot better!

Keep Scribbling,


Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Next Meeting: this coming Tuesday (15.3.05) at 7.30 in the Library
Homework subject is 'PICNIC'.

Hi Scribblers!

Just a reminder that the next meeting is this coming Tuesday at 7.30 in the Library. It will be a "normal" meeting this time without splitting into two groups. It will allow us to hear the first episode of the Felixstowe TV soap and will be open for your comments. An outline plan for the whole ten episodes has been formulated but there is always the possibility that other ideas may be incorporated.

As far as the Scribblers homework is concerned, the subject matter is "PICNIC" so I hope eveyone will have some words on the subject.

And now the REALLY GOOD NEWS....

Ruth has had a bouncing baby boy and eveyone is doing fine. Born on February 26th, Ruth and Andrew have named him Eden. Congratulations from us all! We hope to see Ruth back at Scribblers soon.

Hope to see you all at the meeting


Keep Scribbling!


Monday, March 07, 2005


The AA Independent Press Guide is a free online writers resource, listing over 2000 magazines and publishers and 700 internet magazines .... it has been made available amongst many other resources by Dee Rimbaud at http://www.thunderburst.co.uk

Report of Meeting Held 1st March 2005

Apologies for absence were received from Rachel
whose daughter is celebrating her birthday, Les away on holiday,
Judy has been unwell and Allen is unable to attend because of
this. Unfortunately poor Belinda had a fall in the snow and has hurt her
back, Avril has also passed on a message that she won't be able to attend
for some time.


In attendance were Alex, Liliane, Richard, Anne, Sue,
Caz, Scott, Ken, Gordon, Morag, Dick, Tony, Peter
and Dave.


Members and Other News:

Belinda's Birthday:

You may recall that Belinda is having a birthday get together
and meal at the Grosvenor in Felixstowe this coming Tuesday. There is no need to
book a meal in advance this time but it would really be nice if you could
attend. Belinda has been a lovely addition to our group and it would be lovely
to help her celebrate. Even more so as she had an accident in the snow and has
hurt her back. If you want to check out details then I am sure Caz wouldn't mind
passing details on.


Talking of Caz it was a warm welcome back for her as she was
attending seemed like her fist meeting this year after a run of bad health and a
holiday where - so I hear - she had a little accident slipping on the stairs.
Contrary to someone's popular belief, she had not been on any fall-over liquid
at all! Glad to have her back.


Caz tells us that Eric Vanlint has come 'Runner Up' in the London
and Eastern Counties category for Help The Aged Living Legends (Local Hero) for
his magnificent cancer charity work in the past seven years, since his wife
Dorie died. He will collect his prize at the Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday 23
March at a Champagne Lunch. Some of those attending include Cilla Black, June
Whitfield and other stars and celebrities including some from East Enders. I
have been invited too as I nominated him, after hearing June Whitfield on Radio
Suffolk asking for nominations in January. Karl is also attending as chaperone
and making sure we don't get lost on the underground! Eric and I will be on
Radio Suffolk a week before we go talking about it to Lesley Dolphin on the mid
morning show.


The meeting was a little disjointed with the attendance being
split into two small groups. This was to allow the writers interested in the
mini-soap to brain storm and share their ideas on the upper floor whilst the
rest remained in their smaller group to share their homework and read that sent
in by those unable to attend.


The Mini Soap for Felixstowe TV [ http://felixstowetv.co.uk ] is taking
shape and although no possible scripts are being disclosed at present, the
interested writers read their possibilities and there was a free discussion
about the direction of the story.

Chris [Felixstowe TV] had made some suggestions that were
shared with the group and there were also answers to several earlier questions.
All in all this looks like a wonderful idea with plenty of interest from:



Music Composer


And of course Felixstowe TV

We just know that this will be a success - at least it will be
good fun trying!


Now the homework with its Gridlock theme as
reported by Alex.

Caz read Jan's 'Gridlock Felixstowe' the
consequences of a blockage at Beach Station road.

Liliane read Rachel's 'Gridlock' with its
interesting metaphors and Richard relayed Margareta's Croatian
based 'The Problem'.

Judy's 'The Skinning', read out by Ann, was very
popular telling the tale of crossing the road in Italy during a Police

Sue read Les's Spanish based 'Gridlock' about
Manuel's happy hour.

Caz read her own 'Gridlock' which had been broadcast
earlier on Radio Suffolk.

Liliane read 'On the Road', Richard 'Going Home',
Alex 'White line Fever and Ann concentrated on her own version of
'Gridlock' based on people rather than traffic and Sue completed the
readings with 'Sky Jam'.


The next Scribblers meeting will be on March
at 7.30pm

The homework is PICNIC suggested by Ann
and everyone is invited to write longer pieces than usual on the
theme. It is hoped to relay the first draft script of the mini-soap.



Comments and suggestions direct to Alex, please on any
aspect of the site.



Keep Scribbling,


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Next Meeting 15th March.....

as ever.....

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