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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

MASTERCLASSES with theatre writers
at the Wolsey Theatre coming up over the next few months.

MASTERCLASSES with theatre writers

Our successful series of one day workshops continues this summer and autumn
You don't have to be a writer to attend, anyone who is interested in how an
idea gets transformed into a play is welcome.
Hot drinks and biscuits will be provided - but bring your own lunch.
Just call the Box Office on 01473 295900

Sunday June 12th

Peter Rowe- Story Structure

The Artistic Director of the New Wolsey explores the structure of plays.
Using practical exercises, we will explore how to structure a story for the
stage. Looking first at the overall arc of a narrative, we will then break
the story into scenes and look at the actions within each scene. The aim
will be to discover what makes a satisfying story on the stage and how to
develop narrative into dramatic action.

Sunday July 3rd

Ivan Cutting - Anything's Possible!

This workshop will explore the myriad possibilities that theatre can offer
and some of the things even film and TV can't do. How to utilise the full
possibilities of theatre in your writing. Your imagination is the only

Ivan Cutting is the Artistic Director of Eastern Angles and is author of
many successful plays and adaptations.

Sunday September 18th

Jonathan Lichtenstein - What is Stage Action?

An accessible and practical session exploring how to construct a scene.
Jonathan is particularly interested in ways of moving a scene forward
through the actions of the characters. How do you make your characters "do

Jonathan Lichtenstein is the author of many successful plays both for radio
and theatre. His most recent play, The Pull of Negative Gravity opened at
the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival in August
2004, gaining a prestigious Fringe First award. The Pull of Negative Gravity
then transferred to the Colchester Mercury Theatre Studio and is about to go
to New York.

Coming up soon - workshops with Winsome Pinock and Claire Macdonald

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Update on Jack

Hi Scribblers,

Just a few lines to tell you that Caz was in contact this morning, very tired and still at Addenbrooks. It seems poor Jack has picked up an infection and has to be transferred to an isolation ward for the time being. He is now an anti-biotics which he may have to take for anything between three days and three weeks.

Everyone is hoping that he quickly overcomes this setback so that he can soon return home to Felixstowe. Caz says he's apologising for being sick - but still chatting up the nurses!

There is some good news that Jack has had his catheter removed and is able to pass water naturally again.

Poor Karl has been driving to and from Addenbrooks on an almost daily basis after a days work, and just like Caz, is shattered.

Let us hope their nightmare soon ends and their lives can return to normal.

Keep sending out your good thoughts,


Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 19th April 2005

A warm welcome to Ellen who came along for her first meeting. From the Capel area, Ellen began writing last August and enrolled on a correspondence creative writing course with The Writing College who are based in Bristol. She wrote a novel last year and sent the first three chapters off to the college for some feedback. Currently Ellen is writing short stories for the women's magazine market.

Also in attendance were Judy, Allen, Gordon, Les, Liliane, Peter, Belinda, Christine, Alex, Ken, Tony, Dick, Rachel and Dave.

Apologies were received from Richard, who probably won't be at the next few meetings, as the Tuesday evening group his daughter attends currently runs on the same days as Scribblers. Ann is suffering from asthma so we all send our wishes to her, whilst Sue was listening to Brian Moses in Ipswich. He was helpful and his evening good, although unfortunately there was a very small audience turnout.

Also apologies that there were no biscuits available at the meeting!

Thanks to Liliane for standing in to collect the library key.

An Update on Jack and Caz. The latest news is that Jack is still at Addenbrooks and is expected to be able to return home later this week dependant on treatment and how Jack is. Caz, of course, is with Jack and one can't imagine what they, Caz and Karl, are going through let alone how

must be feeling. All the Scribblers send their love and wishes to them.

Spare a thought for Jan as well. As you will recall Jan lost her father last year and now her mother is in hospital with cancer. Her radiotherapy begins next week. It is a difficult situation as Jan lives with husband Gordon in Gilberdyke. They have spent a week down here with her mother but have to dash back north for a hospital appointment on Saturday.

Felixstowe TV's mini drama serial…

The update is that auditions were held at the Brook Hotel last week and that many of the roles have been filled. Tony is playing the lead role as Chris of Felixstowe TV whilst both Dick and Dave have the dubious distinction [ ! ] of being cast as Bert and Bill.

Currently brainstorming ideas for a proper title for the series, the writers produced the third the four scripts that will be read out at the meetings. Nearly everyone present had a part to read and did a good job in accepting the roles. It sounded good and there was no criticism at all so it seems this script also passed with flying colours!

See http://www.felixstowetv.co.uk/miniserial/ for current information.

So the readings began…

Dick read his poem 'To a long cased clock' which related the clocks Biography, a most impressive piece which received a round of applause. Dave read 'time is a four letter word' which were musings on the meaning of the word. Peter read the autobiographical 'What day did you say it was' and the anecdotal 'If you want something done ask a busy person'.

Gordon came up with 'Santa Claus and a grain of reality' which got the evenings second round of applause. Les read a humorous piece, 'The Wedding' and 'Time Gentlemen Please' which were more musings on the meaning(s) of the word time. Allen read 'procrastination' which was more humour and received the evening's third round of applause.

Christine read 'Time to Spare' which was a framing piece for her poem 'Suffolk' which she had written and illustrated several decades earlier. Ken read part of 'Dispatch' a time travel themed science fiction short story - which was astonishingly fresh. Ellen read a piece which she said she wouldn't title - it was part of a short story in a moody almost romantic style.

Tony read Scott's surreal encounter 'The Waiting Room, Part 1'. Judy had 'Take a look' about the contrasts between life in the west and that of indigenous peoples. Belinda read 'have you got the time' which looked at where time occurs in our language and its meanings.

Liliane brought us 'Time Passes so quickly' which dwelt on the feelings evoked by entering a room full of memories. Morag read 'A very Important Time' - a short story with a twist. Alex read 'the relentless march' and Rachel read two poems, the serious 'Time' and the more atmospheric and pastoral piece 'Thyme'.

Some lovely work again this evening which once again made the Scribblers meeting an experience.

The homework for the next meeting is 'Knees' suggested by Tony. The evening should follow a similar pattern with episode four of the serial to be read out. All the themed homework should be around 500 words maximum.

The next meeting is on Tuesday May 3rd at the usual 7.30pm start time.

Until then, put out your kind thoughts for those in need,

Keep Scribbling,

Alex and Dave.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Message from Caz about Jack

Caz writes....

Dear All!

Many thanks for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. As of Friday (yesterday) Jack has just started his first session of chemotherapy (chemo). He is currently in Addenbrookes (Cambridge) and will be there for the next 5 days.

The chemo will go on for between 3 - 6 months depending on it effectiveness. There is the possibility that later chemo sessions will be carried out at Ipswich - great! - less travel. Ipswich will do the emergency care as his immune system collapses and he wont be able to cope with infections etc. The cancer is contained in the bladder. He has had all the test and scans - MRI, liver function, kidney function, bone marrow, CAT scan and a DOG scan for good measure!

Prognosis good - 8 odd years of treatment development, a good team at Addenbrookes who are very confident in catching this, and a small boy who is a wonder in himself - confident, chatty, not afraid and understanding everything that is being done to him and for him. He is also flirting with the nurses - little sod!

Many thanks again for your support.

Karl, Caz and Jack

Friday, April 15, 2005

Update on Jack.

The worst has been confirmed, poor Jack does have cancer in the bladder. He had his first chemotherapy at Addenbrooks today. Caz is with him and expects to be there for the next 5 days or so.

Updates will be posted when news of Jack is received.

All messages received at the Scribblers email address have and will be forwarded to Caz.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


A reminder that our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th April at 7.30 in the Felixstowe Library.

The homework assignment was set as "TIME" so I hope you find plenty of it for up to 5oo words on the subject!


I have to pass on some news to you about our Jack, Caz's son. As some of you will be aware Jack has been unwell recently. Caz arranged for an emergency appointment at Addenbrooks last week where Jack had a biopsy. He has returned there today and will be there again tomorrow undertaking further tests and obtaining the result from the biopsy.

Jack had cancer as a young child and had overcome that. Now it is feared that it has returned. Jack is a lovely lad, our youngest member at the tender age of 11. Words can't express how bravely he seems to be coping, in fact I had a converstaion with him on the telephone at the weekend and he sounded just like his usual self.

Along with Caz and Karl, Jack has raised a tremendous amount for charity in the last couple of years and he really doesn't deserve to suffer like this. I am sure I speak for all of us, when I wish Jack a speedy recovery and that Caz and Karl can remain strong for him.

Get well soon Jack.

FELIXSTOWE TV soap opera - news from the auditions.....

Received a message from Chris at Felixstowe TV following last nights auditions at the Brook Hotel. Although the turn out of actors was lower than expected, everyone was given the opportunity to show what they are made of and Chris and the writers have agreed on the casting although there are still several smaller parts to be considered.

It seems that our first four scripts have been read by a selected group of readers and we have come out with a pretty good review. It seems the actors and actresses (if this terminology is still pc) also enjoyed the session. You will be in a position to judge episode three when it is read on Tuesday.

It's exciting for the writers...!

Sunday, April 10, 2005



Details from :-
Tina Horne

New Writing Lab .... “Seeing not Looking” held by The New Writing Partnership
At The New Museum of Contemporary Art, King Street Norwich.

Following the success of our first event, New Writing Types in November last year, we would like to inform you of a new writing Lab we are planning. “Seeing not Looking” is for writers of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction, and will be held on May 7-8 at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Norwich.

This intensive weekend workshop is also the starting point for a collaborative arts project “Water Ways” which will involve writers working together with visual artists, photographers, architects, environmentalists and others who will be looking at The River Wensum, which runs through Norwich and which has been a central nerve of the city for hundreds of years. In the week following the workshop we will be co-organising a number of free afternoon sessions on the history, the future and the natural environment of the river and the following weekend will see a creative arts workshop (13th. 14th. and 15th.May) where a limited number of invited writers and artists will be generating ideas for public installations and art works for the Water Ways project.

“Seeing not Looking” aims to open up writer’s awareness of place, and to develop different methods of approach and interpretation which will strengthen this aspect of the writers work, whether place is something the writer works with as an implicit aspect of the work, or whether place is the central character and topic.

Sense of place involves understanding the built and natural environment – the urban and the rural – understanding the sense of history – the feeling of texture, materials, colours – the sensuality of place with sounds and smells – the observation of change- animals in their own habitat – the ritualistic everyday – the sense of identity, character and community – seeing the private in the public and the reverse – seeing the theatricality and roles being played out in the public arena.

“Ever since I wrote my novel Waterland, in which the setting plays a big part, I’ve believed that a strong sense of location is vital in telling a story, if only because experience is local and located. We don’t live ‘globally’, our existence is intimately bound up with our familiar ‘neck of the woods’ – places, rooms, neighbourhoods, daily journeys and routines. But by the same token I believe the local is the key to the universal, to what may be true about human nature anywhere. A novelist can perhaps find all he or she needs just round the corner”. Graham Swift in an interview with Penguin Readers Groups.

Participants will get the opportunity to work in small groups with each of our team of Writers in Residence Julia Bell, Candida Clarke, Jeremy Sheldon and Helen Ivory.

The 15 hrs weekend workshop fee is £50.00,not including meals or accommodation. There are no selection criteria, but the tutors would like to know a little of your writing background before you attend.

If you would like to enrol please send a cheque for £50, made out to The New Writing Partnership along with a short biography of your writing life to: The New Writing Partnership, 4-6 Netherconesford, 93-95 King Street, Norwich NR1 1PW.


A weekend of workshops on writing about landscape and place

At The New Museum of Contemporary Art, King Street Norwich

Saturday May 7th

Morning Ways of Seeing: we discuss the process of observation and examine the work of writers renowned for their relationship with place and landscape.

Afternoon You are Here: participants will be given a map of the riverside walk and sent to gather words & descriptions of what they see. This will be followed by a feedback session.

Evening Individual tasks and informal evening.

Sunday May 8th

Morning: Working and Reworking.

Afternoon: Contexts: workshop on the collaborative process.

Writers in Residence:

Candida Clark was born in 1970, graduated from Cambridge in 1993, and has
published novels, poetry, short fiction and journalism in various anthologies, newspapers and magazines; she has also worked as a scriptwriter, TV arts presenter, and was a West Midlands Arts Fellow on the Warwick Writing Programme, ’01. She is currently Arts & Cultures editor for the online current affairs magazine openDemocracy.net, Mentor on the Arvon Foundation’s post-MA masterclass series, lecturer on the Creative Writing MA at Birkbeck, and writing her sixth novel.
Select Bibliography
The Last Look (’98), The Constant Eye (’00), pub. Chatto & Windus; The
Mariner’s Star (’02), Ghost Music (’03); A House of Light (Jan. ’05), pub.
Headline Review.

Jeremy Sheldon's debut novel, The Smiling Affair, will be published by Cape in June 2005. His collection of short stories, The Comfort Zone, was also published by Cape in 2002 and was selected by The Guardian as one of the most exciting debuts of that year. He currently works as a script consultant for Icon Entertainment and as a lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London where he leads a seminar in "Genre Writing" and "Narrative". His writing has been described as "intelligent, funny and surprisingly moving".

Julia Bell is a novelist based at Birkbeck, UCL, where she is a Lecturer in Creative Writing on the new MA in Creative Writing. She is the co-author of the best selling Creative Writing Coursebook (Macmillan) and the author of two novels for teenagers , Massive and Lick (Young Picador). She has also co-editied several anthologies of new writing, including England Calling (Weidenfeld & Nicholson) and Hard Shoulder (Tindal Street Press). Before moving to London she worked for 7 years at UEA where she established the literary magazine, Pretext, and the small press Pen&inc.

Helen Ivory was born in Luton in 1969, and currently lives in rural Norfolk. She has worked in shops, behind bars and with several thousand free-range hens. She has studied painting and photography and has a Degree in Cultural studies from Norwich School of Art. In 1999 she won an Eric Gregory Award and currently teaches Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Her poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including Ambit, New Writing 10 and Reactions. Her first collection The Double Life of Clocks was published by Bloodaxe in 2002.

Get Well Soon Jack,

All the Scribblers wish you a speedy recovery from your operation in Addenbrooks.
Our thoughts are with you and your Mum and Dad, Caz and Karl.

From the Scribblers.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Current UK Writing Competitions.....an updated online guide....

Check out this site for writing competitions....

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 5th April.2005

Present were Morag, Sue, Judy, Christine, Les, Lillian, Dick, Ken, Pete, a still sore Belinda back after her fall, and Alex. Welcome back as well to new member Rachel. Dave made it along later after attending his friends book launch for ‘Ipswich Hippodrome’ which Roy Hudd attended. Caz also was able to make it even though her son Jack is ill – all wish Jack, our youngest member, a speedy recovery.

Apologies were received from Alan, Sharon, who had to miss another meeting and Keith who is holidaying over in Wales. They hope to be back amongst us soon. Richard sent a message that he may have to drop out for an extended period due to transport problems with his daughter. Ann was travelling back from Wales today whilst Doreen sent her apologies and hopes to rejoin us soon.

Sue and Alex had attended Tony’s FADOS event ‘A Feast of Plays and Chips’ and passed on to the group how much they had enjoyed it and how high a standard the evening had been in many respects. Many said they regretted missing it and hoped to catch the next one.

So we handed over to Ken and the Soap Opera team and all took part in a read through of Episode 2 of the Felixstowe Soap Opera. Ken reported that Chris Gosling from Felixstowe TV had accepted the overview and script of the first two episodes, and seemed really positive about the plotlines and story ideas. As far as we Scribblers are concerned, please keep the plot lines a guarded secret!

Publicity has started for the project already with an ‘advert’ on the Felixstowe TV web site – Many had heard Chris on the Rachel Sloane programme on BBC Radio Suffolk promoting the project and calling for candidates for auditions which are to be held in a room at the Brook Hotel. On Tuesday next 12th sratring at 6.00pm. There was talk on the programme about a part for Rachel Sloane herself which has been confirmed as a cameo role.

All were impressed at how positively things were moving on at the Felixstowe TV end.

After the read through there was obviously a lengthy discussion, with many varied and encouraging points made.

After the break Belinda began her heart rending piece ‘Why I write’ about a terminally ill woman writing to her Sister. Peter read ‘Writing's Good for me English’ which was followed by an interesting discussion about writing in a Suffolk accent. Liliane read ‘The letter’ about a family with quite a few skeletons in the closet.

Christine read 2 poems the first ‘Go back to your dreams’ had an extremely positive response, the second was ‘Recipe to mend a broken heart’. Les read ‘Why I write’ an autographical piece followed by a poem of the same title that received a mini round of applause. Judy read ‘Why I write’ – a travelogue piece that featured a surreal Venezuelan Post Office that you couldn’t send letters from. Sue spoke from her personal experience and that was followed with a discussion about the ‘How To get Published’ conference she, Ann and Morag had all attended.

Morag read ‘Why I write’ a personal piece about her own writing, Rachel read another ‘Why I write’ which was an expressive poem with the most incredible images. Dave’s piece was going to be called ‘Lead in my pencil’ but he relented and just called it ‘Why I write’. Caz then read her piece of prose poetry ‘Why do I write’.

Then we moved on to the submissions from those who couldn’t make it along. Dick and Ken read Richard’s unusually structured fictional ‘Interview’. Alex struggled to keep a straight face reading Gordon’s lavatory located ‘Why I write’ which was, as ever, hysterical.

The end was bought up with three more quite brief ‘Why I write’s; Ken read Scott’s, Rachel read Jan’s and Dave read Margareta’s.

Altogether another very enjoyable meeting with some excellent entertainment from the Scribblers. More power to the pencil!

The next meeting is in two weeks time on Tuesday, April the 19th at 7.30pm.

The homework suggested by ‘Ken’ is ‘Time’, There will be another episode of the soap opera followed prior to the homework slot. You are invited to spend as much time as you wish composing up to 500 words on the subject.

Keep Scribbling


(deputising for Dave)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Next meeting is at the Library on Tuesday 5th April,
at the usual start time of 7.30pm.

Hi Scribblers,

Just a quick reminder that our next meeting is at the Library on Tuesday 5th April, at the usual start time of 7.30pm.

The homework theme? "Why I write."

Well, we'll soon know that one, won't we?

Following the email is the BBC's Last laugh newsletter. Could be worth reading!

Keep Scribbling,

See you Tuesday,


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