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Monday, January 28, 2008

IP1 magazine - Creative Writing Competion.

IP1 Magazine is a new magazine for the Ipswich area that a lot of resources and effort has obviously gone in to. It presents a new local opportunity for getting published.

The focus of IP1 is generally youthful, but theyve got a few contributors who are somewhat older.

IP1 is a free quarterly magazine dedicated to arts, writing, events and anything else interesting in Ipswich and the wider region. They are currently planning a creative writing supplement/anthology for the summer of 2008, with a combination of 'young' and published writers. They aim to tie the text in with design, artwork and photography to create something that's great to look at and to read.

Please see the following for information about submitting work for the IP1 creative writing anthology supplement- the deadline in March so perfect for those of you seeking to have a useful objective for this winters work!

Work submitted should be no more than 2500 words in length.
We accept any kind of writing: prose, poetry, short stories, haikus, whatever takes your fancy as long as it falls somewhere under the umbrella of ‘creative writing’.
We are also looking for submissions of illustration and photography, either to stand alone or as an accompaniment to a piece of writing.
One of the aims of the anthology is to encourage writers and artists to work creatively together. If possible we would really like to pair up writers with illustrators and photographers. If you would be interested in participating in this please let us know.
The deadline for all submissions is 31 March 2008.
Not all work which is submitted will necessarily be published.
We reserve the right to edit any writing that we receive.
Copyright will reside with the author.
It would be helpful if all submissions could be accompanied with a small blurb about who you are, background, influences etc. (Unless you wish your work to be published anonymously)
Contact details should also be given with all work submitted.
All work should be emailed to kate@ip1zine.com, preferably in .doc format.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding any of the

Saturday, January 26, 2008


A reminder - as if it is needed! - our social evening is just days away now -

The Venue: The Grosvenor, Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe.
The Date: Tuesday 29th January 2008.
The start time 7.30pm.

See you on Tuesday!

Bon appetite!

Online Scribblers Newsletter


Hi Online Scribblers,

It seems a long time since writing our last newsletter - back into last year and before the festive season. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations and that life has well and truly returned to normal!

First and foremost I must welcome our new members to Online Scribblers and hope to see them posting in the forums soon. Those of you in Suffolk will know how the wheels of motion can turn slowly in the county but I hope that everyone will join in our competitions throughout the year.

We plan to run them on a regular basis and though most will be open to either short stories or poetry, I wonder if you would like a poetry only competition? Perhaps another photo based competition like last time? Please let me know so that your preferences can be arranged.

To make Online Scribblers work effectively, it is hoped there will be more interaction in the forums than last year. Certainly our first aim is to get a new competition up and running and this will begin during the coming week - you will need to keep an eye on the forums for full details. The subject this time will be “Happy Memories” and can be a short story, a poem, or a real life event. The choice is yours. There will be a maximum of 2,000 words though but anything shorter is absolutely fine.

Whilst on the competition theme, I understand from Dave at Felixstowe Scribblers that there is a free to enter competition being organised in memory of one of their writers, Bill Budner who died suddenly in 2005. His widow ran the competition last year for both adults and juniors and offered cash prizes in each category. Details have been posted in our forums, so there is yet another good reason to keep visiting our site!

Very soon we will be starting a new Ongoing Story - the third one so far. The idea is that one of our Online Scribblers will write a 200 word opening to the story on any subject and then everyone else is invited to add their own 200 word instalment. Once the opening lines are posted then it is up to us to do our best to keep the story moving on, complete with any twists and turns that will maintain interest! So my friends, it is over to you!

There are a couple of other items that have had only a lukewarm response in the past. If you would like feedback on any of your work, then please feel free to use our forums. If you have never posted before, or if you are a little shy of what other members may think, please don’t worry. First and foremost this is aimed at being a ‘service’ to help you and feedback can be given in the forum or messaged to you privately. In the past some members have posted and benefited from the comments they received. Another good thing is that anything posted in the members only forums can only be read by our own members so your work is protected from the open access of the Internet.

Perhaps you may know of some writing competitions or literary events that may interest other members - please feel free to post them in the forums. And what of your favourite books or poems? How about posting something about them?

We will do our best to meet your needs so, don’t forget to let us know what they are!

Have a successful 2008 with us at Online Scribblers!

Vincent West

Report and News from the meeting on 22nd January


In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies for absence were received from Scott, Kay, Judy and Alex.

In attendance were Tony, Ruth, Rosie, Di, Les, Dick, Morag, Rani, Liliane, Peter, Jane, Stephen, Barry, and Dave.

Nice to see Di taking a break from her medieval palaeography course to take part in the competition. Nice to see Liliane’s daughter Rani as well.

Denise at Unesco in Paris has wished us all a Happy New Year. She’s off to Oman and Dubai, back to Paris for a few weeks and then off to Biarritz for the UN Interagency Games; Denise, whose mother lives in Felixstowe, doesn’t expect to visit Felixstowe until the summer but enjoys keeping in touch through the news reports.

Judy emailed to say ‘Sorry I could not attend the AGM but I have done something nasty to my leg - all this rough sex!! Seriously, I think I have twisted a nerve in my right calf, whatever it is, it is very painful so I have been hobbling around like a real old codger. Ron has offered to make me a crutch, buy me a Zimmer frame or whittle me a walking stick. He is still alive - just. Driving is out at present, as is walking any more than to the loo and kettle - got to keep your priorities right. I am seeing the acupuncturist on Tuesday so fingers crossed. I will not be around in two weeks as we are heading up to Solihull to look after my nieces children while she is in hospital - leg permitting.’ We all wish Judy a hobbling success - and if she wants a Zimmer frame race just e-mail the Secretary! Still no date for her book though. That is frustrating.

Margareta sends her wishes from Saltzburg. She was hoping to attend the forthcoming social but is sad she cannot make it as the date clashes with some exams. She hopes to call in and see us at a future meeting though.

Kay says she won't be able to attend the social either as she has a prior engagement . She also says she is going in a slightly different direction these days so her attendance at Scribblers will be rather sporadic for the foreseeable future. Kay has therefore decided to resign from the committee. It is sad, but I would like to record my appreciation for her past help and say that we look forward to seeing her whenever she is able to attend. One thing is certain, we will miss her powerful writing.

Scott says “The locksmiths exam was a nightmare I answered all the questions, but I was expecting them to be about the inside of locks and around six of them were about lock codes we did not cover so I'm not to optimistic about passing as there were a few others that stumped me.

“I'm afraid I wont be there next time either as something has come up on that date, but I will make the social with Aimee Have been rather busy what with the exam and the cat course Aimee are I are doing. I have a dancing exam at the end of February and my martial arts one at the start of March what a fun year it's going to be.” Just remember Scott, It’s more fun at Scribblers!!!!

Morag has an interview for a Saturday post at Woodbridge/Felixstowe library next week at Ipswich – one of the all-singing and dancing audition types that she is NOT looking forward to!!!
She now broadcasts fortnightly on Felixstowe radio with Kay a show that is repeated at intervals through the week on www.felixstoweradio.co.uk It’s called ‘Talking Words’. Listen in if you can.

Did you know that Ruth has thespian tendencies and is busily rehearsing for he Rushmere Players adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn’s Improbable Fiction that will run from Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th March at the Rushmere Hall Primary School in Lanark Road Ipswich. Tickets are £7 and can be organised through Tony or from the ticket line at 01473-604655.


Don’t forget that our official website at http://felixstowescribblers.com is up and running and we will soon be making some additions to it so please have a look from time to time. Perhaps you would like your potted history added. Food for thought?

Most up to date information is shown on our weblog at the usual address - http://nar8or.blogspot.com Don’t forget not only do we like to hear news of our old friends, but also your news or events you‘d like mentioned, local matters of interest too. Just let us know and we will include details on our weblog.

The Online Scribblers.

Soon to launch their new competition, Online Scribblers will soon be sending details out in their newsletter that is circulated to members. To register, free of charge, follow the online instructions or email Vincent West at organiser@onlinescribblers.com Please mention that you are a member of Felixstowe Scribblers as that will speed up registration.


In view of the resignation of Kay, Ruth nominated Barry as the new membership secretary and was seconded by Dick.

Peter reports that he has now opened the new account as agreed at the AGM and has made the first deposit. In the coming days he will close the previous account and transfer the funds across.

Ruth collected the orders for meals at the Grosvenor for next Tuesday, 29th January whilst Morag reported that she since our AGM she has heard from and met Maureen Budner who is again sponsoring a free to enter short story competition in memory of her husband, Bill. There are cash prizes in two categories, adults and children aged 16 and under. Here are the details:

Bill Budner Short Story Competition 2008
Theme – ‘It all started when…’

Entries are now invited for the Bill Budner Short Story competition, sponsored by Bill’s widow, Maureen and organized by the Felixstowe Scribblers.

The competition is for a fictional short story, starting with the first line :
‘It all started when…’, with a maximum of 2,000 words.
Entry is open to all, with separate awards for children (16 and under at the closing date).

Prizes will be awarded for the three best stories in each category, as follows:

1st prize £25, 2nd prize £15, 3rd prize £10

Each entry must be the original and unpublished work of the entrant.
All entries should be clearly typed in double spacing on single sides of A4 paper.
The author’s name, address, daytime phone number and (if possible) e-mail address should accompany the story on a separate sheet of paper. These details should not appear on the entry itself.
Please include age if 16 or under.
Acknowledgement of entries will only be made if accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelope or postcard. Entries will not be returned.

Competition entries should be handed in or posted to the staff at Felixstowe Library, Crescent Road , Felixstowe, IP11 7BY, clearly marked for the
‘Bill Budner Short Story Competition’, by the
closing date of Friday March 14th 2008

The winners will be chosen by a judging team headed by Bill’s widow, Maureen. The judge’s decision will be final.

The winners will be notified by Monday 7th April 2008.

Our homework assignment was to prepare for the Anonymous competition for attending writers only. Also in memory of Bill, twelve members battle it out to win the coveted Bill Budner Trophy.

Listed are the titles of the work and is preceded by the reader of the story and followed by it’s author.

Tony : Blinkered Parent: Peter
Ruth : The Pantomime: Jane
Rosie: The Clerkenwell Cottage Cheese Cream Crackers Cubs Go Camping: Tony
Di :The Wolf: Liliane
Dick: Mother’s Ruin: Les
Morag: Boy and Dog: Di
Rani: Missing Moments: Dave
Liliane: Iced Water: Ruth
Peter: You’ll See : Barry
Jane: Beside the Oak: Dick
Barry : Pen Versus Sword: Rosie
Dave: Euthanasia 100 (Annie’s Choice) : Morag

The votes were cast and counted with Morag the winner of the trophy (see the photo on the weblog)
Runner-up was Jane with Ruth in third place.

Another excellent evening of work, reading and entertainment and all in memory of Bill.


Tuesday 5th February.


“Comedy” : This may be written in a comic genre, a piece of comedy, a humorous story.. The choice is yours… A maximum please of 500 words.

The open themed 1,500 word work was not allotted, but Dave will do one piece whilst arrangements will be made to select a willing volunteer.

So until next time,

Keep Scribbling!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Congratulations Morag on a superb entry which well deserved its victory.

Morag being presented with the trophy by Rosie, the previous winner.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is hagsharlotsheroines - a worldwide community of writers...

This is hagsharlotsheroines - a worldwide community of writers...

The site where you can explore and develop your creative writing skills, get your short stories and poems published online, receive feedback and writing tips for fiction and non-fiction, with particular support for writing about women, and where you can meet fellow writers.

Friday, January 18, 2008



Our next meeting is rapidly approaching and will take place on Tuesday 22nd January at the Cafe Libra, in Felixstowe Library. Starting at 7.30pm the meeting will be devoted to the 'Anonymous competition' for the Bill Budner Trophy. , With Rosie the defending holder of the cup this, the third time the competition has been staged, promises to be equally as exciting this time.

The rules are as follows: -

Up to 1,000 words on any topic.

Work should be typed.

Anonymous so no names or identification marks on the paper.

All work will be placed on a table, and each writer, at a given time, will collect one story or poem and have a few minutes to familiarise themselves with it.

The stories will be read out with everyone marking the work.

At the end of the evening all the marks will be entered anonymously into a box and then counted.

The Bill Budner Trophy will be presented to the writer with the most votes and after engraving by Scott at Mr Cobbler, will be held until the next anonymous competition in four months time.

Please note that this competiton is only open to writers attending the meeting.

Here's wishing you all the best of luck in the competition.

Keep Scribbling!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Waveney Light Opera Group

The Waveney Light Opera Group of Beccles, Suffolk, are performing a production of ‘Treasure Island’ between 16 - 19 April 2008.

This is poignant because Jack Wilkinson's Poem ‘A Pirate Through and Through’ has been chosen to feature in the programme for this production, along with a little information about Jack together with his photograph.

A third of the proceeds that the production raises, through the raffles on those four nights, will be donated to EACH, as our chosen charity, a charity that Jack supported, during his short twelve years.

Caz Wilkinson.

The Waveney Light Opera Group's website is at http://www.wlog.org.uk/


Venue: The Grosvenor, Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe.
Date: Tuesday 29th January 2008.
Time 7.30pm.

For those attending the social, please let Ruth know your choice of meal at the next meeting - Tuesday 22nd January.

Here's to it!

There are some special offer deserts too.....

Simply click on the image to increase its size!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our next meeting - The Bill Budner Anonymous Competition

Our first two winners of the Bill Budner Trophy, Tony and Rosie.
Who will be lucky this time?

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd January at the Library. To give you prior notice of the anonymous competition and allow you time to prepare your work for the Bill Budner Trophy, the rules are as follows.

Up to 1,000 words on any topic.
Work should be typed.
Anonymous so no names or identification marks on the paper.
All work will be placed on a table, and each writer, at a given time, will collect one story or poem and have a few minutes to familiarise themselves with it.
The stories will be read out with everyone marking the work.
At the end of the evening all the marks will be entered anonymously into a box and then counted.
The Bill Budner Trophy will be presented to the writer with the most votes and after engraving by Scott at Mr Cobbler, will be held until the next anonymous competition in four months time.
Please note that this competiton is only open to writers attending the meeting.

Best of luck and Keep Scribbling!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


7.30pm TUESDAY 8th JANUARY 2008

1. Apologies for absence were received from Scott who has a Locksmiths exam in Northampton, Kay, who has the flu, and Debbie who has work commitments. Ruth was unable to make the meeting after her husband’s car broke down near Newmarket.

2. In attendance were Dick, Rosie, Morag, Les, Trish, Alex, Tony, Liliane, Peter, Barry, Stephen and Dave. A special welcome back to Les who had been missing from the ranks for quite a long time.

3. Secretary's report on 2007

The Felixstowe Scribblers:

Thanks were relayed to everyone who has helped at Scribblers throughout the year and to all members for attending so many meetings and helping to provide really enthralling evenings with their passion for our shared interest, writing. For some the year has been exciting, for others their have been disappointments but the New Year will hopefully be kinder and lucrative to all.

2007 was a quieter year than anticipated. Once again proceedings were overshadowed by the loss of one of our much respected friends, Allen Williams, who died from cancer.

Membership remained quite healthy throughout the year with an average attendance around 15 a meeting. It is always disappointing to see some members fall by the wayside due to other commitments and interests, whilst some have suffered illness and operations, but to our credit there has been an influx of exciting new and talented writers to help defray our losses. Of course not everyone is able to attend regularly but the uniqueness of Felixstowe Scribblers means that membership, however infrequent the visits, remains open to all for as long as they wish.

During the year we saw the Bill Budner Competition launched with cash prizes kindly donated by his widow, Maureen. This was a successful competition for both adult and children’s sections. Two winners emerged, Belinda our Australian friend who returned home after many months in this country with partner Geoff, and our junior winner, Rosie.

Rosie’s entry and victory in the competition was very worthwhile as she came along to a meeting in May and has been a regular ever since.

Belinda kindly donated her prize money to supplying a trophy for the special writing competition that was originally suggested by Scott. This ‘anonymous’ in house competition, also launched in memory of Bill, meant that all writers provided a piece of writing which was then read out by another Scribbler followed by voting at the end of the evening to decide the winner. This is a regular competition with two winners so far. The first, Tony, followed by Rosie.

Following the long term success of The Lost Sock, the film was featured on Sky Television in 2007 - quite an achievement for an amateur production following the seed that was planted at Culturama back in 2004.

The Committee met just once in 2007. Behind the scenes our treasurer had a difficult job in re-establishing signatories with the bank whilst Ruth and Morag have been responsible for socials and the competitions. Alex has had many communication problems with the internet but had overseen both the website and, especially when there were problems, the weblog.

On a personal level: The pressure of what is a voluntary position has taken its toll over the past two or three years. I have been honoured to be secretary since 1999 but now have reached the point where I need to consider my own future and health.

I have seriously considered resigning as secretary but, with the anticipated support to reduce some of the many ’duties’, I am prepared to remain in post for the short term at least.

Bearing in mind all the time taken up by work, currently six full days a week (not bad for a part-timer!), delivering speedway talks, running family history courses, scribblers business plus all the necessities of home life, time for relaxation and especially my writing is not just limited, but often impossible to find.

What seemed quite simple at the outset as 'secretary', has built into a hefty workload.

Some of the items that I have to deal with include daily emails arrive which need reading, forwarding on, used in meeting reports or discarded. Some demand comprehensive replies. Letters arrive in the post from writing organisations, often too late to be useful at meetings but some need replies.

The telephone calls enquiring about joining Scribblers are fine, as are the requests about how to start and run a writers’ circle. Often calls come from would be authors and writers who want to know how and when they can get their work published, the best agents and publishers to use, self publishing costs, marketing costs and what sort of return they will get from their work! One such caller was extremely rude to my wife because he assumed my phone number was the Scribblers ‘office’ and insisted that she provide the information he wanted there and then!

Preparation and writing meeting reports and newsheets is quite time consuming and updating the weblog to keep it ticking over nicely - means not only pasting items in, but occasionally researching items, scanning photographs and, of course, being wary of copyright issues. There is information gathering, checking out and retaining links with 'useful' contacts and keeping in touch with former members which I think is an extremely valuable exercise whilst an essential element is to maintain a good and happy working relationship with our hosts at Felixstowe Library.

There is the provision of milk, which I generally provide, biscuits are purchased via Peter, our Treasurer, although donations of cakes and other refreshments are always very welcome!

Unlocking the library on alternate meetings means arriving as early as possible to get the key that Liliane regularly collects from the Library. I have to drive from (and to) Ipswich, sometimes virtually straight from work. At the other end of the meeting everything has to be checked to prior to setting the alarm. The alarm has activated on a number of occasions and has meant staying behind until the cavalry arrives to reset the panel. Also ensuring everyone has a lift home if needed.

I try to retain a relaxed atmosphere and usually gauge the length of meetings quite well. The break time is the 'social' part of the meeting and is built in to be just that - a relaxing refreshment break when members can discuss a plethora of subjects.

My personal writing - including homework assignments - sometimes have to be fitted in during coffee breaks at work or on my train journeys to London, hardly the best environments in which to work! There is only so much I can do - my situation is likely to worsen during 2008 with time at an even greater premium. My days usually run from around 6 am on average to - often - the very early hours.

I have seriously considered resigning as secretary and currently feel that a lot of the items above need to be shared out to ensure, providing you still want me, that I continue as secretary. I really do need support if I am to maintain my commitment and justify my time. Dave

Offers of help with certain aspects were made and these will be fine tuned to help reduce the workload. It was agreed that meeting reports only include writers names and title of the homework and drop the brief resume of the work.

4. Treasurer's report
Our small account with the Alliance and Leicester remains in credit but the situation is that banking with them is never straightforward and we are also charged £1 for every deposit we make. As a consequence I have made enquiries with another bank, the HSBC and have a meeting arranged tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss opening an account there. Assuming this goes ahead then all signatories will probably need to fill in the various forms for the new bank.
We are expecting a bill to cover the cost of the website. The current level of ‘donation’ for tea and coffee will remain the same at 50 pence. Peter

Agreement was unanimous to seek another bank. There was also a reminder that anything purchase on behalf of the Scribblers should be claimed - with receipts - from the treasurer.

5. Website and weblog report
I have had a lot of problems with my internet connections but hope to have a fix in the next three weeks or so. At the committee meeting last year it was decided to reduce the level of presence on the Internet but Dave had been regularly posting items on the weblog. There are some amendments that need attention, namely the meeting dates on the weblog, to the memorial and meet the writers pages on the website. These will be done as soon as possible. Alex

Alex agreed to resume posting on the weblog as soon as he is able.

6. Social events report
In the unfortunate absence of Ruth, Morag reported that the early year social had in fact been a shared ‘birthday’ party between Alex, Kay and Morag. The summer social was held at Ruth and Andrew’s beach hut on a really lovely summer evening and was a complete success with great company, nice snacks and drinks and background music - completely opposite to the previous years beach party! Morag

7. Online Scribblers report
I took over as secretary of the Online Scribblers in March last year and have found it difficult to spend as much time as I wished on developing the site and content. However it has been with Debbie’s backing from her base in France, that the site was first created and nurtured along. Debbie has been a fantastic strength and support through these months otherwise I wonder what would have happened to the site.

Looking on the positive side, there are now 63 members with over 550 posts having been made. We have continued the competitions that Debbie and Dave began at the offset and I have been proud to see the quality of entries together with the excitement of the voting as first Morag and Candour needed a tie-breaker to separate them, then Chris and Caz tied for the Autumn competition that was dedicated to Jack Wilkinson.

Regular competitions will continue throughout 2008 with at least one newsletter a month emailed to our members.

Online Scribblers would love to see more members in the ranks, especially those who are prepared to post newsworthy items or join in discussions in the forums. Vincent West

8. Ratification of committee and/or election of new officers
The questions regarding the future of the committee were discussed. It was agreed the size of the committee is right, but the lack of meetings in 2007 was a distinct disadvantage in proving its effectiveness. Whilst it does not need restructuring it does need to meet regularly and three meetings are to be arranged in February, June and October. Dick kindly volunteered to host the meetings. After a short discussion it was proposed and passed that the committee remained unchanged subject to agreement from Ruth and Kay. Secretary

9. Planning for the future
The possibility of a follow up competition, with cash prizes supplied by Maureen Budner in memory of her husband Bill Budner has been put on hold. Morag was in touch with Maureen who had agreed to sponsor another competition and promised to get back to Morag after a holiday. At present Maureen has not replied and all agreed that we should not contact her as we did not wish to either worry or pester her.

Possibilities of organising a writing competition on our own was discussed with the benefits outweighed by the cost of providing a judge and the possibility that entrance fees may fail to match the prize money. This too was put on hold.

The committee will look at providing a presence at various local functions, perhaps including Ip-Art and a library display for events like Poetry Day. Whilst Dave will try and maintain the use of display boards from the Record Office, Peter has stated that he belongs to two organisations whom also have display boards that he may be able to borrow.

The Scribblers need to be aware of local writing events throughout the year far enough in advance to investigate displaying our work as a group. Members are invited to let us know if they hear of any forthcoming events or competitions.

A suggestion was made and discussed to run an ongoing story between members, mainly through emails but will be offered to others not on computer. An idea of up to, say, 200 words maximum but with a time limit for each submission. Details will be discussed shortly. Secretary

10. Structure of meetings
Views on the two 1,500 word and the 500 word homework assignments and the feedback were discussed and agreement was made that this meeting format continues with the proviso that, should attendances rise to unmanageable numbers then the question of longer pieces would be reviewed.

All were in agreement that the Anonymous Writing Competition for the Bill Budner Trophy has been a success and voted that it continued in its present format with the next one due to be held on 22nd January and again in May and September.

The recent writing exercise was greatly enjoyed and similar evenings are planned for March July and December.

It was agreed that the selection of members to read at meetings would follow the second of the 1,500 open readings and would then move in turn round the room.

In addition to selecting just topics or words as homework assignments, it was suggested that genres be added to list. Secretary

11. Socials
The social evening at the Grosvenor has been booked for 29th January. Ruth has the menus and passed the information over the phone to Morag. Basically there are two for the price of one meals on offer at £7.00. Meal choices will be required at our next meeting on 22nd January but no deposit is needed. Guests, friends and spouses are all very welcome!

Ruth has offered the use of her beach hut as a base for the summer social beach party. Morag

12. Publicity
It was proposed and agreed that a schedule of our meetings should be sent for display in the Library, Felixstowe TV and any business that is willing to accommodate them. The dates need to be added to our weblog. Details and possible press releases should be made at opportune times to Felixstowe TV, the local free press and other newspapers. Secretary

13. Displays and/or attendance at various functions
This was discussed in Item 9.

14. Any Other Business.
Dick reminded us of the Coast to Coast competition that is organised by his colleague Maurice. There are short story and poetry competitions open to all. The cost will be confirmed but it was £4.00 in 2007 and details of the current years charge will be forwarded as soon as possible.. Coast to Coast is a monthly competition with the winners going forward to the grand final at the end of the year for a prize of £100 donated by Dick in memory of his late wife Ann Bradshaw.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40pm.

Keep Scribbling!!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Happy New Year everyone!

Many thanks for your cards, messages and seasonal greetings.

Our first meeting of 2008 is the AGM and the agenda is as follows:


1 Apologies for absence
2 In attendance
3 Secretary's report on 2007
4 Treasurer's report
5 Website and weblog report
6 Social events report
7 Online Scribblers report
8 Ratification of committee and/or election of new officers
9 Planning for the future :
10 Structure of meetings
11 Socials
12 Publicity
13 Displays and/or attendance at various functions
14 Any Other Business.

The agenda may seem long, but the intention is to discuss our strengths and weaknesses and help to develop our group. We look forward to your ideas and comments which are valued and so we hope you will come along and have your say.

Keep Scribbling!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


epetition reply 3 January 2008

We received a petition asking:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to reverse the decision on the closure of The Bartlet Convalescent Home in East Suffolk."

Details of Petition:
"This convalescent home was left to the people of East Suffolk as a necessary restorative premise's to lighten the load on Ipswich and East Suffolk hospitals, this need is even greater today than it was in 1947 when it was originally bequeathed. This Grade 11 listed building has a book value of £3.2m and has been put on the market for £1.9m. Suffolk PCT propose to deliver care in the home and whilst this is appropriate for some people it definitely is not for a large number. Once this facility has been sold off- it can never be replaced. THIS FACILITY IS DESPARATELY NEEDED."

Read the Government's response

The Government's aim is for NHS and social care to be fully integrated and to be provided as close to people's homes as possible, avoiding whenever possible the need for people to travel long distances for services that could just as easily be delivered locally. Our proposals for the future of local community services are to achieve a workable balance between the most efficient use of clinical resources and the maintenance of services that are most convenient to people.

The Government made it clear in the White Paper Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services that decisions on the long-term future of existing community hospitals should not be made solely in response to short-term budgetary pressures. The Government have told Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) that all Primary Care Trust (PCT) proposals for changes to community hospitals must be consistent with the long-term strategy of the White Paper to move care closer to patients' homes, and to ensure that local people have been properly consulted.

PCTs, with their broad perspective across hospital, community and primary care, are best placed to make decisions about the provision of local services in consultation with local people and their SHAs.

The decision to close the Bartlet Hospital was agreed by the then Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt. Any decision to close a hospital or care home is not taken lightly. The decision to close the Bartlet followed a full period of consultation undertaken by Suffolk PCT, and is in line with the PCT's strategy to develop community based care.

The Government has been advised that services will continue to be provided at the Bartlet Hospital until early next year, when services will then transfer to the refurbished Felixstowe General Hospital.


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