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Friday, June 30, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

A reminder that our next meeting takes place on Tuesday 4th July at 7.30pm at Felixstowe Library. The homework assignment was set as 500 words on Independence, or Independent with two open themed 1,500 word works by Ruth and Dave. Additionally we will be having a short discussion on character building.

Ten brave souls gathered for our beach party last Tuesday and enjoyed the fresh Felixstowe weather - the day BEFORE the heat wave began! Not to be outdone we adjourned to the Alex for a chat and a laugh or two.

The current Writers' News and writing Magazines include mention and a picture of Ruth as winner of the self-publishing marketing award. The August issue will feature an article by Morag whilst the September issue will include a feature on Felixstowe Scribblers!

An e-mail from Corinne Roper the Web Content Producer at BBC Radio Suffolk has asked for information for an article on the Felixstowe Scribblers to be included on their website. Our blog has already been mentioned.

Keep Scribbling!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers


Chris Gosling and I are shocked to have to tell you that sadly, only 10 days before the Premiere, the owner of The Palace Cinema, Felixstowe, has banned the showing of "The Lost Sock" on his screens. More details will be available very shortly on Felixstowe TV http://www.felixstowetv.co.uk/ . Unfortunately, this is not a wind-up, - there's no "gotcha" at the end of the email.

But Openwide International, the new management at the Spa Pavilion, have very kindly stepped in and have welcomed us to hold the World Premiere of "The Lost Sock" there, on the same afternoon. With a rather larger auditorium, there will obviously only be one showing, to which all cast & crew, supporters & sponsors, friends & family, and public, will be very welcome. (Again, all those whose names aren't in the credits will be invited to donate around £2 each, towards costs &/or towards the next film.)

Please note the new time for the screening will be 2:00pm on Sunday 9th July, at the Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, with some cast arriving by limo from 1:30pm.

The Spa Lounge bar will be open afterwards for drinks and a chat (and the presentation of one or two awards). We are sorry for the late change, and hope you will all still be able to make it, and bring along your friends. (Still plenty of time before the football World Cup Final!)

This is also your last chance to pre-order a DVD if you haven't already done so, to make sure you have one to collect at the Premiere, at the discounted price of £6 each. Giles@felixstowetv.co.uk

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

EADT - 'Suffolk boy' wins top writing award

EADT - 'Suffolk boy' wins top writing award:

"HIS works have captured the essence of rural life in East Anglia for decades.

But now, self-proclaimed �Suffolk boy� has followed in the footsteps of the Lord of the Rings creator JRR Tolkein by winning the prestigious Benson Medal from the Royal Literary Society.

Born in Acton near Sudbury, 83-year-old Dr Ronald Blythe has been a prolific writer since the 1960s."


we all know what it feels like[Tom Benedek] has been invited to do a show at the Writer's Guild. It is called SHOT BY THE WRITER and he shot his old screenplays with a gun and then photographed the results with an old 8 inch by 10 inch camera. Incredible detail. Beautiful. What is really great about the work especially is that the images are beautiful, but they are also insanely scaled because of the 8 x 10 negative. So you have this wonderful relationship with the image when it is 5 feet tall with no fuzziness.


Sunday, June 25, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Following the England victory in the second round of the World Cup, how nice to see such a wonderful Children's Party televised from Buckingham Palace. Presenting so many of our best-loved storybook characters, this was a fabulous party for so many children.

How wonderful that our Queen, still celebrating her 80th birthday, paid tribute to the writers and illustrators of these memorable stories, characters and imagination.

The Queen said that she hopes children will be encouraged to read some of the wonderful books from which the characters came.

Hopefully one day, some of our own writers at Felixstowe Scribblers may join that celebrated elite of children's literature.


Felixstowe Scribblers

Felixstowe Scribblers will be having their first ever beach party on Tuesday evening, 27th June. Dress is optional - swimsuits if you really insist. The weather outlook is - well let's keep our fingers crossed and not say too much about that! Mind you, if it isn't too nice then I am sure we can find our way to the Alex for a bit of a social chat.

Nibbles or light refreshments can be brought along together with, perhaps, something to read out - nothing too long or too serious. It will just be a nice little gathering.

Meet on the beach immediately opposite the Alex at 7.30pm or, if inclement weather, in the Alex.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 20 June 2006

A longer than usual list of Apologies this time from Gordon [football], Lisa [working], Christine [suffering], Morag [football], Di [no baby sitter], Judy [sailing into the sunset], Alex [Ipswich], Sheila, Caz and Jack.

Despite the World Cup England v Sweden football match, the attendance was better than anticipated with Dick, Peter, Tony, Scott, Liliane, Ruth, Kay, Zoe, Faye and Dave.


We received an email from our good friend Ken bringing us some news that we really didn't want to hear. One of our extremely talented writers with a book on the go and scenarios for plays and scripts oozing from his keyboard, top class host and one quarter of the infamous Lost Sock playwrights and screenwriters [!!!] he says :

"I am not going to be able to make Tuesday or any future Tuesdays.
I now have a job at Ipswich Itec, a training centre for basic skills in Numeracy, Literacy and IT. I will be working in the IT area supporting clients through their IT training. Not a bad job and it should pay the bills (at last). But (and here it comes) as this is an adult training centre, many of our clients work during the day and the consequence of this is having to do a couple of evenings a week, yes one of them is a Tuesday. So unless Iwin the lottery or get a stupendous advance on my book (oops slipped into fantasy land again) I will not be at scribblers for the foreseeable future, although I will make every effort to become an active member with the online scribblers, until such a time when I can return to the invaluable and enjoyable Tuesday night meetings.

Also this will mean that my time is consumed by the new job and my ever-struggling crystal business (hopefully I will have some money to invest in it now). So I will not be putting my name in the hat as a contender for a position on the writing team for the new FTV project.

I feel like I am selling my soul just for cash by not doing the thing I enjoy most; writing. But hopefully this will only be a short-term interruption.

So I would like to say to you many thanks for all your effort and time in keeping the scribblers going and making the meetings enjoyable and something to look forward to.I would also like to thank the rest of the scribblers for the their encouragement and support during my time as a member.But you haven't escaped me entirely as I will be at the premier (not sure what will happen if England get to the final though).Please pass on my best wishes to all at scribblers.Ever grateful,Ken."

Although it is a sad day for us, we must congratulate Ken for working so hard towards employment and achieving this success. Well done, mate! Thanks too, for all his input, humour, ideas and hospitality. One of our really smashing characters who will be greatly missed but, hopefully, we will be able to meet him and share his creative writing skills in the Online Scribblers forum.

Judy has sailed off into the sunset by now - well not literally but she says they are going to the boat for one month or so, hopefully sailing to Holland in a couple of days. Judy warns us to get ready for a change in the weather as it usually rains when they get going! This means that she will be missing for a while for a while, but there will be a few travelling stories when she returns!

It was good to see Scott at a meeting again after all his dancing lessons. He loved them so much that his beloved Aimee has signed him on for another 10 week course starting in September.

A message from our original Sheila [Nea] from Dovercourt. She wishes to be remembered to all and sends her love to all Scribblers, new and old.


Caz informed me that Jack was not well enough to travel to Wiltshire as he has some pain and discomfort, is very tired as he does not sleep too well and is also not eating too well. This is a terrible time for Jack and his parents but Caz has passed a couple of nice little pieces of news to me.

Caz has had all Jack's poems bound and says that they look great - a collection of over 7 years work. As she says, Jack has now been "published". He is, of course, published in the Scribblers Anthology and has his winning Online Scribblers poetry entry published in the forum.
The other news? Jack is the proud owner of the very first Lost Sock T-shirt!


Recently consideration has been given to whether we need to improve our meeting format that has served us so well over the last year or so. The last thing we should do is make changes for the sake of it, but equally we must not sit back and ignore any progressive ideas.
As a suggestion, which was enthusiastically accepted, perhaps we should allot about fifteen minutes each meeting to discuss various aspects of our writing business. The idea is to utilise our skills and knowledge to benefit our fellow members. Starting at our next meeting, the topic suggested for discussion is 'building character profiles.' It is hoped the discussion will be beneficial to everyone and decide whether building such profiles is helpful in planning a story or book.

If successful, then another topic will be up for discussion at the following meeting. Any thoughts or comments on this, or any other item, should be passed to Dave at scribblers@ntlworld.com


The beach party takes place next Tuesday June 27th. Meet at 7.30pm on the beach in front of the Alex. It is suggested that we all bring along some small nibbles or food and drink [probably non-alcoholic for the beach] and possibly something to read out and share. Should the weather be inclement then we will adjourn to the Alex for a social drink or two. Meals can obviously be obtained there if desired.

Don't forget that the big screen premiere of THE LOST SOCK takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 9th July at the Palace Cinema, Felixstowe. There will be two showings. Tickets should be ordered from giles@felixstowetv.co.uk

Talking of the Lost Sock, the T-shirts are now available from Giles so those who have ordered them please arrange to collect as soon as possible!

DVDs of the full-length film are being produced with the order needing to be submitted before the end of June. If you'd like a copy, and we hope you do, then they are being offered for sale at only £6 each - but only if you pre-order before we send off to have them made. They should be ready to collect at the Premiere on 9th July. After then, DVDs will be £8 each. (Postage at cost if required.) So please get your orders in to giles@felixstowetv.co.uk asap.

All the script ideas for the proposed blockbuster from Felixstowe TV have now been submitted to Giles who will go through them with Chris Gosling for consideration.

The Scribblers will also be at Woodbridge Library on Tuesday 11th July at 7.30pm promoting the BBC RaW project. Our role is to meet prospective writers and talk about the benefits of writers' groups and how they provide help and support for both published and hobby writers. There will be four published Scribblers there, Morag, Ruth, Dick and myself. It will be an opportunity perhaps for books to be signed and sold. It will also be quite helpful if other Scribblers could come along and lend support and also relay their experiences of our writing group. The event will be advertised from next week at Woodbridge Library, and competition entry forms will also be available. The competition has been organised by Morag and a prize is being offered by the Library for the winning entry.

Looking into the future, 2007 to be exact, we have been invited to link up with John Row the storyteller on his Ipswich Community Radio show on a regular once a fortnight or once a month routine. The spot would be perhaps five or ten minutes with the idea for us to record some of our work, maybe to feature one writer each time. Any ideas or thoughts please email Dave at scribblers@ntlworld.com


The second competition, this time for short stories, has now been finalised, the voting cast and the winner of a very close affair, announced. Congratulations for the winning entry "I Didn't Mean to Do It" go to Morag Clarke for a really brilliant read. The standard of entries was excellent.

A reminder that our themed writing competition is well underway with a closing date of 30th June 2006 rapidly approaching... you still have time to submit your entry if you haven't already done so. There are already 5 very good entries. Even if you do not wish to enter the competition they do make a thoroughly good read.

Although members are not posting in the forums as much as we would like, we do know from the site statistics that you are visiting often ... for example; the May poetry competition has to date received over 700 visits ... For a members only forum that is very encouraging indeed. Online Scribblers is building steadily, with some outstanding work being posted both in the competitions and in other areas of the site.

We are asking for members' comments on the forums website in general, and the competitions in particular ...Your thoughts and ideas are needed so that we may gauge how the forums and competitions are being received, and so that we can plan future events. We also invite feedback on how you want to use the forums, and if there are any changes that are needed. Please pass any comments or suggestions to admin@onlinescribblers.com

Online Scribblers forums belong to you, the members, so please let us know if we are getting it right or not!

THE WEBSITE http://felixstowescribblers.com/ AND THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

The website is looking extremely good - there are still some additions to go on to complete the site and this will happen in due course. The main thing is that the site is live and has attracted some 750 visits so far. The weblog has nearly 6,000 hits currently with around 45% of visits coming from outside the UK.

If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new site then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk Remember we are interested in your feedback and your news. It is your site!


Peter: 'Go For It Maybe': A tale that concerned decorating the outside of a house and the bad weather that ensured indecision over whether to start the work or not.

Tony: 'Hard Luck - - - - -': A tremendous short story covering embezzlement, blackmail, fraud, and a really gripping twist in the tale that revealed the significance of Greg's £18,364 demand.


Dick: 'I Wouldn't Start From Here.' A humorous and lifelike account of how to end up lost in the middle of nowhere despite a map reading spouse and a really helpful tractor driver. It could happen to anyone!

Scott: 'Diary.' Based on a homework assignment from a Writers News course, this diary was written through the eyes of a 14 year old girl and provided a very believable account of entries including the grandma's missing glasses and her teeth.

Liliane: 'We Need To Expand': Another episode from the family! This concerned the possibility of obtaining cash, through a loan, for the heroine Mia. Excellent drafted words from Liliane.

Ruth: 'Sacrificial Man': About a train journey to Harwich, the grubby train floors in the vestibule where the toilet door kept swinging open. A child lying on the floor, the main character making contact with a treasured stamp album.

Kay: 'High Noon': A project meeting at a café over coffee. How his mobile phone rings, he answers it then talks incessantly causing frustration and anger for the lady with the ideas who eventually turns the tables on him.

Zoe: 'Memories': Another of Zoe's lovely poems, this relaying the story of the very sad and painful memories.

Dave: 'Indecision': A husband's frustration as he waits for his wife to decide what to wear for the wedding less than an hour away.


TUESDAY 4th July at 7.30 at the Library.


To be written by Ruth and Dave




'Building character profiles'.

DON'T FORGET THE BEACH PARTY next Tuesday 27th June. 7.30pm on the beach opposite the Alex.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Local Events: Heavily arts focused side to Refugee week in Ipswich.


19th June to the 25th June.

Mon 11.30am - 3pm Refugee Week Launch
Cornhill, Ipswich
12.30 pm Schools Poetry Competition
Wolsey Theatre - Invite Only
Tues 11 am - 12.30 pm Oasis Video Editing for Refugees And Asylum Seekers
CSV Media Clubhouse
6.10pm In This World directed by Micheal Winterbottom (2002)
Ipswich Film Theatre
Wed 12.30 pm International Womans Group Picnic in the Park (all women and Children Welcome)
Christchurch Park, Ipswich
All Day Football Frenzy - Try your hand at winning the World Cup - All day FIFA Playstation Gaming
CSV Media Clubhouse
3pm Angola V Iran - Live Coverage from the World Cup
CSV Media Clubhouse
9 pm George’s International Jam Night
Steamboat Tavern
Thurs 5pm Womans and Children Tea Party
Sifre Centre Ipswich
4.30pm Let's Talk Health for Men
CSV Media Clubhouse
Fri 12pm Art Without Borders - Exhibition of International Artists (25% of Sales goes to the Refugee Council Clients Hardship Fund)
Robert Cross Hall, Ipswich
7.30 pm Refugee & Migrant Workers Celebration Party All Communities Welcome
CSV Media Clubhouse
Sat 12pm Art Without Borders - Exhibition of International Artists
Robert Cross Hall, Ipswich

Other Activities Happening Through the Week
Schools Talks by the Refugee Council
For more information Please contact Dagmar Grafton at the Refugee Council
Photographic Exhibition
Limelight Bar in the Corn Exchange until Tuesday 27th June
Kurdish Art
by Sabah Mohammed on display at CSV Media Clubhouse from 19th -22nd June

Brit Lit Blogs: UK Book, Literature and Culture Weblogs and Websites

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Just a reminder that our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th June at 7.30 in the Library. The homework assignment was set as 500 words on "INDECISION" so all we have to do is decide what to write. Tony and Peter will write the 1,500 word open assignments.

News of The Lost Sock film premiere etc. has been received from Giles at Felixstowe TV. It reads:

T-shirts should be here in the next couple of days for those who have ordered them and things are progressing well for the Lost Sock premiere.

We'll need to make sure we're ordering sufficient DVDs of the full-length film. We'll be putting in the order before the end of June, - so as a special incentive we're offering the DVDs for sale for only £6 each - but only if you pre-order before we send off to have them made. They should be ready to collect at the Premiere on 9th July. After that, DVDs will be £8 each. (Postage at cost if required.) So please get your orders to
giles@felixstowetv.co.uk as soon as possible! Thank you very much.

A few more details for the Premiere... The film now runs a little longer than originally thought, at about 1 hr 20 mins, so we've had to tighten up the timing for the day slightly.

Some of our stars will be arriving by limo from around 12:10pm. Ruth will be there to meet and interview them as they arrive, along with hopefully other media too. Doors to the main screen will open at 12:30pm, and the showing will start at 12:45pm on the dot - don't be late!! The "doors" will open again at 2:15pm for the second (public) showing, which will start at 2:30pm. We're then hoping to meet up somewhere nearby for a drink and a chat afterwards, from about 4pm-6pm, when there'll also hopefully be a chance to see the infamous out-takes, which will be on the DVD. Watch out for further updates! Giles

News of the offer of a bursary for some lucky writer - There is an £18,000 bursary to spend a year writing a novel.. Any subject... Go to http://www.medicalcasenotes.co.uk/bursary/ for some details. Its worth having a peek...

You can vote for your favourite stories in the Online Scribblers Short Story competition. The winner will be announced at our meeting next Tuesday and simultaneously in the forum. Go to http://onlinescribblers.com/ You will find it easier to log in now and also very easy to register.

A new competition runs until the end of the month. This is for anything from 50-1000 words on Hobbies or Pastimes. Can be short stories, articles, poem. The choice is yours!

There is a literary fete at Voewood House, Kelling, near Holt in Norforlk this Saturday - go to http://www.voewood.com/ for information.

Keep Scribbling

Local writers groups: InPrint

InPrint: Home: "InPrint are a group of visual artists and poets who specialise in collaborative work. Formed in 2003 to tour Norfolk with a highly successful exhibition facilitated by Creative Arts East, they stayed together to extend their professional and creative boundaries. Working mainly in pairs, they have exhibited together twice at the Fringe at the Factory event in Norwich, which included workshops and readings, and at Southwold, Colchester, Halesworth and Lowestoft, as well as separately elsewhere. They are also involved in the community through innovative use of their skills, as well as traditional teaching and performing. They are particularly interested in the way that juxtaposing visual art and poetry can create unexpected sparks leading to new ideas. "

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Don't forget to cast your votes to select the winner of the Online Scribblers short story competition that ended recently.

You are also invited to enter our current competition for Hobbies and Pastimes which can be a short story, article or poetry either true or fictional . The only rule is that the entry is between 50 and 1,000 words which means you can write either a very brief account of something you enjoy, or a much longer work. The choice is yours.

If you are not already a member then you will find it very easy to register and log in. The website is http://onlinescribblers.com

We hope to see your entry there!

Good luck!


Felixstowe Scribblers

It was good to see that Ruth attended the Writers' News 2006 Awards Day in Harrogate recently. During a long four hour ceremony of presentations to a host of winners in a multitude of categories, Ruth received The Self-publishing Marketing Award. Subsequently mentioned in the July issue of the magazine there is a photograph or two recording the event in Writing Magazine.

Well done to Ruth for this award that relates to her first and excellent novel The James Version which everyone has raved about.

Interesting weblogs: BLDGBLOG

I came across this really interesting weblog called 'bldgblog' which says it is about architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures. Lots of strange worlds and alternative futures there. Enjoy ....


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Local arts organisations: screeneast.co.uk

ScreenEast is the Eastern Arts Organisation focused on screen productions/activities (occasionally has notice of work shops and calls for submissions). From the Screen east website....

Screen East is the screen agency for the East of England. We are dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting the film and media industries and culture in the East of England. We do this through the activities of our four departments: Locations, Production, Enterprise and Skills, and Audiences and Education.

We allocate Lottery Funding on behalf of the UK Film Council through the Regional Investment Fund for England. (RIFE). Please see our Funding section for more details.

Screen East:
• Promotes the East of England as the ideal location for film and television production and attracts inward investment by marketing the locations, facilities, skills and expertise available in the region.
• Develops the talent, skills and innovation of the region’s new and existing workforce.
• Invests in the development of film, television and digital media businesses based in the East of England.
• Creates opportunities for audiences in the East of England to enjoy and experience moving image culture and heritage.
• Celebrates the diversity of the people who live and work in the region in order to break down barriers to working in the media industries.

Related Links:

New Writing Partnership : New Writing Worlds 2006.

The New Writing Partnership is always worth a mention. New Writing Worlds 2006 is to be held in Norwich from 14-18 June. From the NWP website....

New Writing Partnership : New Writing Partnership: "New Writing Worlds 2006
We are currently planning the second edition of New Writing Worlds a symposium for international writers to be held in Norwich from 14-18 June , with public events in Norwich and Norfolk. The theme for 2006 will be Experiment. "

The New Writing Partnership is a unique enterprise that aims to highlight, develop and support creative writing, establishing the East of England as a national and international centre of excellence. It intends to nuture and promote emerging talent and form educational and professional networks to help writers, and widen access to the pleasures and rewards of writing and literature through a programme of workshops, forums, international conferences, awards, community projects and cross-arts collaborations.

Interesting weblogs: Musings of a Literary Doctor

This is an interesting weblog found by Jan which as well as its content is a good example of how a writer can set themself up online quite easily and find a voice and a platform through blogspot.

As many of you know The weblog world has been growing really exponentially and there are tens of thousands of good ones out there, let alone the hundreds of thousands of derelict ones. I think there are two really good reasons for developing writers to keep a weblog - first is it is a place for people to find a platform and readers - the second is they really get writers in the habit of dropping out copy regularly - which I think is an essential discipline for people who havent got it.

From Dr Tusitala's profile....

Musings of a Literary Doctor: "Dr Tusitala is a forty-six year old writer who lives with his wife in Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire. His musical interests include playing the piano, alto & tenor saxophones and classical guitar. He has had several short stories, non-fiction and 'filler' articles published and has contributed to a film script. However, despite having won a Book Festival Prize in 2005 for a work of fiction, greater public success has so far eluded him. He has written several (unpublished) poems and is currently working on his first novel. Meanwhile, he relies on the practise of medicine to keep the garret warm and to ensure good supplies of printer ink and malt whisky. Dr Tusitala is a pseudonym. "

the ‘f’ word

What’s this new craze?
Crossing the nation?
Has all this heat
Gone to some female’s heads?
Why are they so intent?
To get away?
Or thousands of them
Hitting one particular website
Which offers support
And advice on how
To survive the next month
Often sane women
Are booking flights abroad
Lured by Swiss Tourist Board ads
Of bare-chested hunks tossing hay
Offering more delights
Than a simple massage!
Others advertise Heart to heart
For a lover in their local paper
Yet more soccer Suffragettes
Get dragged away by police
Their crime? taking the plug
Off the new HD TV
World cup widows
You may be feeling
Completely rejected, angry even
Being ignored is damaging
For any relationship
(I should know)
Avoid arguments
By making use
Of your ‘you’ time
Your happiness comes first
Enjoy yourself in the great outdoors
Spending time
With other like-minded people (Failing that, eat chocolate
And sit and watch
On the spare TV
All those films on videos/DVD
That you never had time to watch!)

Jan McGeachie 7th June 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 6th June 2006

Apologies : From Caz and Jack: Judy: Louis: Christine: Ruth: Scott.

In attendance : Sheila, Faye, Tony, Alex, Zoe, Les, Kay, Lisa, Morag, Liliane, Gordon, Peter, Dick and Dave.

A Scribblers welcome was given to Sheila who has moved back to Suffolk after a lengthy spell in Market Harborough where she was a member of the Scribbles writing group!

A special welcome too for someone at the younger end of the age spectrum. 14 year old Faye found our Scribblers via the website and decided to come along complete with a story she has written. It was quite brave of her to venture unannounced to our meeting.

It was nice to welcome Les back to the Scribblers after he had missed a few meetings. Glad to say he was back on top form once again.


Judy has had quite a frustrating time of late. She apologised for missing our attendance at the Library the previous Saturday but other events proved more pressing. She emailed the following:

"All my worst fears were confirmed. We arrived at the boatyard on the Thursday to be launched as planned, waited a few hours then he informed us it would be Friday - he was 'too busy'. Friday arrived and the boat was launched - bad news - water gushing in all over the place and the engine would not start. Eventually took it down to the mooring but could not leave due to ingress of water causing great consternation - a few stiff drinks were needed to calm shattered nerves. To cut a long story short it got sorted out after a few days but left us stuck in the Deben on the Saturday..."

Judy went on to say that she has received a really long, newsy email from our dear friend Belinda. She sends her love to all Scribblers, is missing us badly as well as missing England. She and Geoff have done a security course and have passed the exams. Now she is waiting to start security work - I have emailed back asking whether she is going to be toting a pistol!! She sounds fine but busy. Still house sitting in Brisbane.

Last Saturday, Caz and Karl organised a garden party for Jack complete with bouncy castle. Unfortunately the weather was not too kind, but, as reported in the last email, there were over 90 people there and we were able to present him with a small trophy in recognition of his winning entry in the poetry competition. You can see two photographs of Jack in the Winners Enclosure at http://onlinescribblers.com If you are a member of Online Scribblers you will need to log in, if you are not already a member then you need to register first. Simply go to the Forums shown on the left of the screen and follow the instructions that will be displayed. They hope to spend next week in Shropshire providing everything goes well.

Congratulations to Louis who has emailed to send his regards to everyone and say that he has promotion at work. Currently settling into his new post, Louis hopes to be back at Scribblers soon.

We wish Alex success with his volunteer's project at the Ipswich Transport Museum.


The next event pencilled into the Scribblers calendar is the beach party that will be held on Tuesday June 27th. Meet at 7.30pm on the beach in front of the Alex. Suggested that we all bring along some small nibbles or food and drink [probably non-alcoholic for the beach] something to read out and share. Should the weather be inclement then the idea is to adjourn to the Alex for a drink or two. Meals can be purchased if required.

Don't forget that the big screen premiere of THE LOST SOCK takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 9th July at the Palace Cinema, Felixstowe. Two showings. And tickets should be ordered from giles@felixstowetv.co.uk

The Scribblers will be at Woodbridge Library on Tuesday 11th July at 7.30pm promoting the BBC RaW project. Our role will be to meet prospective writers and talk about the benefits of writers' groups and how they can help and support writers at all stages of their career, be it already published or as a hobby writer. There will be four published Scribblers there, Morag, Ruth, Dick and myself. It will be an opportunity perhaps for books to be signed and sold. It will also be quite helpful if other Scribblers could come along and lend support and also relay their experiences of our writing group.


The Online Short story competition has now closed and anonymous voting is now open at http://onlinescribblers.com

The next competition is now open and runs to the end of June. This is for short stories, articles or poetry on Pastimes or Hobbies. Why not have a go? It is just for fun, and it also helps us improve our creative skills. If you are not a member then registration is very simple. Come on! Have a go!

THE WEBSITE http://felixstowescribblers.com AND THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

I hope you have all logged on to our new website and discovered what a splendid job Alex has made of it. If you have any comments or suggestions then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk The weblog will continue running and can be accessed through the new website or at its original address http://nar8or.blogspot.com Hits on the sites have been very re-assuring with a third coming in from all over the world. The regular foreign hits come from America, France, Australia and, just recently, Japan has begun to appear frequently. I hope that one day many of the 'visitors' to the site will become converted and join our Online Scribblers.
If you have any news or items you would like included on either the website or weblog don't forget to tell Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk


The criteria was set by Chris Gosling at the final May meeting about the types of script he wanted and hoped that we provide him with a selection of possibilities. This meant that 'normal services' were suspended this time.

Possible storylines were read and offered up by Tony, Alex, Kay, Morag, Peter, Dick and Dave. These are being submitted to Felixstowe TV for consideration so we will doubtless hear if any are acceptable over the next few weeks with all writers who took part being informed of the decision. As you will be aware, if a story is accepted then it will need to be written and converted into a full-length film script by a team of scriptwriters. I believe that we have produced some very good ideas. Thanks to all who took part.


Faye read the first chapter of her futuristic story 'BOATERBIKES' with confidence. The story was very imaginative with a lot of flowing dialogue throughout. The feedback was extremely positive and, for a first attempt, Faye impressed with her interesting storyline.

Les read out 'A Friend's Promise' based on true events in that started in the First World War. Two best friends were in the trenches and one was killed. The other cared for the dead soldier's wife and child…

Lisa shared memories from her stay in a kibbutz in Israel over 10 years ago, telling of the life out there and how friendly her hosting family was. In those days the religions managed to live together in a kind of harmony - things are different today.

Liliane read another of her family based stories, this time titled 'Danny and Susie'. Danny wanted to take a year out and travel the world, but Susie was scared that she would lose him and wanted him to promise that he loved her and would return…

Certainly a different kind of evening to usual although it still produced some high quality work. Next meeting will see the return of the normal format.

THE NEXT MEETING will be at Felixstowe Library on Tuesday 20th June at the usual 7.30 start time.

HOMEWORK THEME is to write 500 words on INDECISION

1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be undertaken by Tony and Peter.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Short Story

The Short Story: "Welcome to story, the campaign to celebrate the short story. We believe that the short story is one of the most exciting and important literary forms, that can and should reach the widest possible readership. We believe that the short story matters."

What can you find on this site? Simply everything you could ever want to know about the short story: reading them, writing them; events, competitions, workshops and projects.

You can search for short story collections currently published in the UK and read tips and articles from writers, agents and publishers on what makes a great short story and the great classic and contemporary stories they love.

You can also find out about the new National Short Story Prize, funded by Nesta and supported by BBC Radio 4 and Prospect magazine.

Small Wonder, literary festival dedicated to the short story held at Charleston, Sussex.

Charleston - an artists home and garden: "Small Wonder, the UK�s only literary festival dedicated to the short story, took place for the second year running in September. "

A fast show of new and classic stories – combined with film, music, art, drama, poetry and plenty of audience participation.

6th Asham Award: biennial award open to women writers

Found by Jan....

Calling all women writers !

6th Asham Award in association with Bloomsbury Publishing plc Deadline July 31st 2006

Entry fee £10 - this biennial award is open to women writers who have not yet had a novel or a collection of short stories published. Storied must not exceed 4,000 words in length and can be on any subject. They must be for adult readers only For more information check out www.ashamaward.com

....the website is well worth a poke around - there are quite a few interesting pieces on the website.

Read Holding the Baby by Francesca Kay.

Read The Wing by Annie Kirby.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Writernet - Welcome to writernet...

Writernet - Welcome to writernet...: "Welcome to Writernet
We provide dramatic writers with the tools they need to build better careers and redefine the culture in which they work."

From the writernet website....

our mission is to give dramatic writers the tools they need to build better careers, and redefine the culture in which they work...

We achieve this by:

connecting dramatic writers to the industry and to each other, through networks

using the internet to support dramatic writers and those who work with them

providing a safety net...

writernet provides writers for all forms of live and recorded performance - working at any stage in their career, and in diverse contexts - with a range of services which enable them to pursue their careers better.

'Felixstowe,' or 'The Last of Her Order' by John Betjeman.

Sorry its been quieter for a few days but we all need our quiet spells.

This might be one of those things that you have all heard of and I am new to but Jan found this dazzling poem by John Betjeman about Felixstowe that I had never come across before and I thought it was really worth sharing with you all here.

This poem is widely available online at the http://www.johnbetjeman.com/ website wich we have already mentioned here, and is reproduced here for our readers convinience.!

Thanks Jan....

Felixstowe, or The Last of Her Order by John Betjeman.

With one consuming roar along the shingle
The long wave claws and rakes the pebbles down
To where its backwash and the next wave mingle,
A mounting arch of water weedy-brown
Against the tide the off-shore breezes blow.
Oh wind and water, this is Felixstowe.

John BetjemanIn winter when the sea winds chill and shriller
Than those of summer, all their cold unload
Full on the gimcrack attic of the villa
Where I am lodging off the Orwell Road,
I put my final shilling in the meter
And only make my loneliness completer.

In eighteen ninety-four when we were founded,
Counting our Reverend Mother we were six,
How full of hope we were and prayer-surrounded
"The Little Sisters of the Hanging Pyx".
We built our orphanage. We built our school.
Now only I am left to keep the rule.

Here in the gardens of the Spa Pavillion
Warm in the whisper of the summer sea,
The cushioned scabious, a deep vermillion,
With white pins stuck in it, looks up at me
A sun-lit kingdom touched by butterflies
And so my memory of the winter dies.

Across the grass the poplar shades grow longer
And louder clang the waves along the coast.
The band packs up. The evening breeze is stronger
And all the world goes home to tea and toast.
I hurry past a cakeshop's tempting scones
Bound for the red brick twilight of St.John's.

"Thou knowest my down sitting and mine uprising"
Here where the white light burns with steady glow
Safe from the vain world's silly sympathising,
Safe with the love I was born to know,
Safe from the surging of the lonely sea
My heart finds rest, my heart finds rest in Thee.

From "Collected Poems" (1958)
John Betjeman.

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The John Betjeman page of wikipedia is well worth a visit.
The John Betjeman homepage.

Friday, June 02, 2006

De Montfort University (Leicester) holding workshop about opportunities for writers in new media.


Experts at De Montfort University are holding a free public workshop for individuals in the creative industries to learn about opportunities for writers in new media later this month.

Sue Thomas, Professor of New Media and Programme Leader of a new Online MA in Creative Writing & New Media at De Montfort University, has organised the event with a range of speakers from internet and virtual reality experts to award-winning online authors.

To be held on Friday 23 June, the Creative Writing and New Media Workshop also includes a demonstration of the BBC-supported high definition virtual studio in the University's Fused Media Lab which is part of a £3.7m investment in media technology.

Places are limited on the workshop, which includes free lunch and evening reception, and registration is essential. The programme, registration form, DIY delegate list, discussion area and directions are all at http://nlab.wikispaces.com .

The workshop will take place in the Faculty of Humanities at De Montfort University's Clephan building, Bonners Lane, Leicester.

Jess LaccettiPractical workshops will include "Encounters with Web Fiction" by writer and De Montfort University new media researcher Jess Laccetti, and "The Digital Playground: Writing with and for Children" with Helen Whitehead, from Kids on the Net.

Kate PullingerThere will also be a workshop on "Writing New Media Fiction" by award-winning interactive author Kate Pullinger.. Kate is a Royal Literary Fund Virtual Fellow and Visiting Research Fellow at De Montfort University where she has helped set up the new Online Creative Writing and New Media MA course. Her multimedia online novel Inanimate Alice project is currently wowing the world of internet fiction.

De Montfort University's lecturer, Christopher Walker will lead a workshop on TV scriptwriting. Students and graduates are writing scripts for current TV shows including New Tricks, Shameless, and Doctors, and write an online soap opera for BBC Leicester.

Prof Thomas said: "This event, like many others here, will make the leading expertise within De Montfort University available to creative industries and individuals, both in the East Midlands region and further afield, so that they can make the most of developing digital technology opportunities."

The workshop also marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of the trAce Online Writing Centre, which was founded by Prof Thomas. The day will start with a presentation by Randy Adams, editor and visual consultant of trAces: A Commemoration of Ten Years of Artistic Innovation at trAce, and end with a presentation by Prof Thomas looking at the future of writing in a changing media environment.

"This workshop is an ideal opportunity to look towards new opportunities as well as marking how much has been achieved in the world of digital technologies and creative writing, and is fantastic opportunity for anyone in the creative industries looking at the future of new media writing" said Prof Thomas.

For more information on the new MA in Creative Writing and New Media run by De Montfort University see http://www.hum.dmu.ac.uk/blogs/cwnm The course is designed for writers interested in exploring the potential of new technologies in their writing through online study combined with a week-long workshop on site at the University.

....An excellent free event just 3hrs drive away - Im already at a conference that weekend - but let us know if you plan to go.

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De Montford University
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Jess Laccetti,

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Let's open with the reminder of the next meeting - that will be on Tuesday 6th June at Felixstowe Library with the usual start time of 7.30.

If you recall, the homework assignment was a little different to usual - this time to produce a 500-800 word synopsis for a storyline for Felixstowe TV who wish to produce another locally story as a film rather than a serial, and definitely a bit harder edged this time. It needs to be both serious and action packed, with a strong story line and very dramatic. Set in Felixstowe, there should be no more than four main characters. Chris is looking for a selection of 500-800 word ideas in synopsis form.

For those not wishing to undertake that challenge, then the homework assignment will be a similar 500-800 words on PROMISES.

On the subject of Felixstowe TV - I understand from their production weblog that there have been in excess of 200,000 viewings of The Lost Sock which is amazing.

Just a quick update from Giles on the World Premiere on Sunday 9th July. Tickets are almost all gone for the Premiere, so there will be two screenings of the full-length film version of "The Lost Sock", at The Palace Cinema, Felixstowe. The doors will open for the "actual" Premiere at 12:30pm, with a second showing at 2:30pm, open for the public to see. All tickets will be free, but we will be asking for a small donation (of around £2), just to cover costs, from everyone who wasn't directly involved in the making of the film. We are inviting people to wear a black tie (but it's not compulsory!), and if you would like tickets, please email Felixstowe TV at the usual address - that's at controlroom@felixstowetv.co.uk a.s.a.p.!

Felixstowe Library. I attended the official opening of the new extended library by the Mayor of Felixstowe on Tuesday 23rd May. It was a very successful launch and one that bodes tremendously well for the future of the Library service in Felixstowe. Well worth a visit to borrow a book, CD, DVD or even just drop into the new cafe - maybe even to join the Scribblers.

The Scribblers were in attendance in force on Saturday 27th May spending some six hours there. Alex launched our new and really excellent website at http://felixstowescribblers.com/ He needs a real pat on the back for all his superb efforts, so well done Alex and thankyou for all the time and effort he put into the site which will be completed in the next few weeks.

Morag ran a literary competition based on the first lines of certain novels and though the entries were low, the winner was Mrs Lindsey Queenan who received a signed copy of Morag's Green Wellies - quite fitting really as her son Robert Long was a Scribbler a few years ago.

Ruth arrived complete with the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust Self Publishing Award, a silver cup, for The James Version which was presented to her at Harrogate last month.

It was nice to see several friendly faces popping in and these included Sue, Mavis, Ann and Ian. Ian hasn't been able to get along to Scribblers for some time but is hoping to make it back sometime soon.

After the event, several of us called in to Caz, Karl and Jack at their garden party where around 90 people had gathered. I was able to present Jack with a cup to mark his win in the Online Scribblers poetry competition. Hope that we will soon have a photograph displayed on the website. The cup and engraving was courtesy of Scott [Mr Cobbler]

Caz sent the following message :
We would like to thank you all for coming along to our party last Saturday, despite the weather, we were determined that we would not allow this to dampen our spirits. Jack enjoyed it tremendously and that was our aim, also we had a great time too.
Many of you came along with delicious food, soft and alcoholic drink, flowers, chocolates and donations for Jack and we were completely overwhelmed by such generosity. The loan of the gazebos was a great help so thanks to you for them, we could not have managed without them.
Thank you all so very much for the gifts and our sincere apologies if you didn’t receive a ‘thank you’ on the day.
During the downpours throughout the day, we were squashed in a bit closer than perhaps you might have liked to be, thank you all for understanding the need to be out of the rain.
Some of you spent an hour or so at the sink washing up, or tidying and replenishing the table and clearing away under the gazebos, again without being asked, you did this with a happy heart and we were so grateful to you for your thoughtfulness. Considering all the partygoers we had here, not a single glass was broken!
Sorry this has to be an impersonal ‘thank you’ but there are so many of you to write a handwritten thanks to you all. We hope this does not deflect our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you.
We will always be grateful that you all came, you enjoyed and you all made happy memories of this special occasion.
Lots of love and sincere thanks
Caz, Karl, Jack and Kai xxxx"

The Online Scribblers Short Story competition has now closed and shortly you will be able to vote for the story you think should win. A new competition will follow very shortly.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday so, until then,

Keep Scribbling!


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