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Monday, July 31, 2006

Aldeburgh Productions: the home of Snape Proms 2006.

Yes its already time for the 2006 sieries of summer concerts - for those of us that arent going there is an excellent website and list of events to soak up the atmosphere, and joy of joys a super local webcam.


Aldeburgh Productions the home of Snape Proms 2006.

2007 Academi Cardiff International Poetry Competition - Theatre, dance and performance jobs and events in Wales

2007 Academi Cardiff International Poetry Competition - Theatre, dance and performance jobs and events in Wales: "This is your chance to scoop �5000 for just one poem. Further prizes available are �500 for 2nd place �250 for 3rd and five runners up will receive �50 each.

This truly international competition is accessible to all; it doesn�t matter if you are an established poet or just dabble with a verse now and then. Whether you�re from Merthyr or Malawi, Pwllheli or Portugal, we want your poems.

Just make sure your poem is no longer than 50 lines, unpublished, is in English and not a translation of another authors work and send it, along with your entry form and payment, to Academi. The poems will be judged anonymously to ensure a fair competition and unbiased result.

Entries cost �5 per poem"



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GREENPEACE UK lists RAF Bawdsey Site as potential nuclear waste dump.

This is one that seems to have slipped under the Radar of the local media to my knowledge - a rare 'Felixstowe Scribblers Weblog' exclusive.

GREENPEACE UK lists on its website that the RAF Bawdsey Site is a potential destination for the governments perenial search for a home for some if not all of Britains nuclear waste. I would imagine that they are talking about a site for bulk low level waste rather than some of the more dangerous stuff, but you never know. My understanding was that they were looking for deep, hard rock sites - more common in the west and north of our fair island rather than out here in the sandy east. Given the huge costal erosion problems it seems to me not an obvious choice for a place to store material that needs the very safest of homes for the next few thousand years - unless the Nuclear Industry is planning on paying for the constant burden of the sea defence work as well as the huge financial liability of the waste too.

Im trying to avoid the NIMBYesque cliches of a response to our new prospective neighbour - after all this is being typed as I write on a PC powered by no doubt Sizewell originating electricity.

Maybe they are hoping that inbetween fighting closure of the Bartlet and campaigning against the huge housing developments proposed for Trimley / Gulpher sites we would just let this one quietly through.

More later asuming I havent mutated futher. At least it is finally raining.

PS Other interesting Nuclear Bawdsey facts.

....There is a disused military nuclear bunker under RAF Bawdsey.
....The British Nuclear program team that was based at Orford Ness later moved to Bawdsey Manor when the experimental phase of the program was concluded.
....Rumors are the 'Bloodhound' Anti-aircraft missiles that were based at RAF Bawdsey untill the mid 1980's and were a sinister feature of the North of Felixstowe's skyline through that time were nuclear armed and had they ever been used would have resulted in a sieries of nuclear 'airbursts' above the North Sea.


GREENPEACE UK | Environmental Issues | GM Food | Nuclear Power

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ipswich Gigs : Homepage

Well this will show you a different side of Ipswich and the local area's cultural life.

I was just checking out what to do tonight and found this superb guide to the live music in the area - this obviously represents quite a lot of work as it is exhaustive and is very up to date.

Ipswich Gigs : Homepage

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Hi Scribblers!

A reminder that our next meeting is on Tuesday 1st August at Felixstowe Library at 7.30 pm. The homework theme is OCCUPATION with Les and Liliane agreeing to do the 1,500 word open themed work.

The short stories have been forwarded to the BBC Radio Suffolk website controller but, like other folk, they are on leave until the 7th of August so I assume the stories will be posted soon after. The names have also been submitted for possible theatre reviews.

Don't forget there are two Online Scribblers competitions running to the end of August for poetry and short stories - both have the same theme - SUMMERTIME. Why not have a go? It's just for fun and - more to the point - it's free to enter!

Hope to see you all on Tuesday so,

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Felixstowe Life has an interesting selection of cultural related posts.

Felixstowe Life:

"23rd July: Suffolk Coastal arts service is producing a directory of cultural activities, groups, facilities and services for the district which will be available on line and in booklet format from January 2007.
'Suffolk Coastal is bustling with cultural activity; camera clubs, choral societies, rock schools, recording studios, theatres and international festivals of music and poetry, but there is no central source of information to tell you who is doing what, how to get involved or who offers venues and specialist services,' said Cllr Rae Leighton, Cabinet Member for Community Well-being.".....

oh and

....."23rd June: The Cotman Challenge Exhibition at Reunion Gallery, Gainsborough Road.

Did you know there is more to Felixstowe than a Sunday market, funfairs and the Docks? If you lift your head up you will realise that the town is populated with many fine examples of quirky and individually designed buildings. To celebrate this the Reunion Gallery will be staging an exhibition during July 2006 highlighting the legacy of one of the architects responsible for this - Thomas Cotman.
Entitled The Cotman Challenge the exhibition will feature specially commissioned work from a number of artists who will each interpret the work of Cotman and his lasting influence on the town in their own style. Artists exhibiting are Maggi Hambling. Alex Beale, Alison Malcolm, Ian McDermot, Linda Kingsford, Michael Barratt, Nicki Holt, Paul Reeve, Rosemary Humphries, Ann Faiers and Cherrie Macgregor
Much of Felixstowe’s character owes itself to the work of the architect Thomas W Cotman who lived and worked in the town at the turn of the 20th Century and much of its character is defined by his influence. "

>Felixstowe Life:

Friday, July 21, 2006

So you want to be a playwright Course at Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge School, Saturday September 9th 2006.

The Course
An introductory course for anyone who wants to try their hand at writing for the stage.  This course is designed to take you through aspects of how the stage space works, creating character, writing dialogue and developing dramatic action.  The day will be very practical and will offer you the opportunity to try out ideas in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  

Who should attend
The course is for anyone who wants to try their hand at writing for the stage.
It is open to all people aged 17+.

What to Bring
Please bring pen and paper.

Tutors Peppy Barlow and Sally Wilden are both experienced playwrights and works shop leaders.  Peppy’s play The Sutton Hoo Mob had a sell out tour with Eastern Angles this spring and Sally has two productions scheduled for London later in the year.

The Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge School, Burkitt Road, Woodbridge is a wonderful new theatre venue, opened in 2006.  Car parking is available on site.

Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.  If you have special dietary requirements, please indicate these on the form provided.

The cost for the day, including lunch, is £15.00

To book a place on the course, please fill out the attached booking form and return to Nicky Corbett, Arts Department, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1AU

Course Outline


10.00 Morning Session 1

Course leaders and participants introduce themselves and say what they would like to gain from the course.

Creating a dramatic space
Introducing the idea of stage space and working with it.

Building a character  
Choosing from a range of props, pieces of clothing, photographs, news stories, single words, lines from a piece of dialogue,  participants will be asked to develop a character. They will be asked to write a brief monologue which will introduce us to the character and give us a glimpse of their internal world.  Particular attention will be given to the characters emotional landscape and their likely motivation in any given situation.


  • Morning Session 2

Developing dramatic action
Participants  will be asked to work in twos and threes to create a short scene which involves their characters.  The scene should show the different motives and intentions of their characters and the incompatibilities and conflicts arising from this.

1.00  LUNCH

2.00 Afternoon Session

Presentation of dramatic scenario
Participants will present their short scenes.  Participants and leaders will give comment and feedback.

Practical aspects of writing
Script layout. Presentation.  Where to go from here.  Questions and answers.



Hello all,

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Online Scribblers themed writing competition June 2006 is Jojo with her thoroughly entertaining and beautifully written account of her hobby of 'peoplewatching' entitled Not A Nosey Parker At All. Well done Jojo. Click here to read

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition and all those who cast their votes in support of the authors.

As the voting this time was very close we feel that it is appropriate to publish the results in full so that those who entered but did not win will know that they came so very close.

Total votes cast by both the online and offline votes was 31
Winner - Jojo - 7
Joint second were:Morag - 6
Debbie - 6
Dave - 6
Vincent - 6

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that TWO competitions are currently running. A writing competition (max word count 1,500 ish) with the theme 'Summer' and a poetry competition also with the theme 'Summer' - There are already a few submissions but you have plenty of time to enter as the closing date for both competitions is 31st August 2006.

Conditions for both competitions are online in the forums.If you would like to read Jojo's winning entry, or view the submissions so far in the other competitions please visit the forums at www.onlinescribblers.com

As the membership of Online Scribblers has grown substantially in recent weeks, and also the amount of members' work in the forums is increasing, we have decided that to best protect the copyright of our members' work a more selective method of membership registration should be put in place.

To this end we have introduced admin validation of new members. This will mean that from now on any new membership application will be approved or rejected by admin.Online applications -

After receiving an online application for membership admin will send an e-mail to applicant asking them to give a brief profile of themselves. If the candidate is suitable then their application will be approved.

Referrals - Applications can me made by referral. If an existing member would like to refer someone for membership you should send an e-mail to admin with your request. If the candidate is suitable then we will pre-register the new member and send them the log-in details.

We feel that the above measures will not only protect our members' copyright but will ensure that new members from now on will be participating members, this will help to build the forums into a truly interactive community.

Debra & Dave
Online Scribblers admin team


Felixstowe Scribblers

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 18TH July 2006

Apologies Caz and Jack, Judy, Gordon, Lisa and Christine.

In attendance. Scott, Tony, Dick, Alex, Zoe, Liliane, Faye, Les, Mavis, Kate, Morag, Ruth, Sheila and Dave.


A Welcome back to Les who feels better after missing a few meetings and also to Kate whose letter posted mid June to Dave explaining about a bereavement, and also enclosed an entry for the last writing competition together with votes for the previous one, was misdirected by the Royal Mail and took four weeks to reach its destination!

An update on Jack.

Caz tells me in a text message that Jack is in bed all the time now, suffering some pain that is eased with massage and hot water bottles. He is not sleeping properly and only eats little bits. He is fed up but still retains his good humour. They send their love to the all Scribblers

A message Judy

We had some devastating news while we were away sailing - Ron's sister has been diagnosed with acute leukaemia. She is in Ipswich hospital for 6 weeks having chemo etc. The prognosis is not particularly good.
Naturally, we made to head for home but the b.... wind turned against us so after 4 days hanging about we left the boat in Belgium, arriving home on Tuesday. We have been trying to support Dorothy as we are the only family close-by. However, we head back to Belgium on Sunday, hopefully to sail the boat home - fingers crossed. I am not at all sure when I shall next be at Scribblers because life is so hectic at present.
Ron's sister is in the throes of selling her barge and has bought a cottage which is having mountains of building work, so we are bearing the brunt of selling, organising, visiting etc. Time to write is non existent. However, I shall keep in touch and be back as soon as things have sorted out one way or the other. Give my best wishes to one and all - especially Caz and Jack. Judy

Gordon has had to take his son Kristian back to Bristol, Lisa is unable to get a baby sitter whilst Christine is a lot better now after her fall and hopes to be back with us next meeting.

Congratulations to Scott and Aimee

They have learned that they will be able to move into their new home during the first week of August.

An offer from Maureen Budner in memory of Bill.

Maureen contacted us about two weeks ago with the following message.
"I would like to do something for Scribblers in memory of Bill so wondered if you had any thoughts on the matter. I did think perhaps of a writing competition for young people in conjunction with the library - I would provide the money for admin, prizes etc. If you think this is a worthy idea and want to pursue it, please let me know or if there is something else I can do."

After a discussion the meeting agreed that the best thing we could do, so that the Felixstowe Scribblers will be able to enter, would be to run an open writing competition for all age groups, and run this it in conjunction with Felixstowe Library. A suggestion that the Library staff may like to judge the competition producing a short list of the best stories and that Maureen and her family may like to select the winner from the short list.

Dave will follow up with the Library and then pass our thoughts to Maureen.

If you have you any further thoughts on this kind offer then please email me at

Dave was mentioned in last weekends Observer newspaper - completely unaware and, of course, unpaid! It related to UFOs over Suffolk and referred to the 'testament' that appears on the BBC Radio Suffolk website at

A follow-up to the invite from the BBC Radio Suffolk website to submit short stories for inclusion on the site. There has been a reasonable response and some stories will be forwarded sometime this week to the BBC. Anyone interested should submit their stories between 70 and 100 words, to me scribblers@ntlworld.com for onward posting to the BBC. Some suggested themes are :

first love … dark secret … best journey … bad luck … funniest minute of my life …
The website can be viewed at

BBC Radio Suffolk Website has also asked for 'volunteers' to write a review of forthcoming theatre productions in the area. Free tickets for the productions will be supplied. I have a list of interested members and will forward these to the BBC.


Recently it was suggested that we include a short 15-minute session on character building, but other issues overtook this plan. However we now have further ideas to enhance our meetings.
Firstly some time should be allotted to discussing writing issues such as the one mentioned. Secondly, from time to time we will have an unannounced writing session of up to 15 minutes on a specific subject - (Sheila suggested using the first line or sentence from one book, the final line or sentence from another and then write the story in between).


Finally The Lost Sock premiere took place at the excellent Spa Pavilion venue with over 400 attending. Ruth's interviews of some of the personalities can now be viewed at http://felixstowetv.co.uk/sock/ DVD's are on sale at £8 plus postage. Contact giles@felixstowetv.co.uk


Another success was our visit to Woodbridge Library as part of the BBC RaW campaign, There were nearly three dozen prospective writers, staff and members of the Scribblers in attendance and there is a lot of interest in setting up a Woodbridge group. Our own Online Membership has increased since then, Thanks to all the scribblers who came along.


There are now 37 members of the Online Community

The winner of the June short story competition is an online member, Jojo. Her winning entry can be read by members at http://www.onlinescribblers.com/ Well done Jojo! Voting was keen and there was only one vote between the winner and the last place!

Two new competitions are now open for submissions. We know that most people have more on their minds at this time of year than our competitions so that's why we have decided to run two competitions concurrently until the end of August - There's plenty of time to think about your entry. One entry in each competition per member. The theme for both is 'Summer' with a word count for the writing competition up to around 1,500 words. There is no line limit on poetry.
All submissions will be shown anonymously meaning that the entries will be judged purely on their merit. Send your entries by email, preferably as an attachment, to summer@onlinescribblers.com and 'Newsbot' will enter them into the competition. Hope this will meet with everyone's approval.

If you are already a member of Online Scribblers, please consider entering the competitions or join in the forums. If you are not a member, then why not register and join in the competitions?

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

A slow period at present, what with World Cup football, tennis and the hot, hot summer weather. The site has far exceeded the 6,000 hits with the number of pages visited well over 12,000.
If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new website at http://nar8or.blogspot.com/ then please email Alex at


Mavis: Moving On: The full version of the story that Mavis began at our last meeting following on from the ultimatum to keep her baby or lose her partner, and how her values change as a young mother.

Alex : Extracts from the first chapter of a book whose main character is Asian. It is a vibrant story that has many possible story lines to follow. The character is jet lagged, drunk and hungover. Tries to chat up a woman on the plane, is stopped by customs.

Faye: Chapter 2 of her futuristic story 'BOATERBIKES'. The story is very imaginative and received some very positive feedback..Faye also produced a set of illustrations of each of her characters.

Liliane: Kitty's Holiday Letter a hilarious tale about a visit to a Perfume factory including a verbal assault on the poor coach driver.

Zoe: Heatwave:Once again our resident poet produced some flowing lines that captured all the symptoms of a heatwave.

Les: The Challenge. Told of a 4-year-old child with Spina bifida arriving at his grandparents early one morning. He had set out and completed the walk for the very first time.

Sheila: Shared the short stories for BBC - Best Secrets, Short Journeys and First Love.

Kate: Client. A poem based on a real life wealthy man who had material wealth and a fortune that was decidedly dodgy.

Dick: Buy Me An Ice Cream Mister. A young girl runs out in front of his bicycle then asks for an ice cream … There is nowhere nearby except a quarry… Young Alice had been killed by a car years before.

Morag: Tumbleweed Plain: Her rediscovered first novel, a western, that is being re-written. In this excerpt, a prairie fire and the dangers of tumbleweed..

Tony: Read out submissions for the BBC Radio Suffolk website including First Love and Photogenics.

Ruth: Family Snap: The continuation of the story based on a 15 year old girl whose mother was mugged. Ruth has captured the authentic teenage attitude and is producing another really gripping tale.

Scott: A Little Trim. The Scott we all know and love! Written from a lambs perspective it is an enjoyable story of life on a farm…

Dave: A Cool Summer's Day. A normal day, train services on time, busy work routine in London then the journey home and the sudden wave of heat at Saxmundham..

THE NEXT MEETING will be held on Tuesday 1st August at 7.30pm


1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be produced by Les and Liliane.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers


A reminder that our next meeting at the Felixstowe Library will be this coming Tuesday 18th July at 7.30 pm. The homework theme was set as around 500 words on HEATWAVE with the two 1,500 open topics to be read by Alex and Mavis.


The BBC Radio Suffolk website is waiting for our 70-100 word short stories to be considered for online publication - sorry no payments, just prestige! - Currently I have two members who have sent work in to me for forwarding on. The suggested subjects are :

first love … dark secret … best journey … bad luck … funniest minute of my life …


The Premiere of The Lost Sock last Sunday was an unrivalled success with in excess of 400 folk attending. If you were there I am certain you will have enjoyed the afternoon, if you weren't then you could buy the video, complete with out takes, from giles@felixstowetv.co.uk at the give-away price of £8.

There are two video reports that can be viewed on Felixstowe TV.


Another success was our visit to Woodbridge Library as part of the BBC RaW campaign, There were nearly three dozen prospective writers, staff and members of the Scribblers in attendance and there is a lot of interest in setting up a Woodbridge group. Our own Online Membership has increased since then, Thanks to all the scribblers who came along.


A reminder that Voting for the Online Scribblers writing competition closes on Monday 17th July at 18.00 BST with the winner being announced simultaneously in the forum and at the Felixstowe Scribblers meeting Tuesday the 18th July. If you haven't already voted then time is running out! Why not vote now?


Two further Online Scribblers competitions are currently open for entries. These are a poetry and a writing (Short story) competition each with the same SUMMER theme. Closing date for these entries will be 31st August. One significant improvement is that entries from now on will be anonymous (subject to review)- as requested at the Scribblers last meeting.


Morag's article is published in the August edition of the Writers' News. Well worth a read - and there's a picture too!

Hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jess a blog posts about us. Pleased to meet you Jess!

This like many things I do is a little later than it should have been.

A month or so ago we wrote about Leicester based NLab.

Well while having a much overdue tidy up of the template and checking a few things I found this both delightful and insightful weblog titled 'jess' that links to us.

Jess writes in her entry in Jess: [Felixstowe Scribblers]....

"A word which keeps swilling about in my head is "connections." The ability to make connections with other sites, with other narratives, with other personas... As I was pondering the importance of connections I found a site which connected to the NLab workshop. Thanks to their connection I have learnt of a new and exciting writing collective of which readers of my blog will probably be interested. Check out the Felixstowe Scribblers Weblog. Aside from the funky blog url, they blog about things of interest to, well, writers. They've blogged about writernet, something akin to NLab but geared towards dramatic writers. Have a look. "

....well thanks a lot and pleased to meet you Jess - we are sure our readers would find your weblog very interesting too. For a sample read Jess' account of theyre ' NLab Workshop day and trAce commemoration' event on 23rd June that I would have loved to attend.

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The nLab website.
The writernet website.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I love the Felixstowe Carnival. Its coming up soon. Check out their new website.

I love the Felixstowe Carnival. Its coming up soon. Check out their new website.

I think it is a huge credit to the town and the team of volunteers that organise it - both in the quality of the event that they organise and I cant wait to sink a few pints while watching a couple of the tribute bands. Its ABBA Gold, Glambusters and the Blues Brothers this year.

4th, 5th and 6th of August.

From the Felixstowe Carnival Website.

"'Chairman's Editorial - 2006'

Many comments and suggestions were received about the 2005 carnival and have been taken on board and we hope that the 2006 carnival will as good, if not better, than previous years.

I have been involved on the Carnival Committee for many years and, with some of the Committee members moving on, new blood has joined the Committee and we hope to increase the attractions over the Carnival Weekend.

There are still opportunities to help and the Committee would welcome any further assistance.

As for this year?

Once again, Langer Park will be the staging ground for the Weekend and along with the events in the Town Centre and on the Sea Front, Felixstowe will be packed with tens of thousands of local people and visitors.

As I have said on previous occasions, the Felixstowe Carnival Weekend is only possible bec ause of a combination of very hard work by the Committee and the overwhelming generosity of local businesses and the local community. When apathy has all too often ruled in other areas of the Country, when it comes to Felixstowe, you should be very proud of yourselves and your Carnival... I know that I am.
Enjoy your Carnival Weekend."

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Felixstowe Carnival Association.:

Excellent new Felixstowe Web Camera in Langer Road.

You can actualy see the cars move - click to laod the page.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Article about us on BBC - Suffolk - Community: The Felixstowe Scribblers, By Corinne Roper.

BBC - Suffolk - Community - The Felixstowe Scribblers:

From the BBC Suffolk Website....

"The Felixstowe Scribblers
By Corinne Roper
Ever thought about trying your hand at a bit of creative writing but didn't know how to start? The Felixstowe Scribblers might be just what you're looking for.."

EADT - Welcome to 'contrail country'

EADT - Welcome to 'contrail country': "THESE are the big skies that inspired John Constable two centuries ago.

But these pictures show that far from the dramatic, kinetic mass of clouds that loomed over the artist's landscapes, the sky above Dedham Vale is now criss-crossed with contrails.

Although theoretically classed as clouds, the trails of condensation left behind jet aircraft would have been far too geometric for Constable and show the effects of the industrialisation he so wanted to escape from in his rural idylls."

World eBook Fair: 1/3 million eBooks await you for personal use, all free of charge for the month.

From the World eBook Fair website: "Welcome to the home of the World eBook Fair, the largest showcase for eBooks, eBook publishers, editors, and others working in the new world of eBooks.

July 4th to August 4, 2006 marks a month long celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first step taken towards today's eBooks, when the United States Declaration of Independence was the first file placed online for downloading in what was destined to be an electronic library of the Internet. Today's eBook library has a total of over 100 languages represented. "

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World eBook Fair

Monday, July 10, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Over 400 people attended the world premiere at Felixstowe's Spa Pavilion on Sunday of the only full-length feature film ever to be made in Felixstowe - The Lost Sock.

The change of venue from the Palace Cinema - which banned the film due to Cllr Doreen Savage being in it for exactly one minute - meant more people could see the film on the big screen than planned. About 280 could have been accomodated in the cinema in two showings.

The show also included an out-takes reel, and was followed by a party in the Spa's comfortable lounge bar which around 100 people attended. Awards for best all-sorts-of-things were given out by producer Giles Meehan, and director Chris Gosling - who, not surprisingly, failed to win the best director award!

Production company Felixstowe Films is now in discussions with local writers and local TV outfit Felixstowe TV to prepare the next project - the second feature film ever to be made in Felixstowe!

Sadly, no members of the media managed to attend the premiere.

Chris Goslingwww.felixstowetv.co.uk

Books Podcasts 1: NPR of North America has really excellent weekly books podcast.

NPR of North America - basically the Public broadcaster of the USA - has a really excellent weekly books podcast - a great way to cover a lot of ground in a really efficent way, and get a lot of information and ideas and also hear writers talking about their work. I really enjoy this broadcast.

Included in the latest NPR: Books Podcasts are Alison Bechdel's Tragicomic Family Life, Harper Lee Pens Second Public Work, A Viet Kieu Shares His 'Perfume Dreams', discussions on The Drawbacks of Fighting Terrorism with Torture and a Modern, Far-Fetched, Pirate Tale.

Anybody wishing to learn more about podcasts why not check out the wikipedia podcasts defenition.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

The Lost Sock Premiere is at the Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe tomorrow afternoon, that is, Sunday 9th of July.

Doors open at 1.30,

Introduction at 2.05

The Film Premiere begins at 2.10.

The Spa Lounge and Bar will be available after the film for refreshments etc., and, did someone whisper DAFTA awards?

Please arrive in good time, but remember that even if you haven't booked, then you will still be able to find a seat.

See you there!


Felixstowe Scribblers

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 4th July 2006

Apologies Caz and Jack, Judy, Gordon, Peter, Sheila.

In attendance Tony, Dick, Kay, Zoe, Liliane, Ruth, Morag, Lisa, Alec, Scott, Dave and a special welcome back to Mavis.


An update on Jack.

Caz tells me in a text message that Jack is suffering some pain, is very tired and is not eating very well. She says they all send their love to the Scribblers and wishes to thank everyone for their messages of goodwill.

A message from Maureen Budner.

I have a letter from Maureen thanking us for the support and collection in memory of her husband and our friend Bill who died so suddenly. She says the total collection received amounted to £2,680 - £1,712.50 for the East Anglian Ambulance Trust (Felixstowe Community Responders Scheme) and £967.50 for Tear Fund's Yanapankuna health project in Bolivia. News is awaited of the purchase of a defibrillator for Felixstowe that will make a real difference to the coverage in the town and hopefully saves lives in the future. Bill would have been very moved to know that all this has been done in his memory.

Maureen goes on to say that she has been overwhelmed by all the messages of sympathy and support. She says,

" I have only just seen the 'In Memoriam' that is on the Scribblers website. I was deeply touched and thank you most sincerely for that. Also the accompanying photograph of the sunset was so apt - it could easily have been one of Bill's own photos.

"Bill so enjoyed being part of 'Scribblers' and we know his last writings were of a very high standard - he was moving to different spheres of writing. Sadly that was not to be fully realised.

"Please pass on to the group my appreciation for their support at the funeral, I do not know everyone personally but am aware from the card filled in, that members were there.

"I would like to do something for Scribblers in memory of Bill so wondered if you had any thoughts on the matter. I did think perhaps of a writing competition for young people in conjunction with the library - I would provide the money for admin, prizes etc. If you think this is a worthy idea and want to pursue it, please let me know or if there is something else I can do.
Thankyou for your friendship and support of Bill.

Yours sincerely,


Well Scribblers, have you any thoughts on Maureen's kind offer? Please let me know at scribblers@ntlworld.com

As you will be aware Ruth is pictured in the current edition of Writing Magazine the Writers' News award ceremony in Harrogate. To follow this Morag has an article being published in the next issue of Writers' News whilst there will be a feature on Felixstowe Scribblers in the September issue.

Following on from this, I was asked for comments from the BBC website about blogging, and our weblog in particular. After answering the questions, we were mentioned briefly but asked if we would like to be featured on the site. Guess, what?
We are featured and it can be viewed at
Yet another follow-up to this exciting news is that the BBC have invited us to submit short stories to be posted on their website. These should be between 70 and no more than 100 words. Some suggested themes are :
first love … dark secret … best journey … bad luck … funniest minute of my life …

Please forward your stories to me [ scribblers@ntlworld.com] for onward posting to the BBC website.


The Beach Party took place on the very last evening before the heat wave begun. There were ten brave souls, a quick round of wine and beverages on the beach along with a round of literary words before making a quick escape to the warm welcome of the Alex.

The next function - will be on Sunday 9th July which is :-


The film has raised some comment in the local press following the sudden withdrawal of the agreement by the management of the local cinema who refuse to show it because of the appearance - albeit less than a minute - of a certain dignitary. With less than 10 days to the premiere, thanks must go the new management of the Spa Pavilion who have stepped in to make the premiere event happen. Doors open at 1.30pm with the film due to start at 2.00pm.
Everyone is welcome so, if you are coming along, don't be late but please have a good afternoon. The bar will be open at the end of the screening.

Next Tuesday, 11th July, everyone is invited to come along to Woodbridge Library where the Scribblers are taking part in the BBC RaW event. We will be answering questions on and promoting writers' groups, especially the Scribblers. It will be fantastic to have the support of other Scribblers - and if you are able to come along, then please feel free to bring an example of your along if you wish. The event starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.00pm.


There are now 33 members of the Online Community and this is quite a healthy and growing number. Additions to the forums are more frequent and free entry to the competitions has been interesting. You can vote for your favourite story in the June competition.

Two new competitions are now open for submissions. We know that most people have more on their minds at this time of year than our competitions so that's why we have decided to run two competitions concurrently until the end of August - There's plenty of time to think about your entry. One entry in each competition per member.

The theme for both is 'Summer' with a word count for the writing competition up to around 1,500 words. There is no line limit on poetry.

Following a suggestion at the meeting, all submissions will now be shown anonymously meaning that the entries will be judged purely on their merit. Send your entries by email to summer@onlinescribblers.com and 'Newsbot' will enter them into the competition. Hope this will meet with everyone's approval.

If you are already a member of Online Scribblers, please consider entering the competitions or join in the forums. If you aren't a member, then why not register and join in?

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

As stated earlier, the BBC Radio Suffolk website were interested in our weblog and views about blogging in general. From their interest came the feature on our writing community and they have links shown to all three of our sites - the weblog, Felixstowe Scribblers website and Online Scribblers forums.

The hits on the sites have dropped over the last couple of weeks or so - possibly due to the outside influences of the wonderful weather we have had together with World Cup Football and Wimbledon fortnight. I am sure they will soon pick up again.

If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new site then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible.


These produced some really tremendous work and showed exactly how the standard of writing is always improving. With numbers down at the meeting, we were able to share in-depth feedback and comments on all the work. A really enjoyable evening.

RUTH : Family Snap: Prologue: An idea she is developing for another story, possibly for theatre or radio. A dialogue based story about a 15 year old girl whose mother is mugged and then her feelings, and those of her grandmother, are recorded onto tape for analysis and help by a psychologist.

DAVE : A Country Respite : A couple of townies decide to go on a camping holiday in the country and find it is not all that they expected.

MAVIS : Moving On : The first part of a short story about the ultimatum to keep her baby and lose her partner. She has changing values as a young mother.

ALEX : Monologue : True to life member of a highway maintenance gang whose marriage has broken down yet he manages maintenance payments for his child.

LISA : Two poems, My Feet Hurt and My Do It : The latter a lovely tale about a child wanting to do everything but getting it all wrong.

LILIANE : A family tale of a 90 year old recalling two step mothers - the first died when cleaning an upstairs window and fell to the ground below. The essence of the story was that she couldn't trust men.

KAY : Amazing Grace : As a child Grace heard monsters in her parents bedroom. Took one of her mother's tablets with milk and the story evolves how she fell to the gutter eventually waking up in police cells before rebuilding her life.

DICK : A Dip Into The Training Manual: A thoroughly entertaining story about how cats should train their human masters to ensure love and affection.

TONY : Hit the Road Steve : About a man hitching a lift on the M1, In typical Tony style, the twist lays in the title. Steve hurt his hand when he hit the road!

SCOTT : Everything Has a Price : A story how everything that goes up comes down again, in this case a youngster rising to a .com millionaire then plummets back down again.

THE NEXT MEETING will be held on Tuesday 18th July at 7.30pm


1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be produced BY Alex and Mavis.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!


PS Don't forget The Lost Sock at the Spa on Sunday [9th]

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers

Have you heard of The Lost Sock?

It's the only full-length feature film ever totally made in and featuring Felixstowe - and it's a riot!

Written by members of the Felixstowe Scribblers writing group, featuring local actors and produced by a local team, the 1 hour and 26 minute movie includes aliens landing at the pier, and an amazing scam to sell-off a landmark piece of Felixstowe's history. Local characters and personalities make appearances as themselves, along with the local police, and the Port of Felixstowe Ambulance crew - there were over 100 local people, firms and organisation involved in the production.

The world premiere will be at the 900 seat Spa Pavilion on Sunday, 9th July at 2pm, courtesy of the theatre's management, Openwide International. So with all those seats to fill, we'd love everyone to come along and have a great afternoon. After the show, the Spa's comfortable lounge bar will be open, so you can buy your favourite actor a drink! There is no charge - but we do suggest a donation of perhaps £2 per person to help towards the funding for the next "Felixstowe Film", if you enjoy this one!

You can just turn up, or you can reserve a seat - to do this, contact http://www.blogger.com/ - if you are a member of the cast and crew, seats will already be reserved for you.

The episode form of The Lost Sock has been shown on the Felixstowe TV website, but the film version is a completely new edit, with an amazing soundtrack and terrific pictures - you won't have seen anything like it online!

Come along and have a great afternoon!

Chris Goslinghttp://www.blogger.com/07931 310254

PS: The film's premiere was originally planned to be at the Palace Cinema in Felixstowe - until the owner decided, 10 days before the show, that he didn't want to show a film which included one of Felixstowe's local personalities! - More details on the FTV website!

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