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Friday, February 27, 2009


Starting at 7.30pm our next meeting takes place in the Cafe Libra at Felixstowe Library and will be chaired by Dave. The homework assignment is for 500 words on either ‘Comic’ or ‘Behind the Scenes’ or even both combined. The 1,500 open themed work will be provided by Alex and a substitute for Jane who is unable to make the meeting.

It is hoped that the posters will be available for the new Bill Budner Short Story competition which will be open to all writers.

We understand that the Writers' Cafe at Starbucks in the Buttermarket Ipswich on Monday 16th March is now fully subscribed - which just proves the popularity of these great events.

Please see below for the BBC Writersroom Newsletter

Hope to see you all at Scribblers on Tuesday so, until then,

Keep scribbling!


Welcome to the BBC writersroom newsletter.

Toby Whithouse Q&A
The writer and creator of Being Human will be answering questions about his work and career at the Soho Theatre in London on Wednesday 4 March 2009. Book your free ticket now!

Sanjeev Kohli and Gareth Edwards talk about writing comedy for radio, and 7 on 7, the new open-door sketch show for BBC radio 7

Sarah Daniels and Kwame Kwei-Armah talk about writing radio drama.

Read our interview with Bianca Rodway, the script producer for Casualty.

New Scripts
Our scripts are in PDF format - if you can't read them, download Adobe Reader from http://www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/categories/plug/acrobat/acrobat.shtml?intro

Being Human: Episode One by Toby Whithouse

Casualty: A House Divided by Daisy Coulam

Casualty: Sex and Death by Mark Catley

Don't forget you can browse through all of the scripts in our script archive.

Submitting your script to BBC writersroom
Want to write for the BBC? Find out what to send us on our script submissions page.

Ceri Meyrick (and special guest bloggers) talk about how the Drama Writers Academy works, Paul Ashton continues with the Perfect Ten, and Micheal Jacob talks cheap and chirpy.

7 on 7
Deadline: 27 February 09
Wanted: writers for a new BBC radio topical sketch show.

The Alfred Bradley Bursary Award
Deadline: 27 February 09
Writers based in the North of England can win a bursary of up to £5,000 and have their work produced on Radio 4

The Windsor Fringe Marriott Award
Deadline: 05 March 09
Three one-act plays will be performed at the Windsor Fringe Festival, and the best will win a £500 cash prize

Northern Laughs
Deadline: 12 March 09
New opportunity for exceptional writers from the North who want to write TV Comedy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



APOLOGIES: Kay (Holiday) Sue (Holiday) Debbie (Work) Ruth (Rehearsing) Morag and Caroline F.

ATTENDING Barry (Chair) Dave, Di, Dick, Lauren, Rosie, Stephen, Les, Trish, Liliane, Caro, Alex, Angela, Connie, Peter, Tony and Jane.


Another superb attendance for what promised to be a really great evening of creativity and a welcome to Di who is attending her first meeting for some time.

A former regular Scribbler, Debra Parks, was recently featured on the front page and page three of the Evening Star. Debra was honouring her mother, Valerie Brown who has overcome three separate cancers in three parts of her body in six short years. It is wonderful news and was honoured by Debra who, last year, ran the Race for Life raising over £1,300 for Cancer Research UK and intends to run again this year and would doubtless appreciate sponsorship....

Ipswich ‘Til I Die’, a book based on the memories of Ipswich Town Supporters has been released and features a small article by Dave. Although pleased with the quality and content of the publication, he was not quite so happy with his name being altered...

On the subject of books, Dave recommends a fantastic read – Like Ships That Pass in the Night – by our own Judy Clements. It is a true story of her adventure with partner Ron having turned to a life on the ocean wave. If you haven’t already read it, then get hold of a copy quick before her next book is published – that’s about their love of Burma, parts of which she has already shared with us at Scribblers meetings.

Dave who is reading Rochelle’s book Witch, has just received a copy of It’s All Relative by our Cairns based Suffolk lad Chris and, according to Dave’s wife Ann she found the first few pages very amusing. Dave hopes you all slow down on publication as he can’t read that fast!

INVITATION: Caroline (Foster) informs us that Creative Writing Groups moved premises recently and are having a launch event on Thursday 26th February between 2pm and 8pm and she would love Scribblers members to join her and enjoy a glass of bubbly at 12 Court Farm, Stutton Road, Brantham CO11 1PW. Please RSVP caroline@cwgroups.org.uk or telephone 01473 858429

Secondly, a rare opportunity to take part in a Travel Writing & Photography Weekend Workshop is taking place in Hunstanton on 14th/15th March for more information visit www.cwgroups.org.uk

The next IPSWICH WRITERS CAFẾ is at Starbucks in the Buttermarket Ipswich on Monday 16th March at 7.00pm. Spaces are limited so anyone interested in attending should email aburton@wolseytheatre.co.uk to book their place and also to book one of the available reading slots.

Morag has kindly been in touch with Maureen regarding the Bill Budner Short Story Competition which will be open to everyone. The competition is for a fictional short story on the theme ‘The Last Day of the Holiday’. You must create an original title for your story which should have a no more than 2,000 words. There will be adult and children’s categories with a1st prize of £25, 2nd prize £15 and 3rd prize £10 in both categories. Closing date will be 25th April. Full details will follow before the competition is announced publicly. Thanks again to Maureen for again sponsoring this competition in memory of her husband Bill.

The 1,500 word open themed work:

Tony: Hunions Travels through the Forest
Dave: Valentine

The 500 word ‘Trophy’ assignment on “Smile”

Di: Friendly Smile
Dick: Smile Please
Lauren: Untitled
Rosie: Cambridge University Diary
Stephen: Quail
Les: Grumpy Old Man’s Memories
Trish: Mary’s Smile
Liliane: Mia’s story
Caro: Untitled
Alex: Smiley
Angela: Though Your Heart Is Beating
Connie: Childish
Jane: First Kiss
Barry: Change

Our Next Meeting

3rd March at 7.30pm in the Café Libra, Felixstowe Library.

Dave will be in the Chair,

The homework assignment is 500 words on ‘Comic slash Behind the Scenes’ (Dick’s words). In reality the subject is either ‘Comic’ or ‘Behind the Scenes’ or both.

The 1,500 word open themed work will be undertaken by Alex and Jane.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

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For Creative Writers Groups
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The Ads

Kaixin is introducing another competition. This time in written Chinese. It will be on three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Xiaosui will be the judge. She is an experienced teacher in her own right and she will be enlisting the opinion of other teachers in China.
It's aim is to encourage those people learning Chinese and those people who are perpetual students of Chinese.
The prize is 6 months free subscription with ChinesePod, a premier site for learning Chinese. Entry is free. ChinesePod will assist all levels from beginner to advanced, so it is useful for any student of Chinese.
We would certainly appreciate it if you could let anyone know who are learning Chinese at the moment. Particularly any schools that are teaching Chinese. http://kaixin.com.au/the-chinesepod-zhong-wen-compe/

My name is Ben Evans and I am the editor of the Arts Review Fogged Clarity. Our current issue is up at www.foggedclarity.com, I was hoping you would share this call for submissions with your writers group.
FoggedClarity.com seeks exceptional fiction and poetry
Arts Review Fogged Clarity is now accepting submissions for our March and April editions. Submissions should be sent to submissions@foggedclarity.com. Our February (debut) issue is free and available at www.foggedclarity.com. In it you will find new work from poets Bruce Smith, Amy King, and Peter Ciccariello, experimental photography by Kyle Jones and Ryan Daly, short fiction by Dmitri Gheorgheni, and much more. Fogged Clarity aims to transcend the conventions of the typical literary review by incorporating music, the visual arts, interviews, and political exposition. Our ambition is to form a community of artists whose interaction is not constrained by medium, but broadened by a collective love of expression. Our network is extensive, and our passion for ventilation intense. We sincerely hope you will join us, and share the fruits of your own fogged clarity. Executive Editor, "Fogged Clarity" www.foggedclarity.com



TAKE OUT A SUBSCRIPTION and we will add TWO FREE ISSUES to the subscription that you require, including renewals; whether 1, 2 or 3 year subs, in the UK or overseas. All you have to do is click on our website http://www.thenewwriter.com/ go to our secure online form and specify which subscription you want where indicated in the drop-down box and we will do the rest and confirm the duration of your subscription by email. This will also apply to any subscriptions taken out by post, paid by credit card, cheque, postal order while this offer lasts.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Next Meeting

After all the bad weather of the last fortnight or so, it looks as if it will have improved by Tuesday (17th February) when we hold our next meeting. Starting at 7.30pm it takes place in the Cafe Libra at Felixstowe Library and will be chaired by Barry. The homework assignment is for 500 words on 'SMILE' whilst the 1,500 open themed work will be provided by Tony and Dave.

There will be a new sponsored Bill Budner Competition open to all writers so watch out for details. It is likely to be launched at the start of March with a closing date at the end of April but please watch this space for details!

Coming up on Monday 16th March at 7.00pm is another Writers' Cafe at Starbucks in the Buttermarket Ipswich. With limited accommodation and reading slots it is essential to book for this free event. Email aburton@wolseytheatre.co.uk for details and bookings.

Hope to see you all at Scribblers on Tuesday so, until then,

Keep scribbling!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Birthday Boy's Book

Our friend Chris way down under in Cairns, recently survived the monsoon that hit
Queensland and then his 70th birthday with a party that lasted the best part of twelve hours or so until he ran out of steam....

The good news is that Chris has celebrated with the publication of his book which is now available on the market. It's All Relative by Chris Shaw ISBN 978-0-9805882-0-0 so don't forget to order your copy!

Thursday, February 05, 2009




ATTENDING Alex (chair), Barry, Peter, Angela, Liliane, Trish, Kay, Les, Dick, Nicola, Dave, Tony, Sue, Caroline, Caroline (Caro), Jane, Jack and Stephen.

APOLOGIES Ruth rehearsing: Morag unwell, Rosie school work, Lauren home work, Debbie and Connie.

WELCOME to Carron – really another Caroline. Caro contacted Scribblers as she has recently started writing again after a number of years. Having joined the Writers’ Bureau she is enjoying the course but feels it would be good to receive more face to face feedback.


The Social at Castle Lodge Hotel was a tremendous success with a total of twenty seven new and ‘old’ sitting down for meals. The organisation by Ruth and her parents, the hotel proprietors, was excellent and the meals served quickly and were really delicious. Of course it took Ruth’s daughter Amber to show who the best waitress was on the night, bless her!

As a thank you for all the effort, Angela delivered a small bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Scribblers. Well deserved!

It would not be right to overlook Maureen Blundell whose presence at the meal and her one to one and group workshops made what was intended as a social evening into a very interesting weekend. So Maureen, who writes under the pen name of Roz Colyer and had her trilogy of books on sale helped to make this a weekend to remember. View her Liberato website at http://www.liberato.co.uk/

Nice to see Di at the dinner. She hopes to make the effort to get back to Scribblers from time to time and is still determined to get her novel finished and go for publication.

Someone else with a book on the go is Judy whose ‘Like Ships That Pass in the Night’ is a riveting read. Writing on her experiences in Burma, in fact Judy returned only last Saturday from her latest trip, confesses that she now has enough material to complete her book. Judy promises to come and see the Scribblers in the near future.

Although we have never met her, Rochelle sends her best wishes to us from Ireland. She has been linked with the Scribblers for quite a long time now and, as you will know has her book ‘Witch’ on the market. She has another book in preparation and has a publisher so we’ll be looking out for ‘Beyond The Third Eye’ in the future.

Have just learned that Connie was involved in a traffic accident on the way to Scribblers. We hope that neither Connie nor anyone else was injured and obviously we all send our best wishes to her.

Caz and husband Karl will soon be off to Buckingham Palace accompanying friend and cancer campaigner Eric Vanlint who has been awarded the MBE. Eric produced ‘Jack’s Book of Poetry’ in memory of poor Jack who died in 2006. Caz also tells me that some men from Liley’s Bar in Ipswich are doing a Rally2Rome on 125cc bikes in August in memory of Jack. They will be raising money for EACH.

Former regular Lisa is attending the Wolsey Writer’s Masterclasses and bumped into Alex who also attends these valuable days. Living out of town and with a growing family she is unable to attend Scribblers anymore but passes on her best wishes to everyone. It is an excellent programme which costs £20 per day. Well worth the investment!

Rosie is off to Cambridge University on Thursday and is really looking forward to seeing if University life is for her. It is a two day event when she will follow a law student for two days and see what lectures are like. Rosie says ‘All rather exciting I think!’ We wish her well.

Poor Lauren is suffering from too much homework AGAIN. So perhaps had better stop setting her homework.....?

Morag, who was unable to attend because of illness, has emailed Maureen regarding the open to all Bill Budner Competition. We expect to hear in the near future and begin to organise the competition.

Ruth is to appear in the Rushmere Players production "Roots", by Arnold Wesker, from 6th-7th March at Rushmere School, It is directed by Alan Dix and the synopsis is:

“This is the second in Arnold Wesker’s famous trilogy of plays that chart the impassable chasms between generations and social levels. In “Roots” we see the return of Beatie Bryant for a holiday in her fenland farm home. During her sojourn in London she has become involved with Ronnie Kahn, a young Jewish intellectual whose ideas she has tried desperately to absorb. Even more desperately, she tries to impose those ideas on her stolid Norfolk family, with conspicuous lack of success. To greet Ronnie, the family gathers for a huge Saturday afternoon tea. The afternoon doesn’t go exactly as planned...”

There’s still time to book for the Springfield Follies Pantomime at Kesgrave Community Centre this Friday and Saturday. Written jointly by Giles Meehan it stars David Cranwell, Jacky Meehan and Pete Guilder, all whom starred in ‘The Lost Sock’.

Our friend Chris in Cairns reports that his book is now ready and hope that we will be able to see a copy very soon. He reports that Queensland is suffering monsoon conditions at present with temperatures soaring around 30°C and if that isn’t bad enough several towns are flooded with the danger of hundreds of crocodiles swimming into residential areas. The warning is – don’t go paddling... See 9 News at

The 1,500 word open themed work:

Trish: Squatters Rights
Les: A Gastronomic Odyssey

The 500 word ‘Trophy’ assignment on “Climate Change”

Kay: Death of Oxleas Wood. – a poem.
Caroline: Concrete Nightmares – based on a previous homework.
Alex: Sub Prime
Liliane: The Dying Land
Caro: Things That Go Bump in the Night
Jane: Great Aunt Dolly Goes Green – a poem
Sue: Disappearing Isle – a poem
Angela: A Bit of a Rant
Peter: Family Climate
Tony: Who Do We Think We Are? – a poem
Jack: The Green Assassin
Nicola: Twenty Forty Nine
Barry: The Climate is Changing
Dave: Climate Change
Dick: Warning
Stephen: Barney and Zark

Our Next Meeting

17th FEBRUARY at 7.30pm in the Cafe Libra at Felixstowe Library.

Barry will be in the Chair,

The homework assignment is 500 words on “Smile”

The 1,500 word open themed work will be undertaken by Tony and Dave.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Thanks to everyone for attending on such a cold night and especially to Alex for the meeting notes.

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For Creative Writers Groups
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Two local productions to whet the appetite

There is still time to book for the Springfield Follies pantomime at the Kesgrave Community Centre. It is an excellent production written, directed and produced by Carolyn Pettman and our friend Giles Meehan of Felixstowe TV the producer of our infamous "Lost Sock". The show stars David Cranwell, Pete Guilder and Jacky Meehan who all prominently featured in the "Lost Sock".

There is also a new Rushmere Players production at Rushmere School and this stars our own Ruth who was a real breath of fresh air in her Rushmere debut last year. Surely another play that deserves to be seen.

Next time? Perhaps the Scribblers can write a stage play of very their own.....

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