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Friday, May 27, 2005


Hi Scribblers,

A few items that will interest you.


Remember Jacqui Loose? Here's an invite from her..

Very warm invite to all Scribblers.

2005 Fine Art Degree Show
2nd Floor, R Block
Suffolk College, Ipswich
car park at back of College, just off the roundabout at the bottom of Bishops Hill/ Back Hamlet.

Private View 3rd June 6.30 - 9 pm ( ALL of you most welcome)

Sat 4th & Sun 5th June 10am - 4pm

6th, 7th & 8th June 10am - 7pm

Hope everything is well with the Scribblers & I still think of the super way you all engaged and welcomed me, helping me with my project. Time has been limited because of College but I cannot believe three years have passed by so quickly, I must have had alot of fun!! I have certainly met some super people on the way.

very best regards

jacqui Loose


From Morag

Well, they say bad things happen in threes so I'm a bit wary about leaving the house. Not only did my computer crash, as you know, but yesterday mycar was smashed up on the A14 slip road to Trimley by a car driving into the back of me at speed. He was trying to beat a car on the roundabout (that I had stopped for) and didn't see me. So - not my fault!!! Luckily his insurance company have been in touch accepting liability and offering to pay for a courtesy car while mine is fixed ( if it can be fixed - Lewis thinks the chassis has been damaged). But nothing's turned up yet, so I am without transport at the moment. Ho hum. What else can happen?
Don't answer that. My neck hurts and Lewis thinks I should get it checked over by a doctor, but I'm sure it will be ok. It was just an accident, after all. The poor man's car was in a much worse state than mine - crumpled bonnet, radiator, broken lights etc - quite a mess. However, I did feel a bit shakey once I got home. The half bottle of wine afterwards helped.


From Rachel

Aologies for missing the last two sessions. It is exam time for me and I am overwhelmed with marking. And to make matters worse my daughter fell over and badly damaged her coccyx, so life has been very fraught, and I haven't even had a chance to send my apologies. I will certainly do my best to be at the next one though.


From Caz

Just a quickie (what else!). We are off to Addenbrooke's for more Chemotherapy this afternoon [Tuesday] earlier than scheduled just as soon as a bed is available so please could you let the others know to save me sending this out to them all.

It was great to see you all last week too and we hope to come again in the future when Jack is well enough. I will try and do the long piece for homework but it will depend on how things are of course. I will also try and get Jack to write a little something (as he isn't at school much it will be good for him to write instead of playing!) I know I'm mean!! We did take him to see Star Wars on Sunday though so I do allow treats too.

Bye for now and once again bless you and the 'gang' for being such a great support to us all. We really appreciate it very much indeed.

Lots of love Caz, Karl and Jack (our boy who we are so proud of because of the way he copes with his illness - putting us to shame sometimes) xxx


From Ruth

My novel is being printed and I expect the box of books to arrive any day - then I`ll have the job of selling them! As i`ve funded most of it myself I`ve got to sell quite a few to break even, but I`m glad i`ve done it...
Anyway, hope to be `back in the fray` soon...


from Jan......Dave Writes.....

Remember the BBC Short Story competition? Well Jan has tried to follow up and find out whether it will ever end as it has been going for well over a year now. This is the reply she received from the Beeb...

"We are still running the short story, it will be promoted more in the coming weeks both on the BBC Suffolk Website and on BBC Radio Suffolk so hopefully it will be completed soon.

As per our competition rules only the winner will be contacted directly and the name will also be posted on our website."

BBC Short Story competition
and then perhaps have a go at the story line. As you will see from the site, it has been mostly Scribblers work...-

Keep sending out those nice thoughts to everyone in need -


Keep Scribbling!!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New TV reality show for aspiring unpublished writers....
Channel 4's The Play's The Thing

In conversation with the local writer Susan Hawkes, she mentioned a new C4 show that seems very much to follow in the vein of the worthwhile 'Musicality' - which was a recent superior C4 reality TV where people actualy with talent were given something interesting to do.

From the C4 website....

Have you ever dreamt of writing a play? Of having something you've written staged in London's West End by a top theatre director? Of seeing your words brought to life by a cast of leading professional actors? Channel 4's The Play's The Thing will give you the opportunity to make the dream come true.

.....for more info go to http://www.channel4.com/theplay

Also http://www.broadwayworld.com/ has this interesting article aboutthe plays the thing.

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 17th May 2005

Dave writes...

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 17th May 2005

Apologies were received from Ellen who was attending a reading group in Ipswich, Les who is on holiday at Centre Parcs in Thetford. Richard is back on daughter's taxi service and Scott is looking forward to returning next meeting.

A really big surprise this evening when Jack arrived with his mum Caz - and how well he looked! Jack was on top form and even did some homework too. Had an update from Caz today, Friday, that says: "We have just arrived back from Addenbrooke's and Dr Sett the Radiographer who did Jack's CT Scan said she feels the initial findings indicate that the tumour has shrunk but by how much she cannot tell until she has had time to compare the two scans but we were relieved to hear this news. We go back to Addenbrooke's for more Chemotherapy next Thursday."

Sue also came along for what is going to be one of her rare visits for the next month or two as she is soon off to Canada hunting down the Mounties in the Rockies.

Joining them in attendance were Judy, Alex, Christine, Morag, Gordon, Ken, Dick, Ann, Belinda, Liliane, Peter, Alan, Tony and Dave.

Again thanks to Liliane for collecting the library key.

The Library: With the modernisation of the Library now in real progress, there was a surprise when we found the library had been double-booked for the evening! There were two computer groups in already but our lovely library staff were excellent and found enough seats for 17 of us to meet in the Children's corner. How Les would have loved that, but he's on holiday! Perhaps a bit noisy in the early stages but things soon settled down!


Since the last meeting we learned that poor Jan has lost her mother. We cannot imagine how she must be feeling, as this last year has been really hard for her and husband Gordon.

Other news:

He's a Winner! It is good to be able to announce that Dick came third in a mini-saga writing competition and was about to celebrate with the cheque that he received until he discovered it was for £2! Oh well, that's two pounds more than the rest of us made!


Felixstowe TV's mini drama serial

News from Chris

"Well, I'm sorry not to have been in touch lately, but things have been too hectic for words. Over the time since we all last met, I've been working six day a week one way and another, including a combination of FTV and other (paid!) jobs. This has meant making a tough decision or two about prioritising things, and has resulted in the FTV mini-series simply having to take a back seat for a few weeks. We now plan to start shooting at the end of June, and will be sending shooting details to you during the first week of June.

My intention will be now to try and shoot around 5 screen minutes per shooting session; I'll therefore send you availability notes which will enable me to maximise the output from each session.

I'm sorry if the delay has or may cause you any problem - let me know if you have concerns about fitting the production into your already busy lives!

Best wishes


As far as the Scribblers are concerned we have now finalised the eighth episode apart from some fine-tuning and are well on the way to finishing episode nine as well. We will hopefully have all scripts completed by the time filming begins, in fact those of us who have parts to play should even have time to learn all their lines too!

Keep an eye on http://www.felixstowetv.co.uk/miniserial/ for updates.

*** On to the readings

with the theme this time on 'Eyes'.

Belinda began with "Massaging Messages" based on her experience learning to be a masseuse and how it is possible to 'see' and receive emotions and messages through the hands.

"Safer by the Seaside" by Liliane was set in Antwerp and told the story of three children orphaned by a wartime bomb.

Peter shared "My War" memories of his childhood during the war at Clopton Corner close to Debach Airfield where the Americans were based.

Not for the faint-hearted, Ann recalled "A Level Biology" that included dissecting mice and even eyes…

Alan had printer problems at home so related his true story about his cousin Jack in Kensington who got lost in a really bag fog but was helped home in double quick time by a blind person.

Dick's "Eyes That Betray" was a very powerful story of rape with the victim reporting it to the police and realising that the eyes of the detective were those of her assailant.

Ken read "Gift" - A blind race - a newcomer able to mend eyes - and the agonies suffered by the one chosen to have his eyes 'mended.'

Morag read out Scott's "Never Gonna Dance Again" - a follow-up on Shadow, the talking dog who now wants to learn to dance…

Caz's "Eyes" perfectly described as windows of the soul.

Jack read out "Life Through the Eyes of a Peregrine" vividly descriptive in seeking it's prey and of the wonderful views it would see on its migration south for the winter.

Judy's "King Alfred" really was that - the life of a spud!

Dave's "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" was eerily set in a bedroom…

"The Cul-de-Sac Kids" was read by Christine about six children playing witches and peering through knotholes in the fence …

Alex's again untitled but very powerful work described the pain, suffering and head trauma received in times of war by friendly fire…

Gordon's "One in the Eye" just had to be about poor Cyclops..

Tony read out "The Eyes of the Beholder" whilst Sue read "Eyes Right Eyes Wrong" for Les who's wife Joan had to go to A&E with grit in her eye.

Finally Dave read Margareta's "How Many Eyes for an Eye?" which puts a new spin on revenge..

An excellent evenings entertainment once again with some mighty interesting material A real Scribblers experience.

The homework assignment for the next meeting is "CYCLING" or anything similar {ie recycling]. Set by Peter you are invited to write up to 500 words on this theme. The three open subject stories will be by Ann, Caz and Dave.

The next meeting is in three weeks time on Tuesday 7th June at the usual 7.30pm start time.

Please be aware there may be an alteration to the entrance of the building. If this happens then we will hopefully be advised before the night!

Until then, put out your kind thoughts for those in need,

Keep Scribbling,


Alex writes...

ta to Margreta for helping out with the HTML...:-)

The Ads…20th May 2005 .....

Don't forget Jeremy Doncaster, former international and Ipswich Speedway rider, is having his Farewell Meeting at Foxhall Stadium Ipswich on Thursday 2nd June 2005 start time 7.30pm.

* * * *

Keep your eyes peeled for BBC writing opportunities at www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom.

* * * *

This is your last chance to enter the Middlesex University Press Literary Prize 2005 for short stories and poetry as the deadline of 20th June is fast approaching. Just a reminder of the prizes to be won: Two first prizes of £1,000, Two second prizes of £250 and two third prizes of £100.

The judges include Penelope Lively (chair), Ali Smith, Sheenagh Pugh, Hugo Williams and Booker Prize shortlisted author Gerard Woodward.

For entry forms, rules and further information about the competition please visit our website at www.mupress.co.uk or contact us on 020 8880 4373.

We look forward to receiving your entry.

Kind regards, Nadine Cookey, Middlesex University Press Ltd., Unit 151 Lee Valley Technopark Ashley Road London N17 9LN

* * * *

Mature Times has launched a short story competition - any genre - no limitation on words - entrance fee £1 per story, maximum of two stories, with three prizes, £100, £60 and £40. Closing date 1st July 2005. Send entries to Writers Grand Circle, 43 Chard Drive, Luton, Beds. LU3 4EQ. Payments to Writers Grand Circle.

Are any Scribblers old (or mature!) enough to enter???

* * * *

Leaf Books short story and non-fiction competition

Dear Writers’ Group,

We are about to launch a new vehicle for the short story. Leaf is an A6 book that is small enough to fit into a pocket. Each Leaf contains one complete high quality short story or short piece of non-fiction written by established and new writers. The books have a colourful, simple design and are to be colour-coded by genre. Each story is approximately 4000 words long, so that it may be read in one sitting.

The special aspect of Leaf is that it is just one short story – the only publication of its kind. It will be available in coffee shops, cafes, train stations, hotel lobbies, hairdressers or anywhere people are waiting, lingering, taking a break.

Would you be willing to support our launch by telling the writers in your group about our competition? (see below). If you would like us to email you a flyer, post you some leaflets, or have any questions please contact me at leafbooks@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks very much,

Cecilia Morreau Leaf Books short story and non-fiction competition is for new short fiction and non-fiction between 4000 and 5000 words. First prize £200 and publication as a Leaf Book. Runners up £50 and publication. Entry fee: £5, make cheques payable to Leaf. Please label work by genre and include all contact details including email.

Entry forms on website, www.leafbooks.co.uk or send to:

Leaf, GTi, Valleys Innovation Centre, Navigation Park, Abercynon, CF45 4SN.

Closing date 31 August.


* * * *

Friday, May 13, 2005

The next meeting is Tuesday, 17th May 7.30 pm.
The subject matter is EYES ....

Dave writes....

Hi Scribblers,

Next Meeting

A reminder that our next meeting is on Tuesday coming, 17th May at the usual 7.30 start time. The subject matter for the meeting is EYES - could be their colour - ie bloodshot, soft brown, staring, glaring etc. or even the 'ayes have it' in Parliament. Look forward to hearing your stories and seeing you at the meeting.

Update on Jack

Received a message from Caz to say that Jack is home again for a few days after his second chemotherapy session. She says that "Jack is in good form but we are both shattered." and asks that we thank "all the Scribblers who have kindly sent me e-mails for their caring support to us all during this worrying time in our lives."

Sad news from Jan

Jan sent a text yesterday informing me that her mother died last Tuesday. Jan had been down in Felixstowe for the last month visiting and caring for her mother.

Felixstowe TV and the mini-soap

I understand from Chris that he will be sending an update on progress to everyone involved sometime next week.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday,

Keep sending out those good thoughts,


Monday, May 09, 2005

Writing help requested....
and an inspirational tale.....

Dave writes....

Just received an interesting email from Karen McLinton. Please read it and if you would like to help Karen write her book please contact her direct at forestgumponabike@yahoo.com. She has a website at www.freetibetworldbikeride.com


My name is Karen McLinton and I have recently completed a bike ride through 12 countries. Nothing
unusual there you might say, except seven years ago I couldn't walk. I was eventually diagnosed with M.E but during that time I couldn't speak, couldn't read, write or process anything like the television or radio. I had no co-ordination, couldn't even remember how to make a cup of tea and, for 3 years, slept for up to 20 hours a day.

Why am I writing to you today? I am currently in India, writing a book about my bike ride around the
world, but I need help! I am wondering if there may be any budding writers interested in my story who might like to help me write my book. I am now on chapter four and can send what I have if anyone might be keen to read more. I had an offer of help from an American lady but I feel British and American humour is so very different that I cannot work with her. I am not a writer, however, I think I have a very good story to tell.

Why did I take my bike ride? I needed a lifeline, something to fight for, a reason to keep going and it
came along in the most unlikely form. A book called "The Wind in my Wheels," by Josie Dew. I took about 3 months to read the book but when I finished I put it down on my coffee table and thought, "Pah, any fool can ride a bike, I can do that!" A rather bold claim considering that when I could walk I spent most of my time bumping into things!

But I never gave up and went on to push a 63kg bike and myself over 20,000km around the world.

If you would like to know more please contact me.

I would like to find someone with a great sense of humour, perhaps someone who has traveled, although I have an entirely different perspective from a bike, someone who will also be able to convey how much the bike ride changed me and sensitively portray the issue of Tibet. A lot to ask I know!

I have a website: www.freetibetworldbikeride.com, if anyone would like to read a little more. If you would like to contact me by e-mail I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

Karen McLinton

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Report of Meeting 3rd May 2005......
subject Knees......

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 3rd May 2005

Apologies were received from Ken who had to take an Uncle to Papworth Hospital whilst Sue is on short stay in Norfolk. Scott was absent again but will soon be returning to the fold and Caz also sent her apologies.

A surprise visitor this evening was our good friend Margareta who flew in from Austria to spend a few days 'at home' in Felixstowe so was able to come along in person instead of being a 'virtual' Scribbler over the Internet. Joining her in attendance were Alex, Les, Liliane, Gordon, Peter, Ellen, Morag, Christine, Ann, Belinda, Richard, Dick, Tony and Dave.

Again we thank Liliane for collecting the library key.

The Library: The modernisation of the Library has begun! Currently there is not much to see but this will alter as the year progresses. Regular users will notice that the upper level is now closed and that the ground floor is a little more cramped than usual. Lynne Gibbs the Library Manager has assured us that we will still have space for our meetings during the first phase of the work that is expected to last until October. After that space will still be provided elsewhere in the Library.

An Update on Jack and Caz. Since the meeting news has filtered through that Jack is now back in Addenbrooks and Caz is, again, staying with him. It was nice to know that he was able to be at home for the bank holiday weekend and part of the following week. Having spoken to Jack on the telephone he had hoped that he would be allowed to come along to Scribblers if he was well enough. Nice gesture from Rachel Sloane to play a request for him and so glad that he heard it with Caz.

I received the following from Rachel :


Caz also sent a message which read :

Thank you so much for that request Jack and I sang along and really enjoyed it. Have a good meeting and we hope to be able to come some time soon but at the moment Jack is neutropaenic so should not be amongst too many people, however lovely they are!

Lots of love to all and many thanks for all those good wish e-mails and cards etc it has been wonderful to be remembered at a very scary time in our lives.
Lots of love

Caz, Karl and Jack xxx

I am certain Caz would love an email at some stage - her email address for those who don't know is, cazwilkinson@ntlworld.com or if you wish you can text her a message. I will pass her number to anyone Scribbler who asks. I know she, and Jack, will love to hear from you.

I haven't heard any news from Jan about her mother recently but promise I will give an update as soon as I receive news.

I also learnt that Avril is in hospital too. She has been unable to attend Scribblers for some time now but hope she will be able to come along again soon.

Our thoughts and wishes go to them all.

Other news :

If any Scribblers have writing successes with publication, good critiques etc., then please let us know so it can be included in these notes.

For my own part I have submitted a Suffolk dialect article to Chapter & Verse that was found in the pages of the old East Anglian Magazine. More recently I have completed the research and submission of an article on the career of Jeremy Doncaster, former international and Ipswich Speedway rider, for inclusion in his Farewell Meeting that takes place at Foxhall Stadium Ipswich on Thursday 2nd June 2005 start time 7.30pm. There's bound to be a lot of fun that evening….


BBC's Last Laugh competition has now closed. Thousands of submitted some very funny endings - the reading has commenced and some real talent has already been spotted.

If any Scribblers made it onto the short-list then you'll be contacted before the end of June, The series will be broadcast in September and October and information will follow in due course.

Keep your eyes peeled for other BBC writing opportunities at www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom.



I understand that a new writing group is being formed in the area and is soon to have its inaugural meeting. The Ipswich Writing Group gets under way later this month and I shall go along to one of their future meetings as a guest. Ipswich is long overdue for such a group so I hope that we will be able to work in unison rather than in competition with each other for the benefit of our Suffolk based writers.


News has also filtered though that it seems as if Trevor from author.co.uk has "retired" and according to his weblog is no longer publishing books which has been a great disappointment to at least one of our members.


Felixstowe TV's mini drama serial…

Haven't had an update from Chris at Felixstowe TV just yet except that he liked the latest script that was sent to him. I understand from Jacky, who is to play the part of Rita, that the first four scripts have been delivered to her and now she has to learn the lines.

As far as the Scribblers are concerned we are currently finalising the seventh episode and working on the eighth of the series of ten. As promised the fourth episode was read before coffee and seemed to flow quite well. - but you'll all have to wait to see the final six episodes on Felixstowe TV… The suspense is killing us - especially the writers! - How will it all end?

For current information keep an eye on http://www.felixstowetv.co.uk/miniserial/.


On to the readings on the theme of "Knees"…

Ellen opened with "Knees" - a quite conversational style of writing which flowed well making it easy to visualise the characters and surroundings.

Les brought a bit of humour to proceedings with his "Curse of Smithy's Knees" - a true story of his personal dual embarrassment!

Dave relayed "On Yer Knees" a painful tale of bike and motorbike accidents from his (much) younger days

Alex produced "Too Soon" based on horrific real life events witnessed by Londonderry Ambulancemen.

Ann read "My Gran" who changed completely following a holiday at Pontins and a Knobbly Knees contest.

Peter came up with an unusual tale "Brought to Their Knees" about a mother sparrow and her nest made from the marvellously descriptive magnolia petals.

Who else but Liliane could provide a further chapter of family history revolving round Elsa? Seeking protection against ghosts and vampires etc., perhaps Heavenly Social Services really did help!

Christine was brave enough to brace herself with a poem "At the Dentists" - not a happy place to be.

Now one has come to expect something special from Gordon and it was delivered with "Preventative Medicine" that highlighted the introduction of a Knees Restriction of Bending Act.

Margareta provided a thought-provoking limerick embracing Knee High and Knee Level.

Belinda read out "Freda" who loved to dance but the colour of her skin meant there were unjust limitations to enable her to join a dance company. Following this Belinda provided many facts about the coloured dancer Josephine Baker (1906-1975) who left school early to begin a career on the stage.

Morag shared an extract from her book "Muddy Boots and Mishaps" when horses appeared on a their lawn and, just beyond their fence, a new gypsy encampment.

Dick for once provided an amusing limerick "A Sting in the Tale".

Tony's " A Weale Champion" provided an amusing thought provoking tale of bad knees sustained from a parachute jump - or was it?

Richard, back in the throng for the meeting, delivered "Choice" about the selfish purchase of a sports car and the resultant choice between that and his wife. Well which one would you have chosen?

Finally Dave read Scott's "Down the Pub" another humorous tale this time about Knobby and Neil …

An excellent evenings entertainment once again.

The homework assignment for the next meeting is "EYES" which was set by Margareta. This will see the meetings revert to three open subject stories which Liliane, Peter and Belinda have volunteered to provide. The rest of us are welcome to write up to around 500 words on the homework topic.

The next meeting is on Tuesday May 17th at the usual 7.30pm start time.

Until then, put out your kind thoughts for those in need,

Keep Scribbling,


Mature Times short story competition.....

Mature Times has launched a short story competition - any genre - no limitation on words - entrance fee £1 per story, maximum of two stories, with three prizes, £100, £60 and £40. Closing date 1st July 2005. Send entries to Writers Grand Circle, 43 Chard Drive, Luton, Beds. LU3 4EQ. Payments to Writers Grand Circle.

Are any Scribblers old (or mature!) enough to enter???

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The next meeting will be on May 15th....
homework chosen by Margerita is 'eyes'....

So between 250 and 500 words on that......

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