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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Next Meeting and news

Hi Scribblers,


Just a reminder that the next meeting will be held at the Felixstowe Library on Tuesday 6th September at 7.30pm. The homework theme as you will recall is "Nasty Shock". Dick and Kate have agreed to do the 1,500 word open themed work whilst everyone else will be limited to up to 500 words maximum on the topic.


Around 25 of us gathered for the meal at the Grosvenor which served jointly as a social gathering and a farewell meal for Geoff and Belinda. I think the staff at the Grosvenor did us proud with their service even if some of the meals were delayed because of our sheer numbers. What a lovely gesture of them to produce a lovely cake for Belinda and Geoff - a complete surprise to everyone!

The food was good, the company excellent - so nice to see some of our new members there too - the photos - if they haven't already been sold to the press will tell a tale or two.

Belinda and Geoff are actually staying in Suffolk for an extra month and hope to join the Scribblers for at least one more meeting.


If you don't already know, new photographs and a fresh film clip have been added to their website http://www.felixstowetv.co.uk/miniserial/ Have a look - it will make you laugh!

Also Felixstowe TV are soon to be collecting articles of local and historical interest for inclusion on their site. These should preferably be accompanied by the writers own supportive photographs thus avoiding copyright issues. Articles should be between 600 and 800 words and will be published on their website regularly. In the future they may also be published in magazine or paper form. At present there are no payments. email controlroom@felixstowetv.co.uk for further information.


The first post has been made on our website so please have a read and find out a little bit more about the Jotters. If you haven't already joined then perhaps you should. It is going to be a great asset to all writers.

Email Onlinejotters@yahoo.co.uk to join.


Just a reminder to the Committee members, there is a committee meeting this coming Tuesday at Caz's. The agenda has been posted on the website.

So until next time,

Keep Scribbling...and Jotting


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome to Online Jotters:
The First Post.

Posted : 26th August 2005

News :

This being our first month we are pleased to announce that membership is growing steadily - to date we have nine active members from three countries across Europe.
Welcome everyone.
Worthy of mention and with their permission:

If you want to share your work, then we will gladly include it.

With your permission in time I would like to ‘interview’ each Online Jotters (via e mail) in turn so that we can all get to know each other and maybe use it as a writer’s profile in the future online newsletter.

Its your site so all feedback is welcome as to how you want to see the site develop - for instance do you think others should critique your work that you offer for display online, do you want to share useful writing links etc? What could you contribute to any future Online magazine?

I am sure everyone has their own thoughts as to how they want the site to develop. Share them with us.

Yours truly

Think on :
This is a writing group and as promised there will be plenty of opportunity to get involved.
Lets start with Writer’s tennis of a strict 50-word duration – here my contribution - now it’s up to you to continue the story.

I want to be me. Free to do as I want. I hate the humdrum of every day life, sharing a house with those others. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made. What’s wrong with me choosing to study, spending time in my room, working on my computer?

So who wants to be next and get the ball rolling? Please include in your email your permission should it be chosen as part two.

This will then be shown online and the rest of us can move the story forward with part three etc:

Competition to check online :

Until the next time :

I would also like to hear your thoughts on the fantasy of winning the lottery – what would you do? When you are able to afford those little luxuries for your family/friends – would you be generous or …

Personal thanks to Alex and Dave for all the support I have received to date.

UPDATE 1 : Alex writes .... my sincere apolgies to all for the mess this post was presented in when originaly put up .... it was all my fault and is no reflection on Jan .... sorry it took me an hour or so to reslove the problem.

UPDATE 2 : Please note the contact e-mail address for Onlinejotters is Onlinejotters@yahoo.co.uk

Friday, August 26, 2005

Online Jotters - the word is getting out 2:
NAWG Opportunities for Writers.

We listed the NAWG (National Association of Writers Groups) a month or so ago - Im pleased to report they have listed our new Project Online Jotters under there Opportunities for Writers.

Online Jotters - the word is getting out 1:
Directory of Writers' Circles, Courses and Workshops 2005

Scroll just halfway down to see in the Directory of Writers' Circles, Courses and Workshops 2005 a mention of Jan's ready to launch Online Jotters project.

Thursday, August 25, 2005



TUESDAY 30 AUGUST 200S. 7.30pm

Venue Caz's


  1. Attendances : Solution to expanse of membership and attendance.
  2. Treasurers Report.
  3. Website : Progress report of new site and funding - advertising?
  4. Website newsletter?
  5. Online Jotters : Launch and membership
  6. Business cards : Business cards with website address committee email
  7. Socials : Future events -beach party?
  8. Felixstowe TV and the mini serial
  9. 2006 project - a new anthology?

10.Any Other Business

UPDATE Im sure Dave would be happy for suggestions and comments to be emailed to him at the usual place - but you can add comments for AOB here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well that was the Social at the Grosvenor...our next full meeting is Tue 6th Sept.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

We are the Felixstowe Scribblers - Online Jotters - new! for Autumn 2005.

Felixstowe Scribblers - Online Jotters - Logo - with thanks to Helen.
NEW! FOR Autumn 2005.

If you love writing then you are welcome to join us.

We are the Felixstowe Scribblers Online Jotters - new for Autumn 2005.

Felixstowe Scribblers are a group of both amateur and professional writers who have been regularly meeting in Felixstowe Library in Suffolk for many years.

Not everyone is able to attend the meetings so this is an alternative for members past, present (and those new to this site) to take part and contribute online.

We understand writers have difficulty finding time for their scribbling so we don't expect you to send in pieces regularly - just to join in when you have the time or the inclination.

Our aim: to compile an Online Jotters magazine in the future with contributions from every Online Jotter - but to begin we start with our own versions of Writers tennis, Writeathons and writing competitions.

Together we want to share our love of writing and support for each other - critique and review each other's work, possibly as a group of friends, attend writers workshops together for that face to face contact. Who

We are open to suggestions and want to encourage everyone to participate with their own ideas for the Online Jotters website.

We also intend to be an information source with notes for other online writer's links.

Interested? Then contact

yours truly


Subject: Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 16th August.

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 16th August 2005


were received from Sue on a caravan holiday whilst Judy is probably still trekking in Norway and Diane will likely be on Table Top mountain in South Africa when we sit down for our social!


attendance were

Kate, Alex, Peter, Liliane, Ruth, Lisa, Jack, Scott, Les, Morag, Tony, Gordon, Bill, Christine, Ann, Dick, Belinda, Rachel, Geoff, Caz, Mavis and Dave.

It was nice to see Jack at the meeting having just returned from another session of chemotherapy at Addenbrooks just a few hours earlier. Must mention his Mum Caz too, who was struggling all night with a bad back.


Welcome guests to the early part of the meeting were the 'brains' behind Felixstowe TV and the mini-series we - the Scribblers - created. Giles, the newly appointed production manager, accompanied Chris and Dot - or was it the other way about? Chris showed the film of the almost completed first episode - complete with our Tony and Jacky (Giles mother) running down Bent Hill. Three of the writers, Tony, Dick and Dave have parts whilst Ken is an extra and his son Damien, one of the men in black.

A very short clip that can still be viewed


Giles has formulated a shooting schedule and I would suggest if anyone would like to be extras that they phone or email Giles as soon as possible***************contact details removed*********** Alternatively contact Chris Gosling at controlroom@felixstowetv.co.uk

MEETING FORMAT The meeting ran very well this evening despite the Felixstowe TV 'extra' with everyone having time to be read and receive some feedback. The meeting finished, if I am not mistaken, spot on 10.00pm.


After every meeting Alex and Tony meet up at the Alex on the seafront. The last couple of times they have been joined by half a dozen Scribblers for an informal and enjoyable chat, not to say a good old cup of tea or coffee, or even a drop of the old fall down liquid. The invitation to meet up is open to everyone after meetings. It really rounds off the evening nicely. Great idea of Alex's….


Alex tells us that the new web site should be uploaded in two or three day's time. The site will be felixstowe scribblers.com [I think] so keep an eye out for the new site. We have some ideas to make this a prime site for local writers. Don't forget too that Jan's Online Jotters will be part of the site too.

ONLINE JOTTERS INVITATIONS You should have received your invitation to join by now. I believe this will be a tremendous asset for the Scribblers and will certainly draw members in from outside the area - and internationally too. You can join by emailing

yours truly
at Onlinejotters@yahoo.co.uk


Belinda announced at the meeting that they will now be staying for an extra month in Suffolk and so Belinda hopes to be at two more meetings before embarking on their big journey home. They'd better be quick because there has been an invitation for us Brits to emigrate to Oz as they need a bit of help running the place including training up their rugby and cricket teams and even to keep some of our forebears in check! Whoops, sorry Belinda and Geoff!


and Geoff's farewell social will go ahead as planned. It has been booked for next Tuesday, 23rd August at the Grosvenor in Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe. Please note the time differs slightly from that in the last Report. We will meet at 7.30pm for 8.00pm

Suffice to say there will be several members going along to the social. So far they include Rachel, Morag, Liliane and daughter, Scott and his better half, Ken, Tony, Dick and Pearl, Kate, Ellen, Alex, Bill and Maureen, Les and Joan, Caz and Jack, Gordon and Rexie, Dave and of course our guests of honour, Belinda and Geoff. If I have missed anyone out I apologise, but Caz has the list… Anyone else who would like to join us should either email Caz (preferably) at

cazwilkinson@ntlworld.com or Dave at scribblers@ntlworld.com

OTHER NEW Former Scribbler Georgina Wroe is now editor of a new gardening glossy "Grow Your Own (Fresh Food From Your Garden). She invites readers' letters along with the star letter receiving a £50 Kings Seeds Voucher.
If you haven't seen a copy then I am assured they are available at all good newsagents. Further details from Grow Your Own, email


Scott has informed us that he is now able to attend all Scribblers meetings and not miss out chunks of the year. Great news for us!


A Committee meeting has been called for Tuesday 30th August at 7.30 at Caz's. Hopefully committee members will be able to attend. Any items for the agenda should be sent to Dave scribblers@ntlworld.com

as soon as possible.

HELP PLEASE Does anyone please know of a good second hand local computer shop where I can purchase a cheap temporary monitor for my computer?

And so to the readings!

The long pieces were read out by Scott and Morag - Scott providing a fearsome tale of Baa Baa Black Beard, shall we say a sheepish kind of pirate? Morag read the prologue from her latest novel "Muddy Boots & Mishaps" which is now on sale as an e-book at


The came the 500 word masterpieces - how can one remember all the information and talent that our group regularly provides?

Kate began with some beautiful words in her poem "Amen" followed by her "Pirates" homework. Tony followed with "The Long Road North" another true tale of tragedy in the pop world, before Ruth read out part of the second chapter of her new novel which has to be completed and sent to an Agent by the start of September. To ensure she meets this target Ruth is writing 2,000 words a day! That's some going and - best of luck with the Agent! Lisa wrote a lovely piece again. Based on young mums and their children 'Pirates of Putney' had a great twist in the tail! Les really was a 'Pirate King' of the boards whilst both Ann and Mavis provided vastly different tales entitled 'Pirates'. Ann's slipped nicely into a theme she has for an historically based novel that provided her with the opportunity for some exciting research. Mavis has found how the homework themes have helped to improve her writing skills along with a range of completely new subject material.


shocked us all this time with 'I Fell in Love With A Space Pirate' - probably for the first time leaving her family a long way behind as she shot up amongst the stars. Belinda followed that with 'Double Edged Sword' that covered a completely new style including astral projection - perhaps the start of a long story or even a novel. Rachel continues to provide beautifully crafted poetic words this time with 'Pirates'.


gained the first applause of the evening when he read out his poem 'A Pirate Through and Through' in which he had everyone joining in the verse! Christine shared her 'Sailors Song' whilst Peter read out 'Winged Pirates' from the bird life in his garden.


reminded the more 'mature' writers amongst us of the days of 'Pirate Radio' stations like Caroline and Radio London, whilst Bill provided an intriguing physiological tale of 'Captain Morgan's Rum Do'

Only Gordon could drum up another wonderful X rated story 'Rough Passage for Little Noddy' for the younger hearted amongst us! Dick came up with a real modern day drama in his pirate story 'Thames Trauma' whilst Alex admitted that his homework had been pirated away!

Bringing up the rear, Dave ably assisted by Dick, provided a dialogue 'Pirates' based on the two rustic old characters Bill and Bert who feature in Felixstowe TV's mini-serial.

A tremendous evening's entertainment with the writing improving so very noticeably from meeting to meeting. It has been said before and I make no excuses for repeating it - every meeting is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Thankyou Scribblers!


The new homework assignment has been chosen by Gordon and is 'Nasty Shock' with Kate and Dick nominated for the 1,500 word open themed work while the rest of us are tied to a strict maximum of 500 words for the themed homework.

Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is in THREE weeks time on Tuesday 6th September at the usual 7.30pm start time. Before that will be our Social at the Grosvenor on Tuesday 23rd August at 7.30 then on the 30th the Committee will be meeting to discuss many important issues.

Until Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling!



There are no ads this time, instead here's something amusing
that Margareta has forwarded to us from Salzburg. In keeping with the
homework theme it is entitled:

Playing Long John Silver

A man went into the pet shop. "I am playing Long John Silver in the local amateur dramatic societies version of
Treasure Island and need a parrot to sit on my shoulder." he said.

"I don't have any parrots at the moment, but for playing theatre I think you could rather use a stuffed parrot, just as realistic and easily controlled."

"Are you sure a stuffed parrot would be OK? " Asked the customer " I do want this performance to be as realistic as possible."

"I am sure a stuffed parrot would be fine." said the pet shop owner " I have one at home. I'll bring it in, and if you come back on Thursday you can have it ".

" Sorry " said the customer " I can't make it on Thursday. That's the day I'm having my leg cut off."

W3: Wise Words on Writing -
No. 34 Writers Block

Remember the W3 piece from July ..... well the next piece is out. Im a big fan of Donna's writing. The rest of the piece is at .......
W3 Wise Words on Writing

Here is a sample of Donna's writing.......


Writers who claim writers block doesn’t exist, never had it. Those who have spent days, weeks, and months not being able to put their thoughts down on paper, know it exists.

There isn’t a writer in the world who hasn’t at one time or another had problems finding the right word or idea.

Those who write for newspapers, corporations or do other commercial writing cannot tell their bosses that they are blocked. Produce or get fired.

The rest of the piece is at .......
W3 Wise Words on Writing

Monkeys, typewriters and this chap is getting frustrated.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Next meeting:
7.30pmCORRECTION 7.30 for 8.00 AUGUST 23rd at the Grosvenor -
Summer Social and a farewell for Belinda and Geoff.

Grosvenor - Felixstowe - Suffolk

Belinda and Geoff' farewell social has been booked for Tuesday 23rd August at the Grosvenor in Ranelagh Road Felixstowe. 7.00pm for a 7.30 start CORRECTION 7.30pm for a 8.00 start. It will be a sad occasion as Belinda has really been a very popular member in our midst. Whilst Geoff doesn't get to meetings they have been tremendous hosts and supporters of all our functions and I know they will be missed.

Suffice to say there will be several members going along to the social.


Caz writes....

The Social starts at 7.30 at the Grosvenor not 7.00 as is published, could this please be changed as I have told the Grosvenor 7.30 for 8.00. Thanks Caz

Dave writes....

Could you please alter the times on the web for the meal - it should be 7.30 for 8 ... or it'll mean half an hours extra drinking! Dave.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cinnamon Press currently has a number of writing opportunities

cinnamon press

Cinnamon Press currently has a number of
writing opportunities for poets and full length fiction writers, as detailed
below. I would be grateful if you could pass on details to members of your
writers groups.

Feel free to contact us for any clarification or further

1. Calling Welsh poets:

Donate a poem to an anthology
reviewing poets from Wales/Welsh poetry in English. All profits to a Welsh
charity. Full details at www.cinnamonpress.com or email up to three
poems (up to 36 lines) in HTML or rich text to jan@cinnamonpress.com


House Poetry Open Competition:
Coffee House Open Poetry Competition
Deadline: November 30th Prizes: £60, £30, £10 & publication.
Fee £3 per
poem; £10 - five poems. Length 40 lines, any style.Send sae with poems to:
Coffee House Poetry, Meirion House, Glanrafon, Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffestiniog,
Gwynedd, LL41 3SU.

3. The second Cinnamon Press first collection and
novel awards:

Cinnamon Press Poetry Collection & Novel Writing Awards for
entrants who have not previously had a collection/novel published. Entries by
post with sae. Poetry - ten poems; any style up to 40 lines, each on
separate sheet with nom de plume and collection title & details on a
separate sheet. Novels - first 10,000 words - Prizes - poetry - £100, plus a
contract to complete a collection; runners up and best short-listed published in
winners' anthology (free copy with entry - normal price £7.99) novel -
£500 plus publication contract. Entry £16 per poetry collection (including copy
of anthology); £20 per novel to 'Cinnamon Press' Deadline - 30th November 2005.
Full details -

www.cinnamonpress.com or sae to:
Cinnamon Press, Meirion House, Glan yr afon, Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffestiniog,
Gwynedd, LL41 3SU.

Best wishes

Sian Michaels,

Judy in Norway......

Dave writes.......

Had a welcome email
from our Judy who says:

a nice pic of Risor I found :-)

"Well, we have
arrived at Risor, very early as predicted. We have only sailed twice! The
engine goes on and we power along. Now we have 9 days to twiddle our thumbs an d
wait to return to UK!

"Norway is
spectacular, we arrived yesterday afternoon in pouring rain and black
skies. It was so cold that we all wored our thickest fleeces below then - thank
God - Doug managed to get the fan heater going. Today is so warm that I am in my
Tshirt and shorts. Crazy.

"We went shopping this morning and had a fit at the supermarket
prices. We managed to spend sixty

pounds on almost nothing. I think the times will be lean for the next
week or so. A return ticket from here to Oslo is around sixty pounds, so I
don't think we will be heading there until we go to the
airport. However,
our feet and legs are in fine fettle so hiking will be the order of the

"Look forward to seeing you all soon.

"Love Ron and Jude."

Arrrrgh me harties!:
Next Scribblers meeting is at the library this coming Tuesday, 16th August at of 7.30pm.

Hi Scribblers,

Just a reminder that the next Scribblers meeting is at the library this coming Tuesday, 16th August at the usual start time of 7.30pm. The homework theme was set as "Pirates" with a maximum target of 500 words. The two open themed works of up to 1,500 words will be presented by Morag and Scott.

This will be Belinda's last meeting before moving out of Suffolk and venturing home to Australia after around three years in Britain. She will keep in touch with the Scribblers and will be part of the On Line Jotters when that gets under way soon. Belinda and partner Geoff will at the Scribblers Social on Tuesday 23rd August at the Grosvenor in Ranelagh Road when we will all be able to say g'day and fair dinkum in style. There's still time to join our happy throng - just pass your name to Dave or Caz [if she's present on Tuesday] and select from the menu so an advance order can be placed with the Grosvenor.

Caz informed me that our young Jack had to go back to Addenbrooks yesterday for his next round of chemotherapy. They hope to be home on Tuesday but possibly too late to attend the meeting. Let's all keep hoping that Jack remains as happy and positive as ever.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

World Wide Words - an interesting site and free weekly e-mail all about the ever changing English Language.

Local Photography 3 : Running in Suffolk an interesting local weblog.

Running in Suffolk an interesting local weblog.

Local Photograpy 2: SeaBritain - Tidal Stretch Photographic Exhibition at National Trust | Sutton Hoo

SeaBritain - Tidal Stretch Photographic Exhibition , 02 August 2005 to 31 August 2005, 11:00 to 16:00 at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo's inaugural photographic exhibition celebrates SeaBritain with stunning photographs of local estuaries, rivers and the shoreline.

National Trust | Sutton Hoo

Local Photography 1: Unseen Archive.

The Unseen Archive , 07 August 2005 to 14 August 2005, 11:00 to 03:00 at Ipswich County Library

Archive: Leisure & Entertainment <br />1963 Christchurch Park, Ipswich

The East Anglian Daily Times (EADT) holds a photographic archive of over 2 million images, which cover the last 50 years of Suffolk life. Until now much of this unique collection of images has never been seen by the public.

A website has been launched www.unseenarchive.co.uk containing over 600 images of Suffolk Life and is regularly being updated during 2005 and 2006.

A 'Thanks for the memory' event will be taking place in August 2005 where the public will be invited to share memories on many of the fascinating images contained on the website covering so many aspects of life in Suffolk. There will be a chance for you to record your memories or just indulge in nostaliga!
All are welcomeUnseen Archive > Home

The Unseen Archive , 07 August 2005 to 14 August 2005, 11:00 to 15:00 at Ipswich County Library.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 2nd August.

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 2nd August


Apologies were received from Jacky who is on holiday and from
Judy who is probably somewhere in Norwegian waters at present.
Ruth is spending as much time writing at home as possible. She has an
agent interested who wants to see a draft of her new novel in September, Hope
this is good news for our Ruth.

There was a welcome to yet another new face at Scribblers. Bill writes
mostly short stories but has written one novel and a children's book without
success. Several years ago he was published in the Essex Countryside magazine
and more recently has written a number of modern parables for a Christian

A welcome too for Geoff who has threatened to sit in and listen to the
Scribblers before returning to Australia [hopefully without The Ashes] in a few
weeks time.

Joining them in our largest ever attendance were
Ellen, Rachel, Christine, Peter, Diane, Morag, Liliane, Les, Scott, Gordon,
Mark, Ken, Tony, Bill, Lisa, Ann, Louis, Alex, Sue, Kate, Dick, Mavis, Caz,
Jack, Belinda
and Dave.

It was especially nice to see Jack looking so well after
spending such a long time having a blood transfusion at Ipswich Hospital on


Popular or what? A burning question that remains unanswered is
how and why the Scribblers membership has increased so much over the last three
meetings? Whilst this is really brilliant and confirms the standing of our group
it has caused some concern over the extended length of meetings.

Our objective is to complete meetings by 10.00pm and certainly
not to restrict either attendance or membership. Comments and suggestions from
both Ann and Sue are being seriously considered along with some
others that were made at the 'Alex' after the meeting. It seems there are
various possibilities:

  • The group splits into two at all meetings where attendance is over [say]

  • Members wishing in depth feedback at meetings could invite any members
    interested to move to another part of the Library for this purpose.

  • Members could form a small group to meet on other than Scribblers nights
    for feedback or discussion at each other's homes or at a more convenient

  • That we remain as we are and limit the number of readings dependent upon
    available time.

  • That we introduce a completely different meeting format.

  • That work sent in from friends like Jan and Margareta may have to give way
    those attending meetings. The Online Jotters will be a brilliant

The general consensus of opinion seems to prefer the group
remains intact for the time being but the situation will be reviewed at our next
Committee meeting. Any comments in favour of, or against, any of these
possibilities would be appreciated. Remember that The Felixstowe Scribblers is
your writing group. You have made it such a success so it's all
your fault!!! Comments can be emailed to



As you know Felixstowe TV has been filming scenes from our mini serial and
has produced a very short clip that can be viewed


There are still some acting vacancies whilst extras will
usually be required for several scenes. If you think you can help then please
email Chris Gosling at

face=Arial>controlroom@felixstowetv.co.uk as soon as

It's great fun!

Little Lemur

If you haven't done so, then please visit the Little Lemur
website at
face=Arial>www.littlelemur.com where you will find
details of Morag and Jan's books. Morag is their best selling author so far. If
you have written a novel and haven't yet managed to get it published, then this
is the site for you. It provides the opportunity to advertise your book on the
site and sell it too - the book is actually forwarded as an attachment and can
be downloaded to a computer. So rather than have your unpublished novel laying
around gathering dust you might just be able to sell a copy or three on line.
What you will need is a PayPal Account and details will be found on the site.
Little Lemur will donate 5% of all sales towards helping save an endangered


Congratulations to Sue who has just received some good
news that one of her short stories has been accepted for publication in "Aquila"
in their November 2006 issue.

After getting up at the crack of dawn Les had had his
operation cancelled and is now waiting for another date. We'll keep you informed
of developments.

Belinda and Geoff' farewell social has been booked
for Tuesday 23rd August at the Grosvenor in Ranelagh Road
7.00pm for a 7.30 start. It will be a sad occasion as Belinda
has really been a very popular member in our midst. Whilst Geoff doesn't get to
meetings they have been tremendous hosts and supporters of all our functions and
I know they will be missed.

Suffice to say there will be several members going along to the
social. So far they include Rachel, Morag and (possibly) Lewis, Liliane, Scott
and his better half, Ken, Tony, Dick and his fiancée, Kate, Ellen, Bill and
Maureen, Les and Joan, Caz and Jack (subject to hospital treatment) oh, and

A menu is available.

Sue will be away and won't be able to make the social,
Diane too will be somewhere in the Cape Town area of South Africa but was
able to say her farewells at the meeting. Judy is another who will miss
the event but I understand from various sources she will be Adelaide early in
the New Year and it might just be possible for Belinda and Geoff to meet
up! They'll have to keep us informed.


A Beach Party?

There has been a suggestion for a special Scribblers 'Beach
Party' at a weekend lasting perhaps an hour or so to share some literary work in
the fresh air before adjourning to a local hostelry.. some may prefer such an
event the other way around. Thinking as I type, it might even blend in after a
Sunday filming session. Interested? Please email
href="mailto:scribblers@ntlworld.com">face=Arial>scribblers@ntlworld.com .


Diane will be missing from our meetings for some time now
because, after her South African holiday, she will resume her serious studies
for her history degree at Suffolk College. Enjoy your holiday and best of luck
with the studies!

After their brief visit to Scribblers I met Denise [of
UNESCO in Paris} and her mother Mrs Grilli who are very close friends with a
former Scribbler Georgina Wroe. Georgina, who is a novelist, journalist
and broadcaster, cannot believe it is nearly four years since she last attended
a meeting! Denise will be keeping in touch with the Scribblers and is very
interested in joining the Online Jotters when she gets home to Paris.

Talking of the Online Jotters invitations will be sent
out in about two weeks time and I hope that you will all support Jan and
join up. The more the merrier. Don't forget to mention it to your family,
friends and colleagues too! By then Alex hopes to have the new website
more or less completed. I know he is working very hard on getting it all
together and when he does, I am certain it will be a great site.

Recently formed local writers groups in Suffolk are the
Clare Writers who were recently formed. They have a dedicated membership
of eight at the moment and can be contacted via their organiser Lynne Chiswick

The Ipswich Writers meet in the lecture room at the main Ipswich
Library. Meeting days vary depending on the accommodation but they meet once a
month, not once a fortnight, as people felt that would be a more realistic
number of meetings. Their organiser is Rachel Fell and details of the group can
be obtained from

Invited onto BBC Radio Suffolk's Action Desk recently,
Dave gave some advice to a lady who was brought up in a Romany family and has
written an autobiography of her life. Looking for someone to read and offer
advice, she wondered if anyone could help her on the way to publication.

And so to the readings!

Owing to the numbers involved it is not feasible to give the
usual write ups. The two open themed topics were read by Sue with 'The
Red Shoes' and Ken with 'Side Effect' - two entirely different types of
story but both so excellently compiled.

The homework theme was Sunday Fun and Dave opened with
'Fun Sunday Fun' followed by Ellen with 'Gun Fun' and Christine
with 'Sunday Invitation'. Peter followed with 'Fun Adventures' and
Diane with 'All At Sea'. Morag shared 'A Step Back In Time' and
Liliane with another excerpt from her ongoing family tale. Les
came up with 'Beetle Watching', Scott 'Tall Tales' and Gordon with
'A Burning Issue'. Mark provided 'The World In Which I Write' and
Tony's classic 'It's Hard to be a Hero When You're 85'. Bill
shared 'Savannah Landing' whilst Lisa, Dick and Mavis shared the
same title 'Sunday Fun'. Ann related a true story, 'The Polish Girl' and
Louis 'Fun on a Sunday'. Belinda read 'Zamodic Sunday',
Alex '4.12pm' and Caz 'Not So Much Fun in the Sun'. Jack
actually wrote his own offering, 'The Sunday Fair' during the evening and made a
very good job of it! Last but not least, Kate read her 'Sunday'.

Unfortunately there was not time to share Jan's 'Family
Fun Day' nor Margareta's 'Fun and/or Sinning on a Summer Sunday' and I
feel rather guilty about this as they have both provided so many great words for
us in the past..


A very high standard of writing once again, and a very enjoyable evening too.
It was rounded off after the meeting with a few of us just beating last orders
at the Alex!

The new homework assignment is 'Pirates' set by Scott
taken from all the skull and crossbones evident in the children's section
where we currently meet. There is a strict maximum
of 500 words for this whilst the open themed work of up to a maximum of
1,500 words will be created by Morag and Scott.

Our next meeting is in two weeks time on Tuesday 16th August at
the usual 7.30pm start time and the Social will be a week later.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!


MASTERCLASSES: with theatre writers
from the Wolsey Theatre.

MASTERCLASSES with theatre writers

Our popular series of one day workshops continues this

Sunday September 18th

Jonathan Lichtenstein - Building a scene

Jonathan will look at some of the ways a writer can approach the construction of a scene. The workshop will be very hands on and participatory. It will look
at the way in which the characters do things; the way subtext is built into a
scene, the way characters can affect each other and the way a scene relates to
the whole play.

Jonathan Lichtenstein is the author of many successful plays both for radio
and theatre. His most recent play, The Pull of Negative Gravity opened at
the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival in August 2004,
gaining a prestigious Fringe First award. The Pull of Negative Gravity
then transferred to the Colchester Mercury Theatre Studio and has just been to
New York.

Sunday October 23rd

Carl Miller – Rhythm

How important is rhythm in creating a scene? The rhythm of
locations, characters, activities, speech and action. We will look at examples
from a range of plays and explore practical possibilities for our own

Carl Miller's play Sherlock Holmes and the Ghoul of the
Athenaeum comes to the New Wolsey this autumn. His other plays include Hansel
and Gretal and Janet and Jane for the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds. He is an
Associate Director of Unicorn Theatre and has worked extensively with new
playwrights at the Royal Court, Birmingham Rep and

Sunday November 27th

Claire Macdonald - Taking Steps

Creating a theatre piece, whether a play, a piece for radio, or just a
monologue, is all about taking steps. From the first to the last it is about
putting your imagination to work on your ideas and moving forward. The challenge
is knowing how. This workshop will look in detail at ideas and their
development. It isn’t necessary to have attended Claire’s last workshop, but if
you did, please feel free to return and take your ideas further.

Claire Macdonald is a playwright, editor and fiction writer. Her recent play
for young people, 'In Limbo' was shown in March at The New Wolsey and will be at
The Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh in August. She is currently finishing a


TIME – 10.30 FOR COFFEE & 11.00am START 4pm




Fish Publishing Short Story Prize - Short Story Contest & Prize

If you look at www.fishpublishing.com for details of their Historical Short Fiction Prize (£2,000 first prize BUT a £20 admission fee for a 6,000 word story).

Fish Publishing Short Story Prize - Short Story Contest & Prize

The Poetry Business and Poetry School.

The Poetry Business are looking for poetry collections - their website

Booklets for the 2005-2006 Programme for the Poetry School are available (ask
Dave) or view their website at www.poetryschool.com

Alan Corkish sets up a web page
warning of the dangers of Vanity Publishing.

Alan Corkish writes....

I've set up a web page warning of the dangers of Vanity Publishing (Let's declare war on the bastards)... there is a link from my home page or go direct to http://www.zyworld.com/alanjulia/Alan/vanitypublish.htm to view it. I'm looking for other vanity sites to add to the list; can you help? Send me your all time rubbish poetry con sites and I'll add them...



www.erbacce.com to submit poetry and listen to Pirate Radio-erbacce.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nothing to do with Writing 1:
SLAMNET have a large selection of Suffolk Aerial Photographs including these of Felixstowe Docks.

Can you see Les' caravan on there?

SLAMNET - Suffolk Aerial Photographs

The Writers Bureau - which claims to be 'the world's largest writing school!'

At Tuesday's meeting there was much discussion of The Writers Bureau - A long standing resourse for writers.

To quote from their website.....'As a freelance writer you can earn a good income writing the stories, articles, books and scripts that editors and publishers want. Earning your share can be fun, profitable and creatively fulfilling.

To help you succeed we offer you a first-class home-study creative writing course - by professional writers - with expert personal guidance from your tutor. You are advised on style, presentation, copyright, HOW TO SELL YOUR WRITING in many different markets - and much more. You can earn while you learn. It's ideal for beginners. '

FTV - Mini Serial - first sample clip of the Mini Serial is online.

Click here for the Mini Serial clip and here for more information on the FTV - Mini Serial.

In my opinion its really quite good - have a watch and comment below as to what you think.

Next meeting is Tuesday 16th August at 7.30pm.

Thanks to all for the fantastic turn out and the smooth running of the meeting.

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