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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Online Jotters

Online Jotters
Today is the last day for receipt of entries to both recent competitions as tomorrow the entries are being taken to the judges in Beverley.  
Any technical difficulties that the administration had are now in the past - early next month ‘normal service will be resumed’
Thanks for your patience.
Yours truly

Online Jotters Competition

Online Jotters technical difficulties are now thankfully a thing of the past so 'normal service will be resumed' perhaps should be posted in the headlines!

Also a brief reminder that the deadline for Online Jotters Competitions is now only HOURS away as
tomorrow all the entries will be presented to the judge Diane Wilson.

Yours truly

Felixstowe TV will appear on the BBC Newswatch programme this weekend:

Chris Gosling writes ....

FTV will appear on the BBC Newswatch programme this weekend:

Friday, 2nd December; 20.45 (8.45pm) BBC News 24 (satellite and cable)

Saturday, 3rd December; 07.45, Breakfast on BBC2.

For the week after, you'll be able to see the programme on the BBC website - search for "newswatch" when on the site.

Felixstowe TV

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Absolutley nothing to do with writing 5: 'PetrolPrices.com' oh and while were at it lets have House Prices too.

Back in the fuel blockades of 2001 - somebody in the roads fuel lobby set up a really neat website called 'petrolbusters.com' - now defunct - that would give you a report of where the cheapest petrol was in your are and inform your decision as to wether to shop around or just pop round the corner.

It was bought by the AA 'The Motorists Friend' and its future seemed safe - I dont know when - and little by little features dissapeared from the site - suddenly it was about 5 pages in to the main AA website - and you frequenly couldnt find it even if you had found it the day before - then you could only use the search for cheapest petrol 5 times a day - then there was the logging in to the site - and just under two years ago they pulled the plug on what was a viable business that they had disrupted terribly and killed it off.

Martin Lewis of moneysavingexpert.com made a good offer to the AA to run it for them, but the AA were adamant the wanted it dead. AA 'The Motorists Friend' indeed. I was so incensed at the time I wrote to them - explaining next time I saw a £40,000 TV add for the AA Id remember their attitude - I recieved a response whic politely and sureealy informed me I was no on some sort of Duty Log and that was the end of the matter - shame on them - well I got over it.

But, HORRAY, its back - or well something new, different and potentially better is - a new UK petrol price comparison engine -See the Cheapest UK Petrol Prices for Free - PetrolPrices.com is online. There is a short registration process to go through but what is great is that a new model of collecting the prices at the different stations has come up - fuel cards send EPOS data back to their issuers and it is that data that can be harvested. One micro issue with this is that garages that process less fuel card transactions - typicaly expensive quiet rural ones away from main routes the data wont be so good and may be days old.

This is pretty self explanitory but these are the results fro my address right now -

Tesco Martlesham Extra Ipswich 7.91 miles 84.9p 28-11-2005
Shell Woodbridge Woodbridge 9.35 miles 84.9p 28-11-2005
Shell Grove Woodbridge 9.39 miles 84.9p 27-11-2005
Sainsburys Warren Heath Ipswich 9.94 miles 84.9p 28-11-2005
Shell Orwell Ipswich 10.87 miles 84.9p 28-11-2005
Shell Heath Ipswich 11.55 miles 85.9p 28-11-2005
Snax 24 Spring Road Ipswich 11.9 miles 85.9p 28-11-2005
Martlesham Heath Services Ipswich 7.94 miles 86.9p 28-11-2005
Morrisons Felixstowe Felixstowe 0.58 miles 87.9p 28-11-2005
Felixstowe Dock Service Area Felixstowe 1.2 miles 87.9p 28-11-2005

Yes dull, dull, dull, but so is paying £££s for fuel unecessarily.

Also worth a click is their partner site ourproperty.co.uk that allows you to see who has paid what for property in the area. This is going to upset a lot of people - apparently one of my neighbours completed for £108,363 on Friday - which is £20,000 off the top of the market. Oh dear.

Both site make lovely use of the excellent google maps Enjoy.

3quarksdaily : a really superior weblog.

A really superior weblog this - bursting with science, arts, literature, politics, gossip and philosophy. Please do not follow this link if you need to do anything in the next couple of hours. 3quarksdaily

My favorite Literary Award is 'up' again (inuendo intended) .

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bookforce are launching the Undiscovered Authors writing competition in Suffolk.

Natalie Matthews from Undiscovered Authors writes ...

Dear Felixstowe Scribblers,

I am writing to inform you that Bookforce, the London based Publishing Company, are launching the Undiscovered Authors writing competition in your area.

Entries can be on any subject matter, under the categories of General Fiction, Non-Fiction and Academic. The prizes for your region are £1,000 per category. Three winners from each region will be entered into a national final with a winning prize of £10,000 for General Fiction, £5,000 for Non-Fiction and £2,000 for Academic.

To register simply visit www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk and complete the online Registration Form. Then send us a sample chapter (10,000 words max) and a synopsis (500 words max) of your work by 31st December 2005.

We are also running events at Starbucks’ stores across the country, encouraging people to come along and write the opening page of their book. Each participant will receive a free coffee and muffin whilst they write, and a prize of £100 and a Starbuck’s Coffee at Home set will be awarded for the best opening page. Please check our website for further information.(see note below)

We look forward to receiving your group’s entries.

Yours Faithfully
Natalie Matthews
Undiscovered Authors

.... cheers Natalie, definatley a superior competion, also worth a visit is the bookforce website which offers a pile of service to authors including self publishing services that start as low as £99 (with an ISBN number).

I checked out the local Starbucks and it doesnt seem to be running in London or Cambridge branches.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

marketing-seek.com: A completely different way for Writers to get their work to Publishers and Webmasters.

I found this while looking for new ways to get 'crawled' by search engines.

The basic idea is you submit free copy to this broker who gives it away free to Publishers and Website designers. The condition is it can only be used if you are given credit and links - and the way the Broking House gets paid is on a commission on any deal being done down the line.

Content Planet suggests the following best use of this site....

'The best way, at least in my personal experience, is to write an article on your area of expertise and submit it to popular article syndication sites like http://www.marketing-seek.com or http://www.ideamarketers.com . These sites will post your article, so that online publishers can use them for free in exchange for including your resource box at the end of the article. A resource box (a.k.a. bylines) is a small paragraph about yourself, written by you, which contains a link to your homepage.'

Free Content for Writers, Publishers, and Webmasters

Next meeting is not until Tuesday December 6th.

Hi Scribblers,

A reminder that the next meeting is not until Tuesday December 6th at the usual start time at Felixstowe Library.

The homework theme for is SCENT and Alex and Christine have 'offered' to do the 1500 word open themed subjects.

Just a reminder for any Online Jotters [or Scribblers who wish to join them] your short story and poetry competitions are closing this Wednesday - see details on the weblog for entry details or to join.

If you wish to keep up to date with the mini serial then the web address has altered. You will now find it as follows:

www.felixstowetv.co.uk Click on "Features" then on "Mini Serial".

Best Wishes

Keep on Scribbling


Filming later today.

Hope its not too cold....

Photo from the excellent http://www.cochrane.org.uk/index.php which I am sure we will be coming back too.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Felixstowe Port - The Past by Pat Gardiner

Pat GardinerTo be completely honest I wouldnt like to try to chance a micro-biography of Pat Gardiner because I dont really know enough - and I hate trying to sum someone and their hard graft up in a few condacending words - but I do know and I will say with the very greatest of certainty is I really, really like his work. Better to let you read his self penned biography or @Chips With Everthing' which is well ... I dont know what .... maybe a manifesto.

I first came across his local colour filled work in the middle of the night a few years back when I was bored and just playing around with google and what a find it was - I read his descriptions of the growth of the Port and the people that built it up for hours. I really think this is a good bit of primary history that seems to go far enough but not too far - he just states clearly what he saw and how he saw it. The structure of the site seems to have changed since then - it was arranged as a novel but now seems to be organised as a sieries of articles.

You can read the collection of approximately 20 articles at Felixstowe Port - The Past by Pat Gardiner.

Pat used to be a member of the Scribblers up untill roughly 3 years ago and to be honest we havent heard of him in a while.

He still interestingly has one of the top google search results for Felixstowe.

He has another website Felixstowe Port - Now that doesnt appear to have been updated since 2001 either.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The end. At last: an interesting article from the Telegraph about how to end a novel.

Spotted by Joanne of the Ipswich Writers Group .....

'First lines are great fun. But they aren't really as important to a novel as the last lines. From a terrible first line, a novel may recover; the last line is what it leaves a reader with.'

Telegraph | Arts | The end. At last.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Marchmont Films is currently inviting scripts.

Spotted by Mark ....

(copied and pasted from Marchmont Films website)

Marchmont Films is currently inviting scripts from new and established writers. The following information describes what we are looking for and how to submit an entry. Successful writers will work alongside producers and development executives from Marchmont Films to have their material professionally developed and packaged for independent production.


As a PS here are some more scriptwriting links from the MF website


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Part One I want to be me. Free to do as I want. I hate the humdrum of every day life, sharing a house with those others. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made. What’s wrong with me choosing to study, spending time in my room, working on my computer? Yours TrulyPart TwoI’m doing them no harm. Let them sink lagers and puff on joints. If that’s what does it for them, then fine. I’d rather use my brain than fuse it. This computer is the door of opportunity for me. When I log on I never know where I’ll end up.Mike W.Part Three Or who I'll meet on the way. There are so many voices on the internet, their faces made up only by the words they type. That's how I met the most important person in my life right now. A person that would give me the opportunity I so badly needed.Louis V.Part FourThe opportunity had been a long time coming but now it had arrived, it was decision time. All the hope and hard work I had put in was about to pay dividends. In front of me, on screen. A new beginning at my fingertips. It really was ‘now or never’Dave F.Part FiveSure, I had a good job, one I really liked; how many people can say that? Indispensable? Yes ... NO, of course not, my ego isn't THAT big, is it? But still, his proposal was so very tempting.Deb F.Part SixBut like many proposals and cherry pie ideas, there was always the small print to consider. What was hidden and what was extra? Maybe it seemed too good and then it could be that I was being overly cautious. Only time and truth would reveal if it would work outMark W.Part SevenIndecision struck yet again. Should I do this? Oh Lord, yes! I must and it had to be now. I needed to check the details, ensure the offer was genuine and without hidden agenda's. Then I could commit myself to a life-changing career. "Stuart Fox," he answered. Dave FPart Eight“Umm…yes” I replied, feeling hesitant.“Ahh excellent….glad you made the choice.” He said, grinning.I felt like I had been offered prime shore front property in Arizona with a great view of the beach! Ok then, once more unto the breach…or something like that.“Where do I sign?” I said.Mark WPart Nine‘Sure you don’t want to think about it? Talk it over with your friends first?’I hesitated – but just for a moment. Why should I talk it over with anyone else?Wasn’t I capable of making a decision like this? Why did I need to ask anyone else’s permission?Morag C.Part TenAfter all, who could turn down the chance of a lifetime to own a piece of television history? Here I am about to spend my life savings on a screen legend car, sitting there gleaming in the summer sun, just waiting to be mine.Gordon MPart ElevenNo other automobile would ever come close to this, such glory, such class......such utter delusion! Was I really going to spend close to ten thousand pounds on a scrappy old car with three wheels? It's legendary owner wouldn't have gone near this deal with a bargepole, not so luv’ly jubbly!Mark WPart TwelveHe must think I'm mad! Trying to off-load Del Boy's trusty old steed. Hang on! Didn't its load of blow-up dolls do just that, sending it to the great breakers yard in the sky? It's a scam! There's got to be something better out there. Now what about blow-up dolls....?Dave F
Part Thirteen
     ‘Ooohh, a seedy market....and me with a wholesome reputation` I

     What would the neighbours say if I started having people coming to the door, adorned in raincoat and then walking away with their future passion?  
     Little did I know that they came in a box and not already inflated.
     Mark W

Monday, November 21, 2005

Online Jotters: Post Note 7 .... Posted 21st November

Posted : 21st November 2005
Yours truly writes: Can I apologise again for failing in my role as administrator? Hopefully now that we are back online, all those problems are behind us. Thanks to their incompetence, we still have the little issue of several long prime time phone calls to pay for. Who says the customer is always right?

Thanks to everyone who has sent in entries for the competition – here is a quick reminder for those of you still to take part.


Up to 2000 words

No prizes – the best three feature online

Closing date 30th November 2005

PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS AS ATTACHMENTS TO E MAILS –to Yours Truly with permission to print, pen-name, word count and e mail address.

Prefer writing poetry? then enter


No prizes
Imagine your verses there online

Closing date 30th November 2005

Send your email entries to Yours Truly – limit THREE poems for consideration per member

Competitions open to all members so involve others– get them to join too.

Worthy of mention and with their permission:

Let your talent shine
Show your work online
Give us permission
To all share your vision

It’s your space - share your work. Treat this as a noticeboard to have your work posted online. Send me your treasured possession Anything you consider worthy and wish to see published online then contact me at yourstruly@onlinejotters.yahoo.co.uk. And I will see that it is included.

Future Competitions: Ready for that 2006 Writers Diary - Park Publications 14 The Park Stow on the Wold Cheltenham Glos GL54 1DX

The Scribble magazine quarterly short story competition

Short Stories on any subject up to 3,000 words
These are ongoing competitions – no closing date.
Entry fee £3

Spring Poetry Competition (max 40 lines)

Theme Spring Please give your poem an original title NOT Spring
Prizes £50 £25 and £15
Closing date January 31st 2006
Entry fee £3


Countryside Article Competition

Your article has to be anything connected to the countryside, countryside memory, wildlife, nature, any rural or environmental issues, a biography etc. It is up to you.

First Prize £50 plus publication
Maximum Length 1,500 words
Entry fee £3 per article
Closing date May 1st 2006

The Countryside Tales Annual Open Short Story Competition

Theme A Country Story
Maximum Length 2,000 words
Prizes £75 £25 and £15
Closing date August 31st 2006
Entry fee £3

Scribble magazine Annual Themed Short Story Competition

Theme Our Relations – is there a member of your family you could write a story about? Purely fictional of course Or maybe not ….
Maximum Length 3,000 words
Prizes £100, £50 and £25
Closing date November 15th 2006
Entry fee £4 per story

Countryside Tales Winter Poetry Competition

Theme Winter – do NOT call your poem Winter
Maximum Length 3,000 words
Prizes £50, £25 and £15
Closing date November 15th 2006
Entry fee £3 per poem


Poetry Competition
Submission Guidelines http://www.petrapoetrycompetition.co.uk/guidelines.htm
Poems must be:
Original and unpublished
Typed or word processed on one side of white A4 paper;
No more than 80 lines in length;
Accompanied by the appropriate fee of £3.00 (Sterling) per poem;

Send a SAE, if winners list is required.Closing date for entries December 1st.
Please note:
Entries cannot be returned
Organisers cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to manuscripts
Author retains full copyright
First prize winners may not enter subsequent competitions run by the Petra Kenney Poetry Competition.
Winners will be notified by March 30th.

Until the next time : During December there will not only be Post Notes 8 and 9 issued but also the first e magazine containing the competition results, your work and any articles you care to submit. Contact me by e-mail with your submissions.

Yours truly

Sunday, November 20, 2005

"When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing."

Enrique Jardiel PoncelaHi,

here is a quote that I found while doing some research for college, I thought that it resounds pretty well in all things, especially writing.

"When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing."
-- Enrique Jardiel Poncela


PS Alex writes .... While doing a bit of research into this I found the excellent http://en.thinkexist.com/ which is some sort of quotations directory and cost me a few minutes of looking around.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Short Story competition from Fygleaves.

There is a slightly different approach to a short story competition from the writing site 'fygleaves' - and some headache inducing psycadelic webdesign and colour combinations.

The short story competition at fygleaves

Report of Meeting 15th November 2005

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 15th November 2005
Several Apologies were received for the meeting from Caz and Jack who were unable to attend. Judy once again was unable to make it as time is needed preparing to land their boat. This means that Allen won't be with us either. Bill B is on holiday in Malta whilst Morag's brother is over from the States.
There was still a healthy sixteen in attendance. They were Alex, Ann, Liliane, Peter, Margareta, Les, Scott, Tony, Dick, Gordon, Christine, Rachel, Ken, Zoe, Kate and Dave.
It was good to welcome Margareta, on one of her flying visits to Felixstowe, to the Scribblers.
She did it!!! 'Ruth won the Debut Daggers Award from 12 other short-listed writers and was presented with her prize, the dagger and a cheque for £250, at the Daggers Luncheon held at the Brewery in the City of London on November 8th.' Read about her fabulous success here Ruth Dugdall wins the 2005 CWA Debut Dagger Award.You can also read Ruth's winning entry of The Woman Before Me here. Believe me it is terrific! No wonder she has two Agents clamouring to sign her up.
So many congratulations Ruth.
It seems that after being badly let down, Morag's book Green Wellies and Wax Jackets is likely to hit the shops in time for Christmas so lets hope this brings her the success she so richly deserves. Watch this space for further news.
The latest news from Caz is that Jack has another infection and has returned from Addenbrook's and is now in Ipswich Hospital. It really must be terrible for Jack being switched from one hospital to the next and spending so little time at home. How brave he is, and how brave Caz and Karl are in this situation. Let's hope that soon the infections and the treatment will be able to stop and allow them to get back to normality.
I received an email from Joan to say that Les has had his operation and all appears to be well and should be home this weekend. I replied "Sorry - had not realised Les was having op this week. Glad he sounds as if he's doing well - give him my regards and also love from that blond who sits on his lap at Scribblers.." and then received this reply.
'I'll get you for that one Dave'
Talked to Jan [Yours Truly] this week for an update on the server problems she and her husband Gordon are having. There is an ongoing battle to overcome this problem. They arranged an upgrade whilst on holiday and when arrived home they couldn't get on line at all - and that's how it has been ever since.
They were promised that they would be back on line at 5.00pm on Tuesday, but obviously that hasn't happened so now we'll have to wait and see when the service will be resumed.
If you've sent in entries for the competitions or the writers tennis - then as soon as the service returns to normal Yours Truly will catch up.
Remember that you can still email entries in to the Jotters for the two writing competitions - one for short stories and the other for poetry. Additionally there is also the ongoing writer's tennis which has now reached the 12th episode. Keep up the good work Jotters! Go to onlinejotters@yahoo.co.uk
THE WEBLOG at http://nar8or.blogspot.com
Now surpassed the 2,300 hits and continues to do very nicely thanks to all the hard work Alex puts in.
One email from Doreen [Friday] says, "have just visited blogspot. WOW. A great site and so much to read and digest. Will pay a return visit soon."
Don't forget - if YOU have any news you would like to include then please fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk
It looks as if the first episode of the mini-series will be released during Christmas Week and there is a possibility that a preview will be arranged. This will be confirmed as soon as possible.
Also there is a message from Chris Gosling that Felixstowe TV will be featured on the BBC2 programme Newswatch which runs at 07.45 on Saturday, 1st December - it is about very local TV services. If you're up, then tune in!
The Scribblers have been busy.
First Ken has set up his own website at http://genesiscrystals.co.uk/
Next on line was Kate at 'The Healing Practice' http://www.healing.genesiscrystals.co.uk/
The Gordon at http://www.gmcopywriting.co.uk/
The subject of betrayal brought up some fascinating stories and poems.
Margareta opened with a limerick followed by Ken with two offerings 'B Trail' which was a haiku and 'Escape from Planet X'.
Gordon offered his work from the Halloween meeting that he missed with 'Halloween Horror' and Alex followed with 'A Sea of Betrayal'
Ann added to her continuing story with the subject matter fitting in nicely with Dick reading a passage from his children's book.
Rachel read out 'Betrayal, and Scott his 'Playing Away'
Les relayed his very apt 'Caesar's Farewell' and Christine shared 'A Confidential Matter'.
Liliane read her 'Been Betrayed' and Peter his 'Trail Food'.
Kate shared her poem 'Old Enough' and Zoe her own 'Betrayal'.
Tony provided us with another of his works of art with 'The Entrail' whilst Judy's excellent work 'Wojciech' was read by Ann.
Christine read out a moving poem 'Betrayal' on behalf of Caz and Dave rounded off another excellent evening of prose and poetry with 'Brotherly Love'.
Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is in three weeks time on Tuesday 6th December at the usual 7.30pm start time at the Felixstowe Library.
Having adopted Scott's idea for everyone to put a homework theme in a hat and then draw one out at each meeting, the homework assignment drawn was SCENT, with a maximum of 500 words on this subject please. The two 1,500 word open themed 'volunteers' are Alex and Christine.
So until next time,
Keep on Scribbling!

Port of Felixstowe Webcam mended and back online.

While we are completely off topic lets just mention the Port of Felixstowe Webcam which is now mended and back online.

Webcams are a guilty pleasure of mine.

Felixstowe TV to be featured on BBC2.

RIP Inside FelixstoweThe BBC have filmed a piece about our pal Chris Gosling's Felixstowe TV project to be shown on BBC2 on Saturday 1st December at 0745am. Read about it on Felixstowe Tv's NewsText pages, or watch the latest Felixstowe TV News report read by our own Ruth!

As a little NB we note the passing of the 'Inside Felixstowe' project - apparently due to distribution difficulties. A real worry that a (yet another) independent voice has been suffocated by the refusal of Centrally Managed National Chain Businesses to respond to local needs. There goes another little opportunity for diversity of expression.

And as a PS; flicking throught the Felixstowe TV website I also notice [rant] that Felixstowe's newest tourist attraction the Herman De Sterne Fence has Cost £11,000: Photo by Ron Gleed / Felixstowe TV.... 'The wooden fence around the Herman de Stern, designed to ensure that no-one enters the ruined building, cost £11,000. The “Herman Stockade” as some locals call it, will be a feature of the area until the building’s final 'future' is determined.' Another little item to chalk up on the running total of the bill of the 20 year long South Seafront Farce where everbody pays for what nobody wants [/rant] .... and also on a happier note this superb photograph by top bloke and an old mate of mine Ron Gleed of some new cranes being delivered to the dock.

Richard and Judy hopeful shortlisted for Whitbread Award.

RachelRichard and Judy hopeful shortlisted for WhitbreadFrom the Telegraph Article.....

Rachel Zadok, who was working as a waitress (incidentaly in a cocktail bar :-) ) in south London until a month ago, said yesterday that she "did a little dance" when she learned that her debut book, Gem Squash Tokoloshe, had been shortlisted for the best first novel award, up against Tash Aw's The Harmony Silk Factory.

"It is incredible. I am completely taken aback," the 33-year-old South African-born writer said. As well she might be, for chance has played a substantial part in her entry into the literary pantheon.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Charity Quiz Night for underprivileged Philippines Children.

good kids with not a lot of chancesDave writes ....

Just had call from Rexie - Gordon's wife...

Can we .... mentin her Charity Quiz Night in aid of underprivileged Children in the Philippines this Saturday 18th November (would they mean Sat 19th of November) at the Ipswich Wanderers Football Club - Humber Doucy Lane [I think].

Start 7.00pm - teams of 5 [they need three volunteers to complete a team].

Details from gordonmaton@hotmail.com .

Alex writes ....

Im really inspired about this - there are so many good causes - but its hard to tell what and where are the bestplaces to put your efforts into - its so special when you come across someone like Rexie who has the contacts and the judgment to get your pennies into the places they are most needed, and will be most effective. Rememeber that £20 that wouldnt get you a mediocre curry or a few pints over here can change some kids life.

Its just a shame Im so rubbish at quizzes .....

UPDATE Dave writes .... It must be this Saturday 19th.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can you patent a plot? U.S. Patent Office Publishes the First Patent Application to Claim a Fictional Storyline.

Can you patent a plot?
Can you patent a plot? On this month, the USPTO published an application for patent that is certain to test the limits of the USPTO's authority to grant or deny a patent. Knight and Associates, a patent attorney firm who bill themselves as "[...] the first patent prosecution firm to attempt to obtain utility patent protection on fictional plots."

U.S. Patent Office Publishes the First Patent Application to Claim a Fictional Storyline; Inventor Asserts Provisional Rights Against Hollywood

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The next Meeting will be Tuesday December 6th at 730pm.

Thanks to all who attended tonight.


THE THUNDERBURST NEWSLETTER #4. November 2005. is online for you to read at http://www.thunderburst.co.uk.

Subjects covered this month are

  • The Book Of Hopes And Dreams

  • New Interviews with Jay Ramsay, Carolyn Finlay, Alasdair Gray, Simon Harrison. Previous interviewees, still archived on my website, are Rodge Glass, David Knopfler, Norman Olson, Rupert Loydell and Alan Corkish.

  • Calls For Submissions A new section has been added to Dee's website listing calls for submissions for anthologies and themed books.

  • The Website Competition

  • The Future and Dee's plans to take his family to Spain.

  • The AA Independent Press Guide and its future.

Quince Publishing: A new kind of publishing opportunity.

Aspiring and frustrated authors may find the answer to their prayers in Quince Publishing Ltd which creates an opportunity for new authors to find their way into print. The venture is the brainchild of Simon Mitchell whose extensive publishing experience has led to disillusionment with the current system.

"Too many authors' agents and publishers dismiss new writers out of hand. Well known names can get any book published, regardless of merit while interesting and original work often gains rejection after rejection."

Quince Publishing, based in Shoreditch by the City of London, will consider any complete manuscript of not less than 60,000 words submitted in its required format in any area of commercial fiction.

Please send your first two chapters, synopsis and covering letter with a sae to

Quince Books
209 Hackney Road
London E2 8JL

Any queries, contact Simon Mitchell by e mail: quincebooks@hotmail.com Quince Books will consider your work carefully. If we feel that your book has commercial potential you may be offered a publishing contract. You may be given the opportunity to invest in your publication which will bring you a higher percentage of the book's royalties. Should you wish us to publish your book privately, we are happy to discuss this.

Fish Short Story Prize: 10,000 Euro plus publication.

Just a brief reminder that this year's Fish Short Story Prize, with a top prize of 10,000 Euro plus publication as the title piece of the 2006 Fish Anthology, closes at the end of this month. If any of your members would like to submit a story of not more than 5,000 words to this prestigious competition they still have time to do so.

They can submit on-line by going to www.fishpublishing.com where they will also find all the entry details, or by post to

Fish Short Story Competition

Co. Cork

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ruth Dugdall wins the 2005 CWA Debut Dagger Award

Ruth DugdallFantastic news about our Ruth .... Ruth Dugdall wins the 2005 CWA Debut Dagger Award.

From the CWA website ....

'The winner of the Crime Writers' Assocation 2005 Debut Dagger is Ruth Dugdall from Felixstowe. Her entry, The Woman Before Me, beat twelve other shorlisted entries, sifted from over 400 entries received by the closing date of 3rd September 2005.'

.... and ....

'Ruth Dugdall was presented with her prize, the dagger and a cheque for £250, at the Daggers Luncheon held at the Brewery in the City of London on November 8th.'

You can read Ruth's winning entry of The Woman Before Me here.

Wow. Congratulations from all of us Ruth - your such an inspiration.

The Penguin Podcast: extracts, news and information from Penguin authors and books.

Penguin logoI came across this and it really has some great material - one of those things that instead of inspiring it more makes me want to give up as there is just no chance I could ever write stuff as good as this and might as well not bother trying.

To cut the technical stuff most people can hear the broadcast by clicking here MP3.

From The Penguin Podcast website ....

'Penguin Podcast No1
Welcome to the first ever Penguin podcast, with extracts, news and information from the best authors and books around.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Latest news from Caz and Jack

Caz writes ....

We eventually got home yesterday after another eight nights in hospital. Seven in Addenbrookes and a final night at Ipswich to finish IV anti-biotics, as on Monday another infection was found in Jack's scar from his operation. We were suppose to move over on Wednesday but Jack was sick and needed a procedure before we left and so we ended up needing to stay for longer. Jack has back pain but finds tablets and syrup impossible as he gags so won't take anything. We are both exhausted but I worry that Jack has to live with pain because there is nothing worse, for an adult let alone a child but I can't force him to take tablets.

We collected the newest member of the Wilkinson family ten week old Kai yesterday, a surprise for Jack as he thought we were only visiting. So apart from one nice surprise on the carpet last night all is well. He needs a bath later though, having been with his sister and adopted Mum a Lurcher called Twiggy, so that will be fun.

On Tuesday we go back to Addenbrookes for a scan so we probably won't make the meeting in the evening and then apart from Clinic in Ipswich on Thursday, we have until the 21st of November before the Radiotherapy starts for five weeks. Which we are both very grateful for and Karl too of course. We will get home at the weekends during Radiotherapy, also Christmas for a few days but will mainly stay in the Charity House, on site as it may become too much with all the travelling to and fro every day.

Please say hello to everyone for us and say we miss the meetings very much. I may send my poem on the theme of Betrayal because some may remember it from before, many weren't with us then.

I promised Karl I would rest today, so please ask forgiveness of others for not replying individually but I'm half asleep. A barking young pup woke us all at 6.30 this morning. Bless his heart he is a sweetheart and a wonderful distraction from all the medical stuff.

Bye for now Dave

Lots of love

Caz and Jack (our very brave little lad)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

BETRAYAL: the next meeting is Tuesday 15th November at 7.30pm.

Cavaliere d Arpino:The Betrayal of ChristHi Scribblers all,

Just a gentle reminder that our next meeting takes place at the Library, complete with proper lighting, this coming Tuesday 15th November at 7.30pm. The homework assignment is BETRAYAL, set by Kate with a maximum of 500 words on this subject please. The two 1,500 word open themed 'volunteers' are Louis and Barry.

From an idea mentioned by Scott on homework themes. He suggests that we each think of one word, phrase or subject for a homework theme, then put them in a hat and draw one out for each meeting. When those subjects are exhausted, then we start all over again. It takes away a lot of the stress in choosing a subject at the end of a meeting. I think its a splendid idea so have you any views on that?

The last news I had from Caz about Jack was that he should be home today for the weekend before going back to Addenbrooks for radiotherapy on Monday.

Until Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling,


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scribblers Websites 3: Gordon Maton Copywriting and Proofreading Service.

Ken has mailed me with the following ....

'This is to let you know Gordon has his own website, ..... a
service site. http://www.gmcopywriting.co.uk/ . It seems only fair to mention it as Gordon has done all the proof reading for my website.'

From the site ....

'Proofreading service : I'm a nitpicker and proud of it!

Whether you are sending off your 80,000 word blockbuster to a publisher or writing a two page business report, mistakes can creep in and make your work look shoddy.'

.... and ....

'Copywriting service : Let us put in a good word for your business

The right publicity can work wonders for your business. That's why we work extra hard to produce copywriting which will give you an edge over your competitors.'

.... like all the scribblers I've an extra special soft spot for Gordon's writing; he has the most unusual quality in that I cant read his stuff without hearing his voice.

A reminder of Gordon's weblog Gigglebits which is at http://gigglebits.blogspot.com/; now I wonder if I can hire Gordon to Copywrite my homework?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hannah Davis, offers professional services to writers.

My name is Hannah Davis. I'm a Book Doctor and have helped many aspiring novelists and screenwriters develop their writing to a standard worthy of publication. My professional background was in the London Film Industry where I worked as a reader in a high-profile and respected literary agency. I now tutor a writing group and also work one to one with people as they write or redraft their manuscript or screenplay. My writing/film industry background can be found at www.streamwriting.com

I'm writing to you to let you know about my services in more detail. There are three main paths I offer to writing success. These are:

A Critique Service - a read-through, commentary and review of a completed draft of a mss or screenplay.
My Book Doctor Service - an on-going support system offering private tutorials on your writing progress, ideal if you are thinking about writing a book, or are half-way through.
Writing Retreats - a range of secluded townhouses and fincas in beautiful Andalucia. Writing support on-hand.
For selected projects I sometimes provide book editing services for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Once a project is complete, I'll also look over the cover letter and synopsis and advise on what the next step should be.

If you know someone who has a book in need of doctoring or who would like to take their writing to the next level, then please send them my way. I work with any writer on any subject; my current projects range from a reference book on pensions, to self-help spiritual books, romantic fiction or a fantasy trilogy. I promise complete confidentiality, with thoroughness, belief in your writing and a fine eye for detail. And if this wasn't enough, I also offer a free initial consultation.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis
tel: 952553779

Creative Writing in Andalucia

Dee Rimbaud writes about selling up and moving to Spain.

Dee Rimbaud writes ....

Usually my missives are about The Book Of Hopes And Dreams, The AA Independent Press Guide or the various Writers’ Resources on my website. I hope you don’t mind too much, but this time I’m writing to try and flog you stuff.

Very soon I’m selling up and moving to Spain with my family. So I’m trying to raise as much cash beforehand as I can.

As part of that drive, I’m selling off all my art work at half-price or less. If you’re interested in owning an original, signed Dee Rimbaud at a dirt-cheap price, go to the ‘art for sale’ page on my website at http://www.thunderburst.co.uk

As well as original artworks I am now selling my art on posters, greeting cards, postcards, journals, calendars, mouse mats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoulder bags, and even the odd teddy bear, bib or thong... and all at pretty reasonable prices too, via Cafe Press who print to order and ship all round the world. I’ve pasted in some samples below. Altogether 40 of my artworks are now available in these different formats. If you go to http://rimbaud-products.blogspot.com/ you’ll see all 40 of the pictures that are available. Choose a picture that appeals, click on the link and you’ll be taken to an Internet shop where you can see a full range of the goods available with that particular image.

So, if you’re puzzling about Christmas gift ideas and the thought of struggling through the city centre with the massed hordes of Christmas shoppers doesn’t appeal that much, you might want to consider a very pleasant alternative, like buying my goodies online.

Well, I thought I should let you know about this, and in plenty time for Christmas. A bit more interesting than buying that special somebody a pair of slippers or socks or, even worse, a gift voucher: something just that little bit different...

Well, I hope you’ll be inspired by what you see below to check my stuff out and perhaps make a purchase.

Before I go, I’d just like to tell you that The Thunderburst Newsletter #4 is in preparation, with updates on The Book Of Hopes And Dreams etc. It should arrive in your inbox within the next two weeks.

All the very best


Horror 4: Read by Dawn - an anthology of new Horror Fiction.


Solicitation to Submit

Dead by Dawn, Scotland's International Horror Film Festival, will turn 13 in April 2006. Over the last 12 years, the event has grown into a four-day event full of gruesome indulgence - showcasing the very best the genre has to offer in short film, indie and mainstream features and classics.

To coincide with our 13th celebrations, Beautiful Books will launch a horror imprint - Bloody Books - with the inaugural publication being Read by Dawn Volume I, an annual collection of contemporary horror writing published under the Bloody Books imprint. Imprint curator Adèle Hartley is the Director of Dead by Dawn

For the first volume, Ramsey Campbell has accepted an invitation to host the collection and has contributed a story of his own. Ramsey is known and loved by genre fans the world over for his extraordinary talents, which have not only scared millions of readers over the years, but movie-goers have had nowhere to hide either as his novels The Nameless and Pact of the Fathers both became spine-chilling and successful movies in recent years.

Dead by Dawn is a member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation and a major feature of the international horror film network. Already garnering interest from Western Europe and the US, I expect the Read by Dawn series to establish itself quickly as an international celebration of the best in contemporary horror.

Alongside the Read by Dawn collections, Bloody Books will also publish Classic Horror Volume I, the first in its series of classic horror stories. Volume I will be published in April 2006 and will include:

The Ghostly Rental (Henry James) Markheim (Robert Louis Stevenson) / The Horla, (Guy de Maupassant) / The Dream Woman (W Wilkie Collins) / A Confession Found in a Prison (Charles Dickens) / Silence (Leonid Andreyev) / The Withered Arm (Thomas Hardy) / The Mysterious Mansion (Balzac) / Transformation (Mary Shelley) / The Tell-Tale Heart (Edgar Allan Poe) / Some Terrible Letters from Scotland (James Hogg) / Lost Face (Jack London) / True Relation of the Apparition (Daniel Defoe) / The Man and the Snake (Ambrose Bierce) / The Blast of the Book (G K Chesterton)

You're receiving this call for submissions because horror is all about great story-telling and I'm soliciting stories from all over the world, from people who are known to me as writers and those I suspect have great stories lurking in the back of their brain. Or in a box under the bed. If you think you know someone who might be interested in submitting, please feel free to forward this mail on.

Ideally I want the stories to leave the reader unsettled, vulnerable and challenged. I want to make them wish they'd gone to the bathroom before they started, because now the journey down a long dark hallway doesn't look so appealing. I want them to jump when the phone rings. I want stories that break barriers people didn't know they had, stories that make the ordinary seem threatening, stories which ruin daily things for people - think about how horror films ruined things like going for a nice swim in the
ocean, or retrieving something from the attic or smiley clown dolls!

Whether you choose to go with body horror, psychological terror, stalk 'n slash, the supernatural or anything else that takes your fancy, please use this as an opportunity to use your fears and nightmares to induce blind terror in the unsuspecting! After all, horror can only be defined as what scares you - beyond that, there are no restrictions.

The rules
I hope to include a range of styles and formats so anything from flash fiction to an optimum story length of around 5,000 words is fine, although longer works will also be considered (up to a maximum of 7,000 words).
And as for whether or not it'll make you rich and famous, well, there's a basic advance that will be divided among the contributors and that will be topped up through a 15% royalty deal. It's a standard contract and a blank copy can be made available to you on request.

Global rights on any work submitted should be available exclusively to Bloody Books if signed.

My preference is for all submissions to be as Word or Rich Text Format attachments to e-mails. Please send all material as prose or poetry - screenplay format is not acceptable. All stories or enquiries should be addressed to:


The deadline for submissions to Read by Dawn is 15 December 2005

Steven Manchester, writer, offers Professional Services to other writers.

StevenThis is something rather interesting that dropped into our inbox; Steven Manchester Writes ....

My name is Steven Manchester.

I'm the published author of 12 books and have taught hundreds of aspiring novelists and poets how to get published (UMASS- Dartmouth, The Learning Connection, SCLN). My writing/editingbackground can be found at: www.StevenManchester.com

StevenI wanted to write to let you know that I am now providing book editing services. On-page, line-by-line editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure, as well as critical commentary on plot, character development, scene setting and dialogue will be provided. Once done, I'll also look over the cover letter and synopsis, and advise on what I think the project's next steps should be.

If you know someone who has a book in need of a coat of polish and would like their work professionally edited before sending it out, please send them my way. I promise reasonable costs, meticulous detail and timely completion.

I'm also interested in advertising my services.Steven Manchesterhttp://www.stevenmanchester.com/

.... we get a lot of this stuff and some is more reluctantly put up here than others .... but I can honestly say I enjoyed spending 10 minutes looking around Steven's site .... I always find the different American approach to self promotion a revelation in itself .... its a genuine take on one way - right or wrong - to do a self pubicising website .... from Steven Manchester's biography ....

After returning home from a difficult tour of duty in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Steven stepped back behind the frightening walls of a Massachusetts penitentiary where he battled each day as a prison investigator. Needless to say, there was great negativity in his life at that time, and very little opportunity to heal from his wartime demons (or pursue his dreams of being published). He finally decided to return to college to finish his degree in Criminal Justice. During one of the classes, his professor, Barry McKee, detailed police work, but barely touched on other topics. Steven finally raised his hand and asked, "As the criminal justice system is so vast, what about the courts, probation, parole - corrections?" Barry smiled and told Steven to see him after class. Steven thought he'd done it! In his office, Barry explained, "Except from the slanted perspectives of inmates, there's no real written material out there on corrections, or prisons." Barry smiled again and then dropped the bomb that would change Steven's life forever. "If you're so smart," he said, "why don't you write it?" It was the last push Steven needed to get writing. Nine months later, he placed the first draft of 6-5; A Different Shade of Blue (under the pen name, Steven Herberts) on Barry's desk. From then on, Steven was hooked. He was a writer.

Alternative Health 2: Ken's new website 'Genesis Crystals' launches.

adventurine gem treeMany of you will know Ken has been developing another project alongside his writing; genesiscrystals.co.uk is a fully functioning e-commerce and education site that is now 'live'.

Merchandise Available at http://genesiscrystals.co.uk/Both as a website and as a business proposition its quite an impressive piece of work.

Some of the highlights include an A-Z of Crystals there is a regular free Genisis Crystals Newsletter you can sign up for and dont forget the Genisis Crystals Shop where you can choose from a wide selection of Crystal related mechandise.

All the best with your new venture Ken - I take it we are all invited to the launch party?

Alternative Health 1: Kate's business ad appears in Felixstowe Flyer.

Healing HandsAfter mentioning Peppy Barlow's interest in the Theraputic uses of rediscovering Past Live's earlier in the week it seems that we have a developing 'Alternative Health' mini sieries beginning.

However Im more than aware that the term Alternative health is in itelf a dismissal and maybe patronising.

Taking a hollistic and integrated approach to ones wellbeing - and realing the limitation and pitfalls of conventional medicine should possibly not be dismissed so easily under the cursory adjective of 'Alternative'.

Kate's practice has an advertisment in this weeks 'Flyer'. Maybe it is best to let the article speak for itself.

From the Flyer Article .... 'Healing - myth, magic or miracle? None of the above! Healing is a safe and effective way of boosting your energy so that your body can get back in balance,' .... 'As a healer, I don't promise a miracle cure or give medical or veterinary advice. I do offer a traditional, natural and non-invasive treatment,' .... we have reproduced the complete Felixstowe Flyer Article on Kate's Practice(WARNING Large File). Healing Practice LogoYou can read the article in a more webfriendly form over at Kate's Practice's new website 'The Healing Practice' http://www.healing.genesiscrystals.co.uk/. Also of note on The Healing Practice's Website is this article about Distance Healing and Crystal Healing and this article on Healing Workshops.

(Some of) This material is reproduced as a courtesy to the Felixstowe Flyer and remains their property and copyright .... are you from the 'Felixstowe Flyer' and wish us to remove this material if so please mail us at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk? Please visit the Flyer Group website.

Update on Jack: Back Home.

Caz writes (on November 2nd)....

Hi There

Thanks for your texts did try to text back but no joy.

We are finally home this afternoon after three weeks in hospital and glad
to be. We are tired which was expected but we shall enjoy our own shower and
sleeping in our own beds tonight yippeee.

Will be in touch some more once we have had a bit of a rest. Many thanks (the person who did) for coming to see us in Great Ormond Street that was very much appreciated as we felt rather cut off up there so far away from home.

Glad you had a good journey and that you are safe and sound.

Lots of love

God Bless and take good care of one another life is so precious.

Caz, Karl and Jack (our lad who never stops ceasing to amaze me with his

Note .... posting this is a little late as it was originally sent on Nov 2nd.

Felixstowe Scribblers Weblog: Is Broken. :-( :UPDATE OK Now.

Its BrokenHi its Alex.

When I popped onto the blog today there seems some sort of problem in that it is only rendering about a third of the page. Ive sniffed around and there seems to have been no data loss but to be honest I havent got to the bottom of the problem .... Ill be settling down to look in to the problem later this afternoon.

Incidentally Id like to mention the fact that postings have been a bit slow over the last week - ive just had a busy one and Ive a pile of material that I hope to put up over the next 48hrs but there will be an additional delay while I try to mend whatevers up.

UPDATE I think its OK now - as ever mail us on fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk if there are anymore problems.

Monday, November 07, 2005

An interesting email from Lynne Chiswick of the Clare Writers Group.

Lynne Chiswick of the Clare Writers Group writes....

"I read your group’s anthology with great interest. You certainly have a very talented group of people in your writing circle and cover an interesting range of styles.

I very much enjoyed your story, “Journey of a Lifetime”. It was very atmospheric and suspenseful. I also enjoyed Gordon Maton’s fairytale with its interesting twist. Richard Bradshaw’s poem was very touching as was the poem by Caz Wilkinson. I did find the whole anthology a very good read.

I took it along to our group and it is currently being read by members. They are keen to have a try. We could do with a few more members though to make it as interesting as yours. I’m not sure it will be next year but hopefully soon. When we do get one out, I will send you a copy.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Update on Jack's progress.

Dave writes....

Caz phoned today and gave me an update on Jack. Having returned home from Ipswich Hospital on Tuesday last, Jack then had to attend Addenbrooks on Thursday and was informed that he would need to have between four and five weeks radiotherapy treatment starting nex Monday. Because of bed availability, Caz received a phone call from the hospital yesterday [Friday] and they are already at Addenbrooks today.

Despite this, Caz says Jack is in good spirits - although he has his lows as we can all understand - but generally he is happy and jokes with the nurses. Five weeks may seem like a very long time but let us hope that it will provide Jack with a lifetime cure.

So Scribblers, please put out your loving thoughts to Jack, to Caz and of course Karl.


Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 1st November 2005.

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 1st November 2005

Several Apologies were received for the meeting. Firstly Caz and Jack will not be with us again - details follow below. Alex has a rare night off to go to the theatre, Judy sadly has a family funeral to attend in Watford which means that Allen won't be with us either. Ann will be holidaying in Dorset whilst Bill B cannot attend either this or the next meeting. Ruth is down with the flu and Gordon has a prior engagement [it wouldn't be at Carrow Road, - would it???] Mavis had a committee meeting to attend whilst Mark is now involved with his heavily increasing workload of studies and will be unable to come to many meetings in the foreseeable future. With eleven apologies, what was the likelihood of a good turn-out?

There was still a healthy sixteen in attendance. They were Morag, Peter, Dick, Liliane, Rachel, Les, Scott, Louis, Lisa, Tony, Christine, Barry, Ken, Zoe, Kate and Dave.


It was good to welcome Louis back after missing several meetings through holidays and work.

Barry and Ken seemed to recognize each other when they first met and now they have made that connection. They both attended the same writing course in Harlow xxx years ago.


Scott informed us that he has a ghost story published in Best - a story he submitted about a year ago. That's his fourth now, at £25 a time, so there should be enough for a small round of drinks to celebrate.


Rachel having been prompted by all the support of the Scribblers and, especially, Dick, went and did it. Entered her poem 'The Choice' and won the October Coast to Coast Writing Competition - with each of the monthly winners going forward to the main final in December. Well done Rachel - we know you can do it!


Ruth has been short-listed for the Debut Dagger Award with her new novel THE WOMAN BEFORE ME (UK) and attends a function in London next week along with the other short-listed authors for the announcement of the winning author. Go to


for details. Best of luck Ruth, we know you can do it!


An update from Caz is that Jack had his operation in Great Ormond Street, and was transferred to Ipswich Hospital last week but had a temperature and an infection. Fortunately all was well at the weekend so Caz was allowed to take Jack out for a little while to see his new puppy. Jack went home today but has a trip to Addenbrook's later this week to see the consultant.

Caz sends this message :

Will you please pass on my sincere thanks to all the Scribblers at the meeting on Tuesday and thank them for all their cards, gifts, phone messages, texts and e-mails to wish Jack well. We have been so very grateful to all of you and wanted to tell you it means so very much to know you are there and that you

One of Jack's school friend's Dad and three friends have just done a bike ride from one end of the country to the other in aid of Ward C2, the ward Jack goes on in Addenbrooks. I had intended to bring along a sponsor form to Scribblers to see if you could support this cause, but unfortunately events overtook us somewhat. We won't be offended as you have your own causes that you support but if anyone would like to make a contribution to this sponsorship, it would be very welcome. Already around £1,000 has been pledged which we feel is a fantastic amount. The teenage part of the ward where Jack has spent most of his visits because he is sensible, does not have much so we would like them to have this money to help make the teenagers have a better time whilst in hospital….CAZ


Is studying for a BA in Film & Media Studies. It is a real balancing act for him, doing his BA studies, writing and still fitting in his also family life. Mark is enjoying his writing a lot more, but says that whilst the Writer's Bureau course is good he is finding the non - fiction end, a bit of a struggle as it is not something he is familiar with. If you think that's busy though, then he is entering more and more writing competitions, is working on a screenplay based on submission requirements in the BBC Writing Room and is also considering the UEA Creative Writing Course that Jan told him about. Now that really could be "busy"!

Incidentally Mark adds that he has " found this writing competition, which is free to enter online, and I think that you will all find it interesting. One of the key reasons that I have noticed this one is becase it asks you to write a story linking five random images together. Considering the image that Belinda left us with, it might be fun to have a go at this one also. I will paste the link here, the closing date is a fair way off and it gives people a chance to have bit of a think about what they might enter/submit.




Belinda and Geoff have e-mailed to confirm that they are, at last, back in their homeland where the rain has fallen every day since they touched down. They are currently surprising their unsuspecting relatives and, they say, missing us! Their full email is posted on the weblog.


Despite losing three hours work with a computer glitch [politeness personified] Dave has finalised another - his third - edition as guest editor of Chapter & Verse the in-house staff magazine of Libraries and Heritage.


Liliane got an unexpected Halloween surprise when phoning Dave - his daughters were in Edinburgh preparing to go on the Edinburgh Castle Halloween Tour of the dungeons etc. Knowing this, Dave texted "Boo!" to them. They replied by text "That's it, we can't go now, we're too scared." As they nearly always follow up with a phone call it was no surprise when the phone rang. Ann, his wife, picked it up and blasted "BOO!" down the phone to a very surprised Liliane!


Now replastered, Tony is well and truly out of action at present. He has some exposure in the Evening Star which is on the website. The best thing is that he can now sit at his computer and create more fun bits for the Scribblers.


A reminder was given to the Scribblers that there are three ways open to publication on the website via Online Jotters. There are two writing competitions - one for short stories and the other for poetry. Additionally there is also the ongoing writer's tennis which has now reached the 12th episode. Keep up the good work Jotters! Go to


If you have emailed the Jotters but had no response then please advise Dave at


We need to know if anything is going astray.



Now surpassed the 2,000 hits with very nearly 6,000 page visits, the weblog is doing very nicely. We have had one series of minor problems with anonymous posting of comments but this has now been resolved and adds to the overall security of the site. Should you wish to post a comment then this will still be welcomed although now you will need to email your comment to


Incidentally don't forget that comments, views and suggestions are welcome on the construction and content of our new site at http://felixstowescribblers.com Click on the word "test" at the bottom right hand corner to enter the site. Anything you spot that is not quite right or would like to suggest something else then please email Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk


A really atmospheric evening with little lighting except for a few torches. The stories and tales and poems rolled out in what must have been one of the most enjoyable meetings for a long time and, I am pleased to say, nobody left
the building until the very end. The torchlight readings began with Dave and his 1,500 word work 'It was a Dark, Bleak October Night'.

Next came Lisa with The House Ghost and Louis with a 'Dragon Whispers' poem 'Blind Mans Buff' which had appeared in Punch magazine back in 1888, then followed this up with his own updated version.

Scott read 'Night Night' looking quite sinister from the glow of his torch. Les shared 'The Visitors' whilst Rachel read her poem Road Kill.

Liliane came up with 'The Essay,' and Dick produced a horror story, 'Playing the Game'. Peter had 'A Restless Night' and Morag read 'A Ghost Story'.

Kate read out some messages that had come to her when she was giving an address to a spiritualist group and Zoe read her first short story to us since joining called 'Death of a Dentist'

Ken shared his 'Night of Souls' whilst Barry read 'Run Mortal, Run'. Christine completed the first chapter of her book 'The Cul-De-Sac Kids and Tony -once again - brought up the rear with 'Oakwell'.


To Liliane, for collecting the key, to Morag and Kate for doing the refreshments, to Ken for collecting Tony and Alex's provisions, to everyone who helped setting up the library, and to everyone joining in to make this another really memorable meeting.


Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is in two weeks time on Tuesday 15th November at the usual 7.30pm start time at the Felixstowe Library.

The homework assignment is BETRAYAL, set by Kate and so a maximum of 500 words on this subject please. The two 1,500 word open themed 'volunteers' are Louis and Barry.

So until next time,

Keep on Scribbling!


Friday, November 04, 2005

Online Jotters: Post Note 6.

online jotters
Posted : 4th November 2005

News : Membership has now risen to 24 active members. Welcome everyone. By being a member of Online Jotters you now have three chances to display your writing online – the Writer’s Tennis, the open section Worthy of Mention and now our first ever competition.

Is there someone you think might be interested to join Online Jotters? - to join we require their full name, a contact e-mail address and their location.


Online Jotters announces


Up to 2000 words

No prizes – the best three feature online

Closing date 30th November 2005

PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS AS ATTACHMENTS TO E MAILS –to Yours Truly with permission to print, pen-name, word count and e mail address.


Prefer writing poetry? then enter


No prizes

Imagine your verses there online

Closing date 30th November 2005

Send your email entries to Yours Truly – limit THREE poems for consideration per member

Competitions open to all members so involve others– get them to join too.

Yours truly writes: It might be Fireworks Night tomorrow but for my daughter Cara and her friend Cathy tonight’s the night – they are holding JOIN THE PINKPARTY 2005 in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer in the Gold Suite at Birmingham City Football ground. I wish them well. Check out their site https://www.bmycharity.com/V2/pinkparty for more details.

Worthy of mention and with their permission: ?

It’s your space - share your work. Remember that this is you chance to have your work displayed online. Anything you consider worthy and wish to see published online then contact me at yourstruly@onlinejotters.yahoo.co.uk. And I will see that it is included .

Think on : Writer’s Tennis - strictly a 50-word limit.

Part One

I want to be me. Free to do as I want. I hate the humdrum of every day life, sharing a house with those others. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made. What’s wrong with me choosing to study, spending time in my room, working on my computer?

Yours Truly

Part Two

I’m doing them no harm. Let them sink lagers and puff on joints. If that’s what does it for them, then fine. I’d rather use my brain than fuse it. This computer is the door of opportunity for me. When I log on I never know where I’ll end up.

Mike W.

Part Three

Or who I'll meet on the way. There are so many voices on the internet, their faces made up only by the words they type. That's how I met the most important person in my life right now. A person that would give me the opportunity I so badly needed.
Louis V.
Part Four

The opportunity had been a long time coming but now it had arrived, it was decision time. All the hope and hard work I had put in was about to pay dividends. In front of me, on screen. A new beginning at my fingertips. It really was ‘now or never’

Dave F.

Part Five

Sure, I had a good job, one I really liked; how many people can say that? Indispensable? Yes ... NO, of course not, my ego isn't THAT big, is it? But still, his proposal was so very tempting.

Deb F.

Part Six

But like many proposals and cherry pie ideas, there was always the small print to consider. What was hidden and what was extra? Maybe it seemed too good and then it could be that I as being overly cautious. Only time and truth would reveal if it would work out

Mark W.

Part Seven

Indecision struck yet again. Should I do this? Oh Lord, yes! I must and it had to be now. I needed to check the details, ensure the offer was genuine and without hidden agenda's. Then I could commit myself to a life-changing career.

"Stuart Fox," he answered.

Dave F
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I was shocked a few years ago when I received an online letter from a friend saying he had had enough and intended to end his life with drinks and drugs. That letter alone was enough to spur me into action – by phone I made arrangements for him to be taken into hospital, fortunately in time. The experience made him revalue his priorities and gradually he was able to move on with his life.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creative Writing in Suffolk: Peppy Barlow takes a Creative Writing Group at the Ipswich institute.

Peppy BarlowYou need to be a member of the Ipswich Institute (location of the Ipswich Institute) to join this group, which also allows access to their Library and reading rooms. The writing group meets fortnightly on Wednesday Afternoons. This very successful group has a capacity of 14 and is fully subscribed until Easter 2006.

So the next question is who is Peppy Barlow? Peppy as Im sure many of you will know is a local playwright of quite some standing. To grossly oversimplify; much of Peppy's work is based in the heritage and Experiences of herself and her family who were out in India and then at the end of the Empire moved back to England. Her largest body of work to date has been an almost completed Trilogy based on this story consisting of 'Missing', 'Mothering Sunday' and 'Broken'.

Peppy Barlow's most recent production that I am aware of was Broken put on as part of the 2005 Wolsey 'Pulse' Festival - it was described in the programme as 'A work in progress by Peppy Barlow' and was described on the Wolsey Website as .... ‘I never meant to come back to this place of words and pain.’ Brother and sister meet after years as strangers. Both come armed with their version of the truth. They have survived their sister and now they see in each other a reflection of a shattering other self'.

Peppy Barlow's next production that I am aware of is THE SUTTON HOO MOB by Peppy Barlow an Eastern Angles production Touring to community and village halls across East Anglia between February and May 2006. From the Eastern Angles website .... 'The long awaited revival of our Ealing-style comedy about the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure in 1939....Once again, the unsung hero Basil Brown shows the Cambridge boffins a thing or two, and this time the period songs are sung live!....A delightful tale of English eccentricity, involving bicycles, prophetic visions, secret hiding places, priceless treasure in grocery boxes, and a race to h(b?)eat Hitler's bombers.'

Association of Past Life HealersIncidentally Peppy Barlow is also a member and practioner at the Association of Past Life Healers; from her biography on the website .... 'I came to past lives through my writing. The writing itself was a form of self exploration and nothing I could find explained my emotional reactions. Once I started working with past lives I began to get answers and can truly say that it has changed the way I experience life.' .... Read Peppy Barlow's biography on the Association of Past Life Healers here; a field I know more than a couple of Scribblers will have an interest in.

UPDATE 3.11.05
We have recieved the following breif mail from Peppy ....

Dear Scribblers

That is a very nice write up. Who did that? I was very glad to find out who I was.

Best Peppy

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